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Dating a guy with a small package

Dating a guy with a small package

The first sex can predetermine the duration of the relationship in a couple, American psychologists have found out. The better the sex, the more likely it is that the relationship will be long-term and serious. Starting a new relationship, not everyone can say with certainty how long it will last. Psychologists from the University of California have found that the first sexual intercourse may be the determining factor. They set out the details in an article in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Scientists decided to find out how long-term and short-term relationships really differ, how they develop, and what doings are most important in it. Short-term and long-term relationships start the same way. However, there is one important nuance. If suddenly you realize that your ideal man has a small penis.

Many of us underestimate the importance of sex in relationships. People often compromise: she/he is a good person, a caring and wonderful spouse. Let it not be very happy in sex, but living with her / with him is calm, comfortable, and wonderful. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. A relationship that does not have satisfactory sex for both is doomed to failure. Your sex and your relationship are not two different aspects, but the same thing, in fact. The act of love is a direct projection of how you relate to each other. If you do not feel your partner (or he is you), if one of the two is rude and hasty, if someone lacks something, if you are indifferent, not satisfied, you do not care, or some actions make you angry during intimacy - the same as in your relationship.

Your sexual relationship with your partner is what each of you brings in the relationship, and at the same time, what you create together. This creation can be bright, sensual, and beautiful, or, conversely, dull and uninteresting. One thing is important: relationships without good sex die out and do not develop. And if your sex life is unsatisfactory, change is imperative!

So that there are no quarrels in the family on the basis of irritability, for love to be accompanied by passion, regular sex is necessary. This will give harmony to the relationship and a special bond between partners; it will again fill the relationship with tenderness and love. And if we talk about the role of sex as such, then we should not also forget that sex has a positive effect on human health, eliminates diseases that may arise in its absence, improves the work of the cardiovascular system, and gives an endless supply of energy and vigor.

Important signs he has a small package

Important signs he has a small package

There are many stereotypes associated with sex, one of which says that the larger a man's penis, the more pleasure it can give a woman. Therefore, many males with a small genital organ are terribly complex and feel inferior. Women also often discuss with each other their manhood lovers. But let's try to figure out whether a large penis is really the key to good sex and what a woman should do if her partner cannot boast of impressive penis size.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify which term should be considered small. According to statistics, in the overwhelming majority of men, the size of a non-erect penis is from 6 to 10 cm, and in a state of erection - from 12 to 20 cm. The average length of an erect penis is 15 cm. It follows that if a man has a penis in a state of arousal less than 12 cm, we can say that it is small.

So, what if it is not about penis size at all? Much depends on where the woman's erogenous zones are located. According to statistics, about 70% of females are aroused and orgasmic only if the clitoris is stimulated. Their vagina is either not sensitive at all or sensitive to a very small extent. Therefore, it does not matter for them what size the member of the chosen one will be. Nevertheless, the correct posture is of great importance, providing stimulation of the clitoris. In 30% of women, the main erogenous zone is the vagina. It is really important for them that the sexual partner has a large genital organ. But, again, there is a small nuance: it is not so much the length that is important as the width, but rather the thickness of the penis. The fact is that the G-spot, the stimulation of which allows you to feel a vaginal orgasm, is located at a depth of only 5-6 cm from the entrance to the vagina. Therefore, in order to satisfy a woman, regardless of the location of her erogenous zone, it is quite enough for a man to have a penis not shorter than 10 cm in a state of erection. In the depths of the vagina, there are no nerve endings at all responsible for obtaining an orgasm. If this were not so, the woman would not be able to withstand the pain during childbirth. Therefore, the widespread belief that the longer a man's penis, the more pleasure his partner gets from sex is fiction and has no real basis.

As we have already found out, female orgasm does not depend on the size of the male genital organ. However, many girls like it when a man has a large penis. How can this be explained if size does not matter in sex? And this is explained by the banal stereotypes prevailing in society. A large penis symbolizes masculinity, just as large breasts in women symbolize sensuality and sexuality. Therefore, we can conclude that this is only psychological perception and nothing more.

Big guys with little dicks

Big guys with little dicks

A small penis is found in only 2 out of 10,000 men (a study conducted by the Department of Urology at the University of Michigan). This is the average value. In different regions, the density of guys with small members is not the same.

