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How to tell how big a guy penis is

How to tell how big a guy penis is

Recently, there have been frequent publications on the health benefits of sex. Because of this, we know that sex increases life satisfaction promotes weight loss, reduces stress, improves productivity, and more. However, sex is important not only for the individual but for the couple as a whole. Without a healthy sex life, there will be no happy relationship. Moreover, the point here is the need to experience maximum intimacy with another person - nothing else, except for sex, will give this. Therefore, here are some of the reasons any couple must have sex.

  • Sex is, first of all, pleasure. Enjoyment of intimacy, enjoyment of each other. If partners do not accept their sexuality or have strong feelings of shame and guilt, they may not be able to develop in sex fully. They are closed and shackled. They do not accept their body; they are afraid of the partner's bodies. They cannot receive the pleasure that they could receive. Accordingly, pleasure decreases, and along with it, joy and satisfaction in relationships decrease.
  • When partners can enjoy each other, processes occur in the body that strengthens the relationship.
  • The more people have sex, the stronger the intimacy between them. And the stronger the intimacy, the more the couple releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is also called the hormone of love, intimacy, and relationships. The higher the oxytocin, the stronger the relationship.
  • But not only the frequency of sex is important, but also it is quality. For sex to strengthen relationships, there must be deep communication between people between each other. If sex is not for pleasure, much less oxytocin is released, and a banal sexual release occurs. Such sex is not perceived at the level of the brain as real intimacy. And more often than not, this indicates that the relationship is beginning to deteriorate.
  • The female reproductive system must be designed so that a woman's libido increases in the presence of orgasms. Hormones, including testosterone, are released, thanks to which her attraction to a man grows. That is, the more orgasms, the higher the woman's libido. The same goes for petting - if a partner caresses a partner, her affection for him grows (again, oxytocin is released).
  • Sometimes, we can use sex not only for procreation but also for stress relief or for communication. It improves the mental and physical condition of a person. Sex is a versatile stress reliever and even somatic pain relief. For example, sex during menstruation and headaches in women reduces pain. Therefore, if partners do not have any preconceptions about this, they can use sex to help each other.

Now we can make that sex is an important part of our life. But what if your boyfriend has too big a penis? “You don’t value your happiness,” some will dreamily say. “Yes, I understand you; it hurts too much,” others nod sympathetically. We are all very different, and not only do we have to get used to our partner's character, but also the physical parameters may not match. How not lose a good guy if you get nervous at the sight of his penis?

There are many girls' complaints that their man has a member of such an impressive size that they experience pain during sex. No, it is no good. Now we will tell you what to do.

You will need longer foreplay than usual.

You have to be very well aroused to accept it without problems. Let your man pay more attention to all your sensitive points with the help of his tongue and fingers, and only when you are ready, he begins to penetrate.

Remember to use a lubricant if your lubrication is not enough.

In no case should you be afraid! You are already worried if your intimate relationship is just beginning, but here you are also impressed by the unprecedented length and/or volume. If you expect that you will be hurt or uncomfortable, all your muscles, including the vaginal ones, tense up - and instead of fabulous pleasure, you get what you were so afraid of in the same way as with defloration. Try to relax. Your boyfriend can help you by starting with a massage - this way, you will gradually get used to body contact with him, and he will stop scaring you like that.

If you experienced unpleasant and even painful sensations with those partners who had standard sizes, and now everything has become even worse - be sure to visit the gynecologist. Pain can be caused by cysts, adhesions, or infections. If you eliminate the root cause, pleasure will replace the pain.

Choose a pose that allows you to control the depth and speed of penetration.

  • The woman on top is an ideal position from this point of view, which will allow you to do everything gradually and allow him to penetrate deeper only when you are ready.
  • In the missionary position, remember that the higher your pelvis is raised, the deeper the penetration, so do not rush to throw your legs over his shoulders and put a pillow under his ass. In addition, the wider your legs are, the shorter your vagina, so stretch them out and close your hips. Then he will not be able to plunge into you too deeply, but he will be able to rub against your clitoris with every movement, and you will receive an additional bonus.
  • Make circular movements with your pelvis towards him, and not back and forth, as usual.
  • You can partly hold, partly - stroke the base of his penis so that the guy does not feel dissatisfied with the fact that he did not fully enter.

