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How to Let a Guy Know You Want to Hook up in Easy Stages

The good news about finding out how to ask a guy to hook up over text is that it is a simple activity. Unlike approaching somebody you happen to like in the real world, perhaps within the confines of a nightclub or singles bar, you aren’t under any pressure.

If you are in the slightest bit shy or awkward, it can sometimes be quite a hurdle to instigate a conversation with a stranger. But things are completely different when you enter the virtual environment to connect with prospective partners. So many people are drawn to dating sites these days, you will have no trouble hooking up with someone once you sign up to join one of the many matchmaking services.

You can let a guy know you want to hook from the moment you have registered. Once you have completed the application process, you will be given free rein to browse through the personals, keeping an eye out for individuals who seem to be the most attractive, or whose background details chime with your own. You can let him know you are eager to hook up simply by ‘liking’ his profile. This will alert him that he has an admirer.

Read Our Guidance on How to Tell a Guy You Want to Hook up

how to ask a guy to hook up over text

Would you like to know how to ask someone if they want to hook up? This isn’t the type of thing that you should feel any pressure over.

  • Sticking with the online environment, the most obvious aspect of any dating site is the fact these resources attract people for the same reasons.
  • Unlike hanging around in socializing outlets in the real world, where you have no way of ascertaining the motivations of the people you meet, everyone who has signed up to the same dating outlet as you has done so because they are eager to hook up.
  • This means that you are unlikely to come across any timewasters. If you want to know how to hint you want to hook up, that’s even easier. All you have to do is send someone you are interested in a ‘wink.’ This is an informal way of attracting their attention, letting them know they have a suitor before you have even had to compose a message.
  • They will receive an alert that someone has noticed them in this way, and if they check out your profile and the attraction is reciprocated, you are good to go!
  • You can start to exchange regular messages via the website’s secure communication platform, eventually getting to the stage where you have built a sufficient rapport and would like to take your relationship to the next level.

How to get a guy to come over without asking

What about dating in the offline environment? Although things have been difficult over the past year with the pandemic that has forced many socializing outlets to close their doors, the worldwide vaccination rollout has given a clear signal there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So when your local singles bars or clubs open again, you might well find yourself rubbing shoulders with a cross-section of delectable male talent. Here’s how to let someone know you want to hook up.

  • When you spot a guy at the bar you like the look of, make your way over and stand beside him. You could listen in on his conversation to pick up ideas about the types of things that interest him. When he breaks off from chatting with his friend, take the opportunity to broach a discussion topic, doing so with a friendly smile. If you are in a bar, this gives you a golden opportunity to discuss the type of drink you might be having for your next round.

How to get a guy to come over

Again, a lot of this is down to body language. You can convey so much without even having to open your mouth when you are keen to interact with a handsome stranger. Simply fixing him with eye contact and smiling will be enough to arrest his attention. If you can make sure that you have taken the time to present a positive image in terms of your dress sense and your style, he will find you irresistible!

Should I Ask Him to Come Over? Of Course, You Should!

Have you ever wondered how to ask a guy to come over without making it too obvious you are interested? This is where you have to strike a balance between appearing to be keen, and not appearing to be overly keen! Although that does sound like quite a quandary, with a bit of patience and practice, this will soon come as second nature to you.

So should you ask him to come over? In these days of sexual equality, there is no reason for you to wait to see if the guy wants to make the first move. If you want to know how to ask someone if they want to hook up, there would be nothing wrong with being upfront about it. Rest assured, no guy is going to be put off any female who is assertive about her likes and desires. This is likely to have the reverse effect. Instead of being presented with the stereotypical image of a shrinking violet, he will be bowled over you have chosen to take matters into your hands.

How to add to a guy you wanna hook up

You can see say much without actually getting into a proper conversation. Did you know that the vast majority of communication between people centers around unspoken gestures?

  • This means that you can transmit your intentions purely by your body language. A lot of this can be to do with the outfit you choose to wear before you go out socializing. Guys are drawn like magnets to low-cut blouses, especially if they are tight-fitting, and a nice, short dress. You could complement this image with high-heel shoes, accessorized with a natty handbag. If you give the impression that you have taken the time to present an alluring vision for your girlfriend and for any male company you bump into, you will already have completed most of the necessary preparation for getting to know a guy.

Chat rooms for hooking up

If you would rather get to know someone with romance in mind by texting, then why don’t you go to a chat room? Here’s how to get a guy to come over through text.

  • Make sure you arrest his attention by inserting your dialogue with a lot of suggestive comments. Very few guys will be turned off by a female who appears to be forward when announcing their intentions.
  • They are far more likely to be excited by someone appearing to be upfront and forward. Many guys are secretly quite shy or hesitant when it comes to mixing with females, so if they come across someone who is prepared to take the lead, they will quickly relax in your company. It will only be a matter of time before you begin to develop a real sense of chemistry.
  • In conclusion, how to get someone to hook up with you is mostly just a case of displaying a lot of common sense.

How to Tell a Guy You Want to Sleep with Him Over Text

how to ask a guy to hook up over text

How to tell a guy you want to hook up isn't too difficult. The first thing you have to do is get to know a little bit about his background. This can easily be done in the modern age, simply by accessing his social media.

You don’t have to be a friend - depending on the security settings that he has put in place - but if you can browse to his Facebook page, you will get a good idea of the hobbies and interests that he has.

  • So when it comes to implying you want to hook up with him, check out his hobbies and passions, and then you could drop him a message, hinting you would like to find out more about this particular activity. Say he has a passion for playing a particular sport. Regardless of whether or not you are interested in this endeavor, you could drop him a couple of lines to initiate conversation.

When it comes to how to tell a boy you want to hook up, all you have to do is show a bit of interest in his interests, and be prepared to devote some time to get to know him better.

How to show the guy you want to hook up can be one of the easiest things you could imagine. If he is single and you happen to be in the same location as him, whether this is in an offline environment or a dating platform, you can interact in so many different ways.

  • Forums and chat rooms exist where you can get involved in all sorts of group discussions about interesting and exciting topics. If there aren’t any headings that captivate you, then you could always take the trouble to table your topics.
  • The easiest way for you to tell someone you want to hook up is to keep an eye out for individuals within a chat room you most like the look of, and who you have found yourself establishing a rapport with, then break off from the general discussions to get involved in private conversations.
  • This is where you can be honest with him, explaining that you have been taken by the comments he has been making in the group discussions, and now you would like to find out a lot more about him.
  • There are many ways to open a conversation in this way, but all you have to do is show a bit of honesty and sincerity when you are replying to his messages.

One last note of caution

Avoid the temptation to be overly reliant on the online environment. Many people fall into the trap of getting too familiar with dating websites, looking upon their online chats as being a way of keeping inside a comfort zone. But for any relationship or hook-up to thrive, you should think about meeting in the real world sooner rather than later.