There is an unspoken admiration for hyperparameters in our culture. In porn, they take actors with horse gear (I'm not taking into account specific genres). It is only natural for guys with small penises to feel uncomfortable. They are afraid to be naked in the locker rooms of sports clubs, go to public baths, and use the urinals of public toilets. An understanding partner, who is not so easy to find, often helps to overcome the fear.

For owners of modest units, excess weight causes many problems. With the rise in popularity of fast food in America, there has been an increase in penile burials. This is a truly creepy phenomenon. Fatty tissue envelops the trunk and literally sucks it into the body.

Does penis size affect a man's erection? Erectile dysfunction is in no way related to size. Pretty much every technique used by good lovers is available to guys with nanotubes. Troubles and the inability to satisfy a partner arise due to psychological barriers and the cultivation of complexes.

But what should a girl do if she is faced with such a problem? If the man did not warn you in advance about his peculiarity but simply shocked you with the size of his penis during intercourse, then there is no need to voice your disappointment out loud. Give him a chance to prove his sexual worth; maybe a pleasant surprise awaits you, and you have never had and never will have a better lover. The use of diminutive epithets is strictly prohibited. It sounds corny, but treat his penis just like a penis.

In what positions is it better to have sex for men with a small penis? The position should either provide the maximum possible insertion depth, or act on the G-spot, or open up access to stimulation of other erogenous zones (clitoris, perineum, anus, nipples).

Should you start a relationship with the owner of a small penis? Try it! As stated above, stereotypes about the little dick have really engulfed our society. According to statistics, many men with this trait can give their partners much more pleasure. For satisfaction, they use other methods that, perhaps, will even please the partner better and give her a stream of orgasms.

Solution to the problem: dating with a small penis

Solution to the problem: dating with a small penis

If in your sexual practice you come across a man with a small penis, you need to study the so-called "instructions for use." And if this person, in addition, is not a banal lover, but also a beloved and loving person, then learn by heart our golden rules of behavior. The main thing is not to aggravate the complex of your beloved. It is in your power to make him feel like a real hero-lover.

If you suddenly find that your man has a small penis, there are two ways out: to part with him under any pretext (just do not tell him directly about the reason for the separation, because some future woman and such a penis will come in handy), if the size of the penis for you are extremely important, or continue to build relationships and, as they say, work with what is.

If you choose the second option, here are some tips that might come in handy:

  • Never focus on the size of your lover's penis. If he is complex about this, any of your jokes or stinging remarks can greatly offend and offend him. And then it is difficult to predict whether he will want to continue the relationship with you. Do not overdo it with the compliments you use to boost his self-esteem. Do not exclaim every time you see his penis: "Oh, how huge he is!" It will look ingratiating, and again, mentally, the man will return to the size of his penis.
  • If you think your partner's small penis prevents you from getting sexual satisfaction, try to remedy the situation with products from an intimate store. For example, your partner might try to satisfy you with a vibrator or dildo. There are also various special attachments for small members, which more than compensate for the lack of centimeters.
  • If you are embarrassed to use vibrators and other toys for adults, try to choose a position during which your partner's penis will penetrate your vagina to the maximum depth. The best positions, in this case, can be considered those when the woman is on top and when the partners sit facing each other. According to sexologists, they allow a small penis to rest directly on the G-spot, which will increase pleasure and even make you experience several orgasms in a row.
  • How else can a man compensate for the lack of coveted centimeters? Firstly, you can buy a penis attachment in a sex shop, which will increase it and give your partner additional stimulation. Both lovers are usually very pleased. Also, buy a lubricant that allows your vagina to become narrower - by rubbing, you will reach orgasm in no time.
  • As statistics show, it is men with small penises who can boast of such miracles of cunnilingus that many playboys will never do for you.
  • And more - make sure that your man becomes a virtuoso in manual stimulation of the vagina, anus, and clitoris. The type of sex using the hands of the fingers is called fingering, but the introduction of several fingers or a fist into the woman's hole is usually called fisting. All these actions completely replace sex for a woman and very much diversify intimate life.

Of course, a large penis is perceived by many women as a symbol of strength and superiority. So it was believed in ancient times: in many cultures, the large phallus was sung, considered a symbol of fertility and male strength. And, nevertheless, the penis, the dimensions of which significantly do not reach the middle, is not as big a problem as it might seem. Perhaps, visually, the dignity of small sizes may not be attractive, but after all, sex is, first of all, sensations, respectively, it is not the size that is important, but the man's ability to give pleasure.