How to find a big cock

How to find a big cock

There are different situations in life: some girls like large penis sizes; for others sex with a partner who has a large penis is painful and uncomfortable. But what if you belong to the first category and you need to find a guy with a big dick. We will give you some important tips that will help you identify a guy with a big penis. And also, do not waste your time talking with men not from this category.

  • The first tip is to determine by the palm of your hand. If a guy has small hands, he probably has a small penis. Conversely, if the palms are large, then it boasts a large size.
  • Tall and skinny guys often have large penis sizes. If a man is fat (not just stocky or slightly plump, but the excess weight is distributed according to the female type), then this may indicate hormonal problems, due to which the penis either did not grow at all properly, or grew, but practically does not rise during an erection.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the behavior: if a guy fusses a lot, twitchy and nervous, then most likely, the size of his penis is very small. If a guy shows off, seeks to show off, loves himself too much, then it is also likely that he cannot boast of the size of his penis. If a guy is fixated on a career, bodybuilding, it means that he is trying to compensate for the size of his penis. Also, the nose can indicate the size of the penis. If he is small, like a child's, and short, then most likely he has a small penis. And vice versa, if the nose is long and stocky, then you can safely choose this man as a sexual partner.
  • You also need to look at the distance between the thumb and forefinger in a straight line. This will be the size of the penis. Many men confirm that this distance is indeed the same as the size.
  • The most reliable way to find out his size is to call the guy to the beach or wherever he could be in swimming trunks. And discreetly evaluate what's in his panties by size.
  • Get help from good friends. For example, if your friend is a guy, then he could chat with him, sincerely talk and unobtrusively find out his size.
  • For the reason that penis size gives tremendous confidence, a guy with a big dick will look good, be groomed and confident. Just as chic and firm breasts give a woman self-confidence!
  • Look at the general harmony in a person, both physical and mental. If a man is well-built, energetic, and behaves adequately, then, most likely, his penis will be large. And even if his penis is not enough for you personally, then sex, anyway, can be pleasant.
  • Look into his eyes. Only that man who knows that he has something to be proud of and has something and how to satisfy you will be able to look you in the eye without looking away.

Guys with large dicks

Guys with large dicks

The average length of the penis during an erection is about 13 cm. The average depth of the vagina from the entrance to the cervix is up to 15 cm. With this size, the penis does not reach the cervix, the pressure on which can be painful. Therefore, the average man and woman do not experience discomfort during sex. However, everything changes if the size of the male member exceeds the conditional norm indicated above.

  • Do not hurry. Hot penetrating sex in the elevator or on the desktop in fast format is unfortunately not for you, even with a lubricant. It will take a partner time for the unusually large penis to be comfortable. If you act quickly and roughly, you can rupture the vagina. And it hurts so much that the girl is unlikely to want to repeat the unpleasant experience.
  • Use restraint toys. Cock restraints can be found in every adult toy store. This elastic thing is put on the penis and does not allow it to penetrate too deeply. The ring also has an important psychological function: a man does not have to constantly monitor the depth of penetration, which means he can relax. Rings are different. Pay attention to those that have additional attachments for stimulating the clitoris.
  • Breathe to relax. This advice applies more to girls. If a partner is nervous and fearful of possible pain, her pelvic floor muscles contract, which means that attempts to penetrate the vagina become more difficult and painful. Deep breathing allows you to calm down, release tension, and relax. However, a man should also breathe. At least in order to act more carefully and restrained.
  • Arrange a stop word. Pain is something that cannot be tolerated in sex. Therefore, discuss in advance a conventional sign, after which you immediately stop intimate play. As a rule, such a sign is some short, easy-to-pronounce word. For example, in BDSM is "red" - similar to traffic lights. But you can agree on another option.
  • Get to oral sex. Oral sex, when a partner has a large penis, also requires skill. The girl will have to connect her hands to prevent the penis from penetrating too deeply. But this option can be a good way out if traditional sex, despite all the tricks, turns out to be painful.

Therefore, work on your relationship, share your experiences with each other, talk over all problems, including those related to sex, if necessary, seek help from a specialist. A good relationship should provide partners with good sex. One that would satisfy both partners. Do not make sex into debt; do not use it as a payment for something or an object of blackmail. At the same time, do not do what you do not like to please your partner. Strive for mutual joy and satisfaction!