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Some Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Learning how to dirty text long distance can become a valuable tool in your relationship. After all, there's sometimes nothing worse than finding yourself separated from your lover, for whatever reason. If you've been used to being in each other's company a lot, to the extent that you spend a lot of time on dates, when life gets in the way, it can be a sudden wrench. It's not uncommon for people to have to work in different locations or to sign up to further education that will involve traveling to college in a different city. For your relationship to continue on an even keel until the moment you have reunited again, you will need to find regular ways to communicate.

What about the dynamic where you have met someone fabulous on holiday, and want to ensure the passion continues to simmer until you can arrange another get-together? In all these scenarios, the key aspect is finding ways to not only keep in touch but to ensure your communications are exciting. This is where you can start thinking of dirty sex messages for long distance relationships, scintillating texts – or sexts – that will make absence grow so much stronger.

Check out Some Long-Distance Relationship Sexting Examples

how to dirty text long distance

One of the best aspects of sending dirty texts long distance is that time is on your side. Unlike flirty conversations in the real world, where you need to be spontaneous when you interact, if you are sending sexts, you have a lot of leeway before you press the ‘send’ button to touch base. So why not take some time composing your drafts before you go to the trouble of firing off that erotic text that is going to get your distant partner hot and bothered?

Inspiration for sexts

  • There are many sources you could draw on for ideas before you compose this dirty message. Why don’t you go online and look up dating sites? Most of these will offer free registration, so you could always sign up to become a member, and then create a dating profile without any real intention of establishing a relationship.
  • These services are so much more platforms where singles can get together and arrange romantic liaisons. They can also provide a host of background information for people on every aspect of relationships and sex. There will undoubtedly be a blog where you can look up previous posts to see if anyone has asked for advice about how to compose dirty sex messages for a long-distance relationship. If you come across this information, then you can tups this on board, getting advice from experts about intimate phrases to pop into the sexy sext you are intending to send.
  • When it comes to composing erotic messages for long-distance connections, one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal is the power of your imagination. You will already know so much about your partner, so you will be able to inject your correspondence with pet names, and a smattering of her favorite emojis.
  • An excellent way of making your sex messaging come alive is to dwell on experiences you’ve enjoyed in the past. Perhaps you have known about the situation that was going to drive you apart for a while? People can find themselves having to live apart for all sorts of reasons, but typically this will be down to employment, family commitments, or education.

Content of a sext

But whether your partner has been parted from you temporarily because of a job posting or the college course they are undertaking, touching base by sending sexy text messages is a wonderful way of maintaining your bond.

  • You can start your message by being friendly and chatty, generally talking about things you have been doing in your partner’s absence. But quickly get round to the subject of how much you are missing them, and what you have been doing to keep them firmly in your mind.
  • Your sext message could go on to elaborate on some of the fantasies you have been having about your partner in their absence. People separated for some time will always feel like pleasuring themselves, while thinking about their significant other. Describe these sessions!

How About Some Sex Conversations to Read?

how to dirty text long distance

Keeping everything private

There are many different ways that you can send a sexy text message to someone special across a long distance. One of the first aspects you need to take into consideration is how secure the platform is where you will be exchanging information.

  • If you have signed up to use a dating site, then it goes without saying that the channel that will be provided for personal correspondence will be completely private, and you can rest assured no one will be able to eavesdrop on your conversation.
  • However, if you happen to be making these long-distance sex messages via somewhere like an Internet café or via your laptop as you sit in a coffee shop, then you always have to be aware of who might be looking over your shoulder.
  • It can put you off the degree of intimacy you inject into the messages if you have any notion that someone is going to be eavesdropping. When it comes to sexting, it would probably be better if you do so within the confines of your home.
  • If you are alone, you will be in a much better position to ensure your messages sizzle with sexual chemistry. Use your imagination to conjure all sorts of wonderfully sexy images.

Because you are using texts to send messages that are R-rated in nature, there are no constraints when it comes to content. You could start by inferring that you would love to meet up with your partner at some point shortly, even if it means just spending a weekend together, perhaps somewhere halfway between your current locations.

  • This is where you can start making all sorts of lurid suggestions about what you would like to do to her when you are eventually reunited. Be as candid as possible when you are adding content to these communications.
  • You can either get straight to the point, or you can build up to the conclusion of your text, allowing the input to gather momentum. In this way, you could look upon your sexy long-distance messaging almost as if it was an act of sex! You start with foreplay, injecting the introductory paragraphs with flirty words and suggestive remarks. But as your paragraphs progress, make sure that the content gets ever steamier, knowing that by the time she gets to the conclusion you will have got her hot and bothered!

If you want to brighten up your sex messaging, then add in photographs or even short video clips. Just ensure you follow recommendations and don’t make things too explicit - in case your phone or computer happened to get hacked. But if you can use your fertile imagination to conjure vivid images, you will be able to ensure your relationship stays on the boil. Try and get into the habit of sending these sexy messages regularly, as this will guarantee your relationship remains vibrant. Your steamy messages will soon be reciprocated!

Check out Our Top Sexy Chat Samples

how to dirty text long distance

When it comes to getting practical help about composing distance relationship sex messages, here are some fantastic examples for you to take on board. You don’t have to copy them verbatim - you could always mix and match amongst these suggestions. But they will give you an excellent idea of a starting point when it comes to LDR sexting ideas!

“I’m lying in bed, and I’m sure you can guess what is foremost on my mind? I am imagining what could happen if you were right here beside me. Why don’t you join me in painting the picture.”

“I’m busy trying to read a book to help me get to sleep. I don’t usually go for erotic fiction, but this is putting a lot of wonderful ideas into my head. I've even changed the name of the leading character to yours so that I can make the most of visualizing the sexy encounters.”

“Guess what I've been doing? I've just got out of a long soak in the bathtub, and I haven’t even had time to dry myself. I’m standing here dripping suds onto the floor, and naked as the day I was born. By the time I get to the end of this message, I will still be naked, except I will also be fantasizing about you.”

“Do you know what, babe? If I wasn’t alone right now and you know who was standing right beside me, we wouldn’t even be having a conversation. We would be heading straight upstairs.”

“Can you imagine what I’ve been doing this morning, honey? I’ve been taking some selfies, the type that I wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands! I’ve created quite a little photo gallery here, that you might be very interested in taking it to look at. Why don't I do a little compilation and send you the most exciting ones? If you like what you see, why don’t you reciprocate? We could make this quite a challenge to see who could come up with the most sensual image! I think we should both aim for the top prize.”

“I haven’t had a wet dream for such a long time, but since you and I have been parted I’m finding that I am having these all the time. There would only be one cure for this affliction. That’s to have you beside me in bed so that my dreams become a reality.”

“Isn’t it about time that you and I got in touch in the virtual world? Why don’t we arrange a Skype or a Zoom connection? With no one else watching over us, we could indulge in a private striptease.”

“Did you know that I started the countdown today? I am putting an X on every day that passes on my calendar, until I reach to moment that I have circled in indelible red ink, indicating the time when you will be back in my arms, and back in my bed.”