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What Makes a Woman Great in Bed?

For you to be called great in bed, there are a few tips that you need to master. The goal ultimately is to please your man. To gain that, you need to learn how to be seductive, creative, and many other things that we will talk about here. With these tricks up your sleeve, your man will be eating from the palm of your hand like a little lamb. These tried and tested tips for a woman to be good in bed as a woman will have your man looking at you like a succulent piece of meat every day.

Tips for a Woman to Be Good in Bed

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Learn to Kiss

The first thing you need in your pocket to be good in bed as a woman and be a great kisser. Kissing, if done properly, can stimulate your man in exciting ways. A well-done kissing encounter can activate dopamine, the happy drug in your man’s brain so much that when you start having sex, he will be intoxicated with you already. Roll your tongue in his mouth, gently bite his lower lip, and follow your instincts when kissing; everything else will fall into place.

Focus on Foreplay

There is more to sex than penetration when it comes to sex. Foreplay is as important as penetration itself. You must invest ample time and action into foreplay, building up the tension, satisfying each other. Those wondering how a girl can be good in bed as a woman at sex must be able to satisfy your man way before he even enters you. Kiss him deeply, run your tongue across his body and let him stimulate you will you respond with movement or sound.


Practice sex with yourself through self-pleasure and auto-erotica. You can either use your fingers or the different variety of sex toys. Do this for two reasons: to discover yourself and practice for when you are having sex. Masturbation will give you a chance to understand your body and what it wants: you will know what turns you on, the kind of fantasies that lead you to an orgasm, the speed, and the intensity. After this, when you have sex with your partner, you can direct him on how you want it; the stimulation you have will be infectious.

Learn Oral Stimulation

Your sex game is as good as your oral sex game. One of the most important sex tips a woman needs is to be good in bed as a woman at oral sex. You should learn to give the best blowjobs, and if you can do it, you are halfway close to being a sex master. Oral is one of those amazing sex tricks that will just wow your man.

When giving a blowjob, start with the head. It is one of the most sensitive parts of a man; circle it with your tongue while you squeeze the shaft with your fingers. Don’t mine the mess with your saliva; in fact, make it as messy as you can. When you are sucking, include some tongue action as well. Take it in too as deep as you can so that you can bring him as close as possible to the tightness of vaginal penetration. You should not just suck on the penis alone but also move to the scrotum, gently rub, suck, and lick it as delicate and sensitive.

You can also add on and lick other sensitive parts of his body, like his nipples and ears. These parts take him to an unprecedented orgasm. Also, let him do the same to you and try the 69, where you face different directions while licking and sucking on each other. With this, you can satisfy each other orally concurrently.

How Can a Woman Be Better in Bed?

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For you to be amazing in bed, you need to research and learn new sex positions. The good old missionary is all good and intimate. Still, it will be monotonous and turn a magical act, such as sex, into a perfunctory job if you overdo it. Research about new positions and try them out with your partner to keep the sexual act as spontaneous, kinky, and adventurous as possible. Change positions and settings for sex; try it on the kitchen table, or in the shower, or any other unexpected places.

Try the cowgirl sometimes where you hop on your man’s lap and ride him. Move up and down on his lap with your hands on his belly, or his chest, or his hands on your boobs. You can change and move from the front to back with his penis inside you for a change. If you are skilled enough, you can lie on his chest and start twerking for a bit of overkill. You can try the reverse cowgirl and ride him while he marvels at and slaps your ass. That is how to be amazing on top in bed.

The brain is the essential sexual organ so to make him enjoy. Stimulate all of him through all his senses, particularly through sound. You should express your pleasure profusely. You should moan and scream when you feel like that is the release you need. It will increase your pleasure and, most importantly, act as positive reinforcement for your partner. Also, add some dirty talk in the mix and throw some dirty statements to spice out the act through the dirty talk that stimulates you or your partner.

Keeping an open mind is one of the tips that you must note if you want to be good in bed as a woman. It applies to both men and women. One of the tips for satisfying a woman in bed is always keeping an open mind. Understand your partner and what they like and try to play along and enjoy it too. Do not be blinkered in your approach towards sex, but be open-minded, try out new things, and listen to what your partner wants and try that too.

Using lube is one of the things a woman needs to satisfy a man in bed. Lubricants make sex better by making it wetter, dirtier, and less painful. They also give a wide range of options for positions and places to have sex. For example, water is not a lube but it washes away the natural fluids produced in bodies and makes water sex painful. However, if you add an oil-based lube into the mix, the sex gets 10 times better. Lubes make sex better, remove the potential pain, and replaces it with pleasure. Even when in your conventional area, adding lube makes the experience much wetter and dirtier; it is a good stimulant.

What Makes a Woman Amazing in Bed?

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There is no way to make a woman amazing in bed because no two men are the same; they have different tastes. A woman who knows her man, his mind, and his body will likely be going to be amazing in bed, though.

The first step to this is open communication: you should talk about sex openly and clearly with your partner. When you talk to a partner, you gain insights into what turns them, what turns them off, what leads them into an erection. You also get to tell them what turns on and what you might like. You will also come up with ideas to spice out your sex life and try things together. You can discuss what kind of roleplay you might like. When you communicate openly, you don’t fly blind during sex, but you excite the exact place in a precise way on your partner, and that will make great sex.

Getting more excessive will make you great at sex. Exercise builds your stamina and normalizes your blood pressure. There are a lot of benefits that come from exercising for both men and women. You get more sexual stamina when you exercise, and that makes your sexual experience last longer.

Take charge of your sexual encounters. Have sex and not let sex happen to you, do not be a log but be an active participant in the act. Hop on top and stroke your man. Take the reins and direct how your encounter goes. When he is tired, switch positions or move your hips for him, anything goes. Also, add some meaning to the act by maintaining eye contact and looking deeply into his eyes while having sex with him. Whether you are on top, accentuate the emotional and mental side of sex by increasing eye contact on top of body contact. When you feel you have had a lot of sex, try making love and add meaning and emotion to your getting some.