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Start With Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

When you’re looking to start a good online flirting session, use these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend. Honestly, it only takes one question to get the chat flowing. What a guy wants, such as a dirty comment or inquiry about whether to get down, clearly means you’re considering adult dates. Flirting with brazen desire opens the floodgates to dirty chat, especially if his interest is piqued. It’s daily fare on hookup sites.

Top Spicy Questions Explained

passionate couple asks each other dirty questions

Before considering these dirty truths to ask your boyfriend, understand a man’s sexuality, and about your intentions. Regardless of his age or sexual skills, a single man wants to succeed in each pursuit. He desires carnal knowledge with a woman who fits his needs, but he desires mutual satisfaction. After the first encounter, he’ll get turned on again if his female partner is mentally engaged, providing positive feedback, and making him feel wanted. Some dirty questions might get him to hook up, but the deeper connection encourages him to want more. So, if you’re not looking for a hookup, think about your intentions for flirting before responding. Brief liaisons between strangers aren’t how to find a partner. Need some dirty questions to ask a guy? Our prompts will help you:

  • Where do you hope a flirtation will lead?
  • Are you feeding his hopes for a girlfriend or searching for a one-night stand?
  • Do you want a serious commitment or playtime?
  • How strong is your attraction to him?
  • Is he available for this flirtation, or are you stealing him away from a relationship with another woman?

Flirty chat affects online communications with each male on a casual dating spree. They inform how you first message him or respond to his emails, what information is necessary to share, where the hookup occurs, and what will happen next. Although you can’t predict chemistry, start with clear messaging and intentions.

Here are spicy questions to introduce into online chats. Realize a straight man is very focused on his masculinity, and, naturally, he is sensitive to questions about nooky and his anatomy (i.e., circumcision and penis size). Tread lightly when flirting with a stranger. All guys want to feel positive in the bedroom because they want to please you. Guys want to feel good. Be cautious because men might get turned off by an aggressive person who hints their physical assets (i.e., penis) or lovemaking skills are anything less than desired. These probes are breezy:

  • What is your favorite part of the woman’s body?
  • What turns you on most about a girl?
  • What do you want your partner to do in order to make you feel wanted?
  • What’s your take on different positions? Is there a routine that guarantees you both climax?
  • What are your fetishes or kinks, such as whips and chains, foot fetish, anal play, blindfolds, aromatherapy, voyeurism, etc.?

Dirty Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

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Remember, it’s hard being a guy. Any guy seeking a girlfriend and a strong connection feels much pressure. He wants to be perceived as attractive, caring, sensitive, and exciting at the same time. It’s hard for him to balance these competing traits. A woman wants him to take charge in the bedroom while she slowly reveals her wants and desires. Whether the man succeeds all depends on the mood and the chemistry that unfolds between the two people. It never goes the same way. There will be some mistakes and awkward moments for both because it’s hard to relax with a stranger. Therefore, as a woman, you must know when to give your boyfriend clues on pleasing you and when to step back and let him be the dominant partner.

Guys communicate differently. They aren’t socialized to share thoughts and feelings. They show their passion through actions, such as spending time with you, doing repairs and chores, or making excuses to see you. They dig your sexual attraction and want more interactions to feel deeply connected. They get different pleasure from an intimate partner who commits. Sleeping with a stranger has a potential for orgasm and exploring limited fantasies. Which kind of guy do you want to attract?

When you find a balance in communication, you and your boyfriend have more fun with playtime. Study each other’s habits and avoid uncomfortable positions and scenarios. Do you help him feel successful at pleasing you? If the answer is no, you’ll undermine the physical connection with a new boyfriend. Here are the nicest dirty questions to ask a guy:

  • Where do you like to be touched?
  • How do you like a woman to please you?
  • Do you like anal stimulation?
  • Do you enjoy blow jobs?
  • Do you like to choke or be choked?
  • When is it best to use candlelight, music, body oil, porn, sex toys, or other things to create the mood for hot sex?

Hot Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

intimate couple resisting tempation

Remember, you and your boyfriend must learn about each other and assess the overall compatibility in the bedroom. You need separate time, space, friends, and hobbies. If you’re always together, you don’t grow. You need jobs and family relationships to feel happy