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What to Do if Your Wife Flirts with Other Guys

Do you enjoy taking your significant other on dates, perhaps booking a table in a fancy restaurant, or getting hold of tickets for the latest gig performed by that band you both enjoy listening to? But is your enjoyment of these events always hampered because of the attention she seems to enjoy from any other guys who happen to be in the vicinity. It would be bad enough if these dudes were encroaching on your space because they were drawn to give her compliments on the sexy outfits she chooses to wear. But what might make this situation even worse would be the fact she openly seems to encourage this attention, going out of her way to chat and flirt with them.

If your wife is a flirt, then on one level this is something that should cause you concern. Is this an indication that she is feeling dissatisfied with the relationship she already has and is beginning to make plans to break up and test the waters with another lover? On the other hand, there's a strong argument for you to stop being so immature and jealous. So what if other men find her attractive? It's you she's going home with.

Are You in the Position Where Your Wife Flirts with Everyone?

how to deal with a flirty wife

Defining flirty behavior

Flirting is an aspect of human interaction that is perfectly natural, and is something that is practiced regularly, by a diverse range of people. You might be sitting on a train when an attractive ticket collector comes around and flashes a broad smile at you at the same time she is checking that you have paid the right fare. She might even wink, or exchange a few choice phrases. Does this constitute flirting? In a sense, it does, as she might not necessarily give that same welcoming grin to older gentlemen, or passengers of her gender. But people can flirt for all sorts of reasons, and they are certainly not solely connected with paving the way for romance. Strangers will flirt with each other at any time of day, and in most instances, it is simply a case of maintaining positivity in a world that is often drab, or full of depressing news items.

However, how do you cope if the person who is openly flirting with members of the opposite sex happens to be your partner? What are the rules covering flirting? Although flirting can occasionally indicate a degree of instability within any relationship, it is important to put this type of behavior in perspective.

  • Just because your wife likes to flirt with other males is no reason for you to come across as a green-eyed monster. In most instances, flirting can be a little fun. In any case, injecting any partnership with a modicum of jealousy is one of the oldest tricks in the book, guaranteeing that she will have your undivided attention, and maybe even encourage you to up your game in terms of the attention you have been paying her.
  • If your wife flirts with other guys, this is hardly likely to be an indication that she is eager to jump into bed with any one of them. If she otherwise has an outgoing and extrovert personality, all flirting will be is an extension of the way she normally connects socially. She may not even be aware that she is doing this.
  • The trouble with this type of activity is that it inhabits a grey area. What one person regards as flirting might be seen as friendly contact by someone else. What you have to ask yourself is how bothered are you by her actions, and do you think it is a subject that should be broached, or left alone?

What are the circumstances where she is most likely to flirt? Does she do so during the normal course of daily events, perhaps chatting warmly with a neighbor or the guy who is putting her shopping basket through the electronic scan at the supermarket counter? Or is this more likely to manifest during a social occasion when you are enjoying a night out? When alcohol is introduced into the equation, the degree of flirting is much more likely to increase.

Learn How to Deal with a Flirty Wife

how to deal with a flirty wife

How troubled would you be to find out that your wife had been flirting with people behind your back? Or is she just as likely to behave like this in front of you, because she doesn’t see any harm in what she is doing?

  • The important thing to understand is that flirting is such a common aspect of contact, that nine times out of 10 it will be completely harmless and no reason for you to come over us jealous or insecure. The best advice to give is learning how to deal with a flirty wife.
  • A key question to ask is where did you meet your wife in the first instance? In the modern age, there is every likelihood that your paths first crossed within the confines of an online dating site. In these settings, it is common for people to flirt all the time.
  • Dating sites will typically introduce chat room facilities, where site members can interact with a diverse cross-section of kindred spirits. They could spend all day flirting and exchanging cheeky messages in this atmosphere, simply as a way of developing a rapport and widening their social circle.
  • If your wife flirts with everyone, then for you to make an issue of it could end up being detrimental to the trust that has been built into your relationship.

The only time you should be concerned about the degree of flirting that your wife appears to be doing is when she does so at the expense of her attention to yourself.

  • Say you are at a social function where you have been invited as a couple. Do you find yourself sitting on your own for lengthy periods while she is busy socializing without you? Perhaps as you sit there stewing, staring into your drink, you are aware of her shrill laughter punctuating the air at regular intervals while she becomes the center of attention to a bunch of males hovering around her at the bar.
  • In this type of situation, the fact that she has chosen to leave you high and dry while she seeks entertainment elsewhere is perhaps an indication that she is skirting a little too close to the red lines that should still exist within any relationship. If she is being so cavalier with your feelings, could this be a good indication that her own emotions have changed in some way?
  • Excessive flirting might be if a symptom that she has deeper misgivings about your partnership. Should this happen, rather than fixating on the fact that she is flirting excessively, it would be better to question her if there are indeed any pressing issues on her mind. If she is dissatisfied about any aspect of what you have normally been enjoying together, then it would make far more sense to get this out in the open, rather than complaining about flippant behavior you are jealous of.

Should You Encourage Your Wife to Flirt?

Many guys do like it when their wife is seen to be a flirt. Perhaps they have been used to having girlfriends in the past who have been much more submissive, shrinking violets who are not normally likely to draw excessive attention to themselves. But if your wife is the type of person who likes to be the life and soul of the party, then surely that's an indication that you have forged a relationship with someone vibrant. If she enjoys flirting with other people in social situations, then the chances are she will relish flirting with you even more.

  • If she is the type of person who loves friendly conversation, cheery banter, and looking upon life from the point of view that her glass is always half full, then the very last thing you should be thinking about doing is countering this by insisting that your glass is always half empty. This could sew seeds of discontent that could eventually have a more significant impact on your happiness. It would be far better to simply go with the flow, and regard her outgoing nature as being a positive rather than negative.

Deal with flirting … by flirting!

  • There is an adage that says, 'if you can’t beat them, join them.’ Another way to get around your wife being a flirt – if this is something that is beginning to cause you any degree of distress – is to play her at her own game.
  • Should you be in a situation where your wife is beginning to flirt with other people in the company, then there would be nothing to stop you from doing likewise. Gauge how she reacts when the shoe is on the other foot.
  • If you get into the habit of flirting with female friends, how does she react? Does she invariably laugh it off, or does she begin to show signs of jealousy? When you aren’t actually in each other’s company, one way of placing flirting in its proper context would be to flirt when you are exchanging regular messages.
  • Rather than simply dropping perfunctory texts, why don’t you begin injecting your messages with a degree of suggestive comments and double entendres? This would have the effect of introducing what might be termed ‘joint flirting into your partnership.
  • Once she appreciates that you are prepared to give as good as you get, this will encourage her to go one of two ways. Either she could try to outdo you in terms of flirting. Or she might rein-in her behavior, so that flirting loses some of its appeal.