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How to tell if a guy just wants sex

How to tell if a guy just wants sex

How to understand that a guy only wants sex? "- a popular question among girls from 16 to 30 years old. This is not surprising. According to statistics, about 80% of women are faced with a similar situation.

Understanding a man's true intentions is not easy. However, psychologists analyzed the behavior of males and identified which signs indicate a man's sexual attraction. Based on this research, every woman will be able to avoid casual sex and find a worthy potential partner.


Eyes are a reflection of the essence of a person. A man who craves sex with a girl seems to undress her with a gaze. He scrutinizes her from all sides, demonstrating his interest. This behavior shows that he only wants a girl for one night. Perhaps the guy already imagines an intimate process in his head. A girl should remember that a man who is turned into a serious relationship will not behave like that. He will not want to lose a woman, as this behavior can scare her away.


A guy who wants only sex from a girl is not afraid to touch her. He can take her by the hand, hug her by the waist, accidentally touch her with his hand, or sit next to her. In addition, he can take a special position: turn his torso towards the girl, spread his legs, and hug the chosen one. The woman will feel his readiness to pounce on her in a second.

The guy with serious intentions does not afford such behavior. As a real gentleman, he will be polite and gallant, will not be stingy with compliments and signs of attention. With him, the girl feels comfort and safety.


A man who wants only sex will do his utmost to hint at the proximity of the girl. At first, he will start with pleasant words and compliments, after which he will smoothly move on to a more intimate conversation. Many girls fall into this trap, which guys start to take advantage of. A wise woman should be able to distinguish interest from sexual desire. If a partner speaks ordinary words, it means that he only wants sex. A man who is really interested in a girl will be smart. He will try to compliment the girl that she has never heard from anyone else.

Speech and voice timbre

Psychologists are sure that the voice betrays a man's sexual desires. It doesn't matter what he says - you need to pay attention to exactly how he does it. In such a situation, the timbre of the voice and intonation are quite significant details. A man overcome by passion speaks out of place in raised tones, constantly smiles or laughs for no reason. The guy does something that is not at all typical of normal behavior. The desire for sex is a natural need that many people cannot control. If in ordinary life a man behaves calmly and tacitly, and in the company of a girl, he is liberated and open, it means that he is seized by sexual attraction.


A man cannot predict a woman's behavior in advance, so he becomes nervous. He tries not to show his feelings, and he succeeds. The man behaves indifferently so that the girl does not see his nervousness. This is not a good sign - a man tries to embellish reality, hiding his true feelings.


When a man only wants sex, he does not hide it. He, in every possible way, hints at closeness or starts a conversation about it. Even if he has known the girl for several days, he will show his impatience. When a man is only interested in intimacy, he begins to get angry and nervous at the moment of refusal. He can even deliver an ultimatum - either sex or the end of the relationship. A partner with serious intentions will never rush the beloved. If she is not ready to close, he will treat this with understanding.


When a man is only interested in sex, he does not spend money on a girl. He considers her as a partner for one night, so he sees no point in taking the girl to restaurants and cafes or giving her gifts. A man with serious intentions will not be stingy with going to the movies or a nice present. He will try to do everything to interest the girl and build a long-term relationship with her.

Lack of focus and support

A man who only wants to sleep will avoid any responsibility: he only cares about sex, not the girl's problems and experiences. If a woman asks her partner to help her, but he refuses or comes up with excuses, it is worth considering. Most likely, the man simply uses the chosen one - he remembers her only when he wants intimacy. He does not care about her life and desires. At first glance, this seems like a trifle; however, it is she who indicates the true intentions of the guy. A girl should remember that a man with serious intentions will never leave her in trouble - he will try to help her, provide support and understanding. If not, then you need to leave the guy.

Meetings only in the evening or at night

In a serious relationship, partners try to spend all their free time together. In the case when meetings only take place on weekends or holidays at a later time, you should think about it. An obsessed man often tries to hide his relationship with a girl from others; therefore, he makes such inappropriate meetings. The sexual attraction is inherent in every man. However, a woman should understand when a partner wants only sex and when a serious relationship. This will help you find a worthy partner with whom you will be able to build a strong family.

