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Do You Know How to Be a Bad Boy in a Relationship?

There's a common misapprehension girls would prefer boyfriends they know they'll be able to trust, guys who'll be a safe bet, provide them with a stable relationship, and who their parents will be keen to give their seal of approval. But the truth of the matter is, women also love a bad boy persona. This doesn't mean they want to get into a relationship with someone who is going to muck them around and two-time them as quickly as look at them. It's more an indication that they carve a bit of edge when it comes to establishing chemistry with someone.

Intelligence is important, as is charm, and possibly even a bit of sophistication. But when it comes to downright sex appeal, few females would pick a tax inspector over a car mechanic, his overalls smeared in engine oil, his fingers chaffed with hard work, and his attention just as likely to rove over their girlfriends. What is it about bad boys that many girls find irresistible? A lethal combination of good looks, a wicked sense of humor, muscles, raw sex appeal, and animal magnetism. Think Marlon Brando's Stanley Kowalski in the cult movie A Streetcar Named Desire – brawny and brawling, exuding masculinity.

Take Onboard Our Overview of the Bad Boy Mentality

how to be a bad boy

Don't fret unnecessarily about how to be a bad boy in a relationship. Think of instances in popular culture where you have witnessed the type of behavior that might initially seem a little anti-social, but is regarded as a total turn-on by the girls who are on the receiving end of a bad boy's attention!

When you are bringing your inner troublemaker to the fore, don't confuse this with being outright nasty. You should always frame your behavior in the context of your otherwise healthy and contented relationship. Even the afore-mentioned Kowalski character, for all that his actions were often primal and self-centered, was also capable of moments of extreme tenderness. He may have been a rogue, but he was a loveable one!

  • So what are some of the things bad boys do? Firstly, they may not seem as attentive to their partner’s desires and aspirations. But they are certainly willing to go out of their way to ensure sexual gratification!
  • Can you trust a bad boy? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, not always! He is the guy who will treat you to a wonderful whirlwind romance, only to disappear without a trace just as you were falling for him. When this type of thing happens in a 'normal' relationship, you mind find it relatively easy to move on and get over the experience. But the problem with falling for a bad boy is the intensity of feelings that can be generated during a brief but explosive affair. Much as the girl might try to get over her bad boy infatuation, this could prove to be quite difficult for her.
  • Bad boys love making the decisions. In an otherwise balanced relationship, there will be a lot more give and take where planning is concerned. When there are moments of disagreement, one or other of the individuals will likely agree to compromise, relinquishing power so that the equilibrium of the partnership is guaranteed. Not so with bad boys. They will go their own way, regardless of their other half's feelings. While a lot of females will find this relinquishing of responsibility to be irritating, it won't stop them from secretly admiring the brazenness of this approach.
  • One thing you can always rely on a bad boy to do is to speak his mind and present an honest and unreconstructed version of himself. There is never going to be any pretense with this guy. What you see is most assuredly what you get? This makes them seem permanently composed, and also mature. They leave procrastinating to females and lesser men. But this authenticity and self-belief can prove irresistible to girls.
  • The list just goes on! Bad boys also project their cocksure confidence in their body language. If you happen to be the female draped over his arm when he strides into a bar, expect every other girl in the vicinity to be insanely jealous.

Learn to Identify the Key Things Bad Boys Do

how to be a bad boy

While it might seem intuitive for girls to prefer guys that would describe as nice, meaning that they will never have any reason to feel concerned about their partner’s wandering eye, or being treated well, bad boys can be a much more attractive proposition for so many reasons.

Bad boys are direct

Nice guys have a habit of messing up in relationships because they often say the wrong things, or allow misunderstandings to ferment, the letter leading to even more potentially harmful situations. When bad boys make a gesture about something, you can guarantee this will reflect their purpose. There is no room for ambiguity with their actions. A bad boy will always speak his mind, and when he says he is going to do something, that is the precise course of action their partner can expect.

Being 100% affectionate

How about when you girls start going out with a bad boy? This is where the difference in attitude between bad and nice can be seen in stark relief. The nice boyfriend will take things easy, and even if he has strong feelings for the other person, he will tend to hold back on passion in case he comes across as too keen and scares her off. When it comes to public displays of affection, he is liable to play it cool. A lot of this behavior will be to do with being a gentleman, and not wishing to come across as overtly sexist. Of course, he will still attend to matters of common courtesy and chivalry, because these are universal traits. So he'll still open a door for his woman. In some respects, he might think he is being progressive and displaying all the traits a modern woman would expect from a man. But this is where the bad boy can become so much more attractive.

  • He doesn't beat about the bush. When it comes to flirting, he's never going to do this with any subtlety, wondering if the time is right to make suggestive comments, or should he wait to get to know his woman a little better before acting in this way. He will make his intentions known from the outset. There is never any question of toying with affections. No way. When it comes to being amorous in public settings, he will simply grab your hand, or wrap his arm around you. If he is attracted to you and gets a sense that this feeling is mutual, then his ethos will be, why waste any time?
  • He will flirt with you to an industrial scale, and if any of his double-entendres make you blush, he won’t bat an eyelid. If you are unresponsive to his approaches, you’d better have a good reason, and be prepared to be a little more forthcoming quickly, or else he’d soon get bored with being rebuffed and will simply move on to someone else. When it comes to displaying authority in a relationship, his ability to take the lead will either repulse or inspire. It’s usually the latter.

How Would You Like to Pick up Some Bad Boy Behavior?

how to be a bad boy

One of the problems with being a bad boy is down to that title. 'Bad' automatically conjures negative connotations. But is this justified when all that a so-called bad boy is doing is acting a little more abruptly and, let's face it, honestly, than his 'nicer' counterparts? Let's consider some of the other common personality traits associated with someone who has been labeled in this way.

  • Bad boys will go through life at their own pace. If they are in a rush to accomplish something, then they will pay scant regard for anyone else's feelings – it's up to you to keep up with them. On the other hand, if they are willing to ease things down in your relationships and take things slower, you are the one who is going to have to agree to comply. This is where the female might have to learn to be patient.
  • Independence is another defining characteristic of the bad boy. Nicer chaps will follow fashion. Fearful of standing out from the crowd, they'll try to do everything they can to fit in, slavishly following Instagram or other prominent social media outlets, keeping abreast of the latest trends, being invested in cultural mores, and even adopting the current slang expressions to appear to be part of the 'in crowd' rather than some lost sheep who has strayed from the path. Bad boys doing care about any of what they probably see as irrelevant flippancies.
  • He will have his sense of style, and if this bothers his girlfriend, then tough. She might well despair at him turning up for some social event, and then standing out like a sore thumb, surrounded by well-meaning men in tailored suits in his smart but casual attire. But who do you think every girl in the vicinity is secretly admiring for his bold audacity and free spirit, and who should be considered the 'sheep' – the flock of guys who are all conforming to society's standards and expectations, or the male who follows his own path?
  • The truth of the matter is females love guys who take the initiative, rather than followers. If nice guys are often fretting about their future or worrying about the present, bad boys have no similar concerns. They live life for the moment, and it's up to their partner whether they want to protest about this autonomous attitude or enjoy the ride.