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Explore How to Be Good at Hooking Up

Hooking up seems like an easy thing on paper, but it is a complex form of social and sexual interaction that needs you to be at your best to score and leave a mark. During hookups, people are at their most alert, and any tiny rookie mistake will be noticed. In a few moments, we are going to teach you how to be good at hooking up. After extensive research, we have collected the best hook up tips that will work on anyone and everyone.

First-Time Hookup Tips for You

Time Hookup

If you want to try out in the hooking-up world, you have decided to land here. We’re going to equip you with the right ammo and tools that will make your first hook-up easy and smooth.

The first you need to do in preparation for a hook-up is to dress accordingly. Everything is determined by how you dress; your dressing maximizes your sex appeal. If you are a girl who wants to hook up with a guy in a bar, you need to dress in a way that just stimulates enough excitement to make a guy come to you. The same is for boys who want to hook up with a girl: your dressing makes your first impression, and if you aren’t presentable, you float your chances of getting that hook-up.

Another important thing about dressing well for a hook-up is that you feel good, feel confident, and be precise if you look good. And the success of every hook-up boils down to the confidence of the parties involved. If you are not confident, you make a real mess of yourself because hooking up needs a considerable amount of self-love, self-confidence, and self-awareness for you to last longer in bed, as well as be proactive too.

Another thing you need to do if you want a hookup is to be clear about your intentions. There is no time to be enigmatic and confused: if you want to hook up with someone, make your intentions known to them. It saves you both a lot of unnecessary talks from going back and forth. If they want the same thing, they will consent, and if they do not, you will either give them time to think about it or move on to the next candidate. With hook-ups, most people find someone who is upfront about what they want, and you lose nothing from being proactive.

You also need to direct the conversation if you want your interactions to end up in a hook-up. To direct the interaction to a hook-up, best hook up tips for girls boil down to these three things: contact, laughter, and stir his interest. When you talk, try to touch his hand or hold hands while you walk. If your contact is accepted or reciprocated, it means you are doing well. Also, try to laugh flirtishly just to stir his emotions and try to get sensual in your conversation and get talking about things that make him imagine both of you together.

The Best Hook Up Tips

Hook Up Tips

Maintain eye contact as you have sex. Look into your partner’s eyes and make the proverbial gaze into their soul while having sex. Eye contact extends the intimacy and connection you share while together. Also, hold hands if you can while you are in the act to further strengthen the connection. If you initiate these moves, you will have a hook-up that your partner looks back to with absolute joy.

For males, for you to last longer in bed and be the ultimate beast on the hookup, exercising consistently is good because it builds your stamina, and eating healthy foods is also helpful for your libido.

Another hook-up tip you need to have in your pocket is always being open to new things and being creative. The goal is to have fun, so if your partner is showing you something, play along; they might unlock things that you never know you would enjoy. Also, be creative and try new things with your partner. Try adding sex toys or even doing some role play while hooking up. You can suggest that you chase each other too to create more thrills. The sexual experience will be mind-blowing to your girl.

Be perceptive, too: read the mood and act accordingly. When the mood requires you to have rough and wild animal sex, do that: be kinky, spank, bite, scratch, and opt for the sexual positions that require you to do that. If the mood is more intimate, try spooning or missionary, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, maximize your body contact, and do everything else. Being perspective makes you instantly know when to shift positions, reduce speed, or increase it. You will know that your partner is thinking instantly. Hooking up requires you to be perspective because it gives you an understanding of your mind and body and, most importantly, that of your partner.

One of the best hook up tips you should also know is that as soon as you are done, do not quickly roll out of bed or go to sleep but enjoy each other while you engage in some pillow talk, teasing each other, and stocking fingers along with each other’s bodies. The main aim is not only to hook up but to hook up so that you leave a lasting impression by attaching some sweet memories to the hook-up you would have had.

Hook-up Tips for Girls

Tips for Girls

If you are a girl and want to be the master of the art of hooking up, you need to follow these hook up tips to the letter. You need to master everything in hook-up, which is the foreplay, the act, and the aftermath, and you will be good at hooking up.

One of the best hook up tips you can ever get is this: if you are someone who has been asking how to be good at hooking up, the first thing you need to do is to engage in everything that makes you happy. Getting laid is not a performance in which your sole purpose is to entertain the next person at your expense, it is a two-way street where you should feel satisfied. So, do what makes you happy and what feels natural to you when hooking up. You will see that the sensuality you exude when doing what you enjoy will deeply appeal to and arouse your partner.

The other thing is you need to know the importance of foreplay. Foreplay is just as good as the main event itself, and a good sexual encounter builds up decisively to the main event. On the subject of foreplay, you need to master and effectively have a good oral sex game. As a girl, you need to perfect your blowjob skills by working on your gag reflexes and use them to your advantage as well. You need to learn to run your tongue on your partner’s flesh, particularly the nipples too. If you are both up for it, rim jobs are good acts that are recommended for foreplay. Also, include a dirty talk in the mix too.

Another good hook-up tip for girls is to take control when you are hooking up. Don’t act like an innocent bystander but take control when having sex. Don’t be afraid to reins and initiate new things; lean, turn and spank. Don’t be afraid to be the boss, hop on his laps and ride him to that wild orgasm that he has never had before. A pro-active sexual partner will leave a mark on everyone that cannot be erased.

When you penetrate, you need to do more than just move hips (though it is very important). You also need to share your presence and intertwine physically and emotionally. All this comes to any position. As a girl who wants to be a bedroom bully, another important thing you need to know when hooking up are positions. Your mental directory of sexual positions is what decides if you are a master of the hook-up or not. Here are some sex positions to help you be better at hook-ups:

  • The Cowgirl. For those looking for how to give him the best hookup, it is the best option. Let him lie on his back, hop on his lap and straddle him with the pace of your choice, you will surely make him feel fantastic.
  • If you are flexible enough, the wheelbarrow is another memorable hook-up position. You put your hand on the floor, and your partner holds your legs up while he is in-between them and stocking deep and hard. He will not forget you if you do this position.