How to tell if a guy just wants to sleep with you

How to tell if a guy just wants to sleep with you

If you find 3 or more items on this list that you agree with, it is highly likely that a man's plans for you are limited to only one night's sex. Either, like him, learn to get exclusively sexual pleasure from this relationship or find a man who will not, at least, not be indifferent to how you are doing.

He always writes or calls you after 21:00 and only on weekdays. Men who are interested in exclusively intimate entertainment, as a rule, operate on a schedule: they appear from Monday to Thursday, right after work, or when the sun has already disappeared over the horizon. You don't get any news from him during the weekend, since he spends this time with another woman or those girls whom, unlike you, he wants to ask out on a date. If there is only time for you from Monday in his schedule, then this relationship does not bind him to anything.

Any conversation with him ends in frank flirting. All his jokes or fleeting comments are bound to lead to sex. “Are you in the supermarket now? Hmmm ... Where would you like to do this more: in the dairy or bread department? "

You don't go on real dates. Dinner in a restaurant or just watching a movie together is never in his plans for the evening, and over and over again, you find yourself at home, in the car, or in the hotel. If a romantic date is initiated by you, most likely, he will be "very busy."

You don't eat breakfast together. After intercourse, he almost always returns to his home or, if it happens in his bedroom, he tries to gently send you out of the house as early as possible. “I'm going fishing with my friends tomorrow at 5 am.” "I need to meet my mom at the airport."

He doesn't introduce you to his friends. And if suddenly you accidentally ran into one of your friends on the street, at best he will mutter something in the spirit of “my friend/acquaintance” or only say his name. The less you know about him, it will be easier for him to disappear at any moment without giving a reason.

He does not answer phone calls in your presence. Do not look for excuses and unthinking that he "wants to forget everything around when you're next."

He only compliments your appearance. He certainly notes your "excellent ass," but not an excellent sense of humor; you always look "hot" but never - "great."

After orgasm, he tries to distance himself. As soon as he reaches the highest pleasure, he invariably takes off from his place to go to the shower, go to smoke a cigarette or sit down at the computer.

He always tries to initiate sex during your communication. The easiest way to tell the difference between a man who loves to have sex with you and a man who ONLY loves to have sex with you. Think, have you ever spent more than an hour with your partner without any intimacy or a hint of it? If there is no such circumstance, then you are perceived as a partner only for sex.

How to tell if a guy wants to sleep with you

How to tell if a guy wants to sleep with you

It would be nice to read the thoughts of men - there would be no need to look for hidden desires and try to unravel the features of their behavior. But this only happens in films or TV shows. In real life, girls have to understand non-verbal messages in order to determine - "Do he like me or not?", "Does he want me or not?" The latter condition can be easily identified by the obvious sign of an erection, but this sexual desire may sometimes not be seen. We will answer the question of how to understand that a man wants you.

Pensive look

The first thing that betrays a man's desire is his look. He constantly looks at the object of his lust, examining every mole on his partner's body, trying to see what is under your clothes. Moreover, the look can be languid, heady, and even slightly inadequate; the pupils are dilated. The man hardly looks away from the girl he likes. Many men are afraid to show this sign, while others are not shy about giving signals.

Men gestures

He can't calm down, he is always trying to get his hands on somewhere, and it looks very funny. More often than not, when a man sees the woman he wants, he sticks his thumbs into the belt loops on his pants or puts his hands in his pockets. He can also keep his hands entwined or become completely insolent and show you some kind of indecent gesture.

Voice timbre

A man experiencing sexual arousal changes the timbre of his voice - it becomes lower, calm, and deeper, measured. This is due to hormones that shorten the vocal cords during the period of lust. A man can also start to stutter. Riddles appear in the conversation, the man begins to provoke you to questions, draws out the words, and speech becomes a little inhibited. For comparison, watch how he talks to other people.


When the object of arousal is nearby, it is difficult for a man to restrain himself not to touch him. For example, he can hug you, touch you as if by accident, give you a hand when leaving the door, carry you through a puddle, kiss your hand when you meet, hand over a document, and accidentally touch you.

If you do not want to have anything with this man, you do not need to provoke him, excite and play with his feelings specifically. Explain your position clearly to him and try to stay friends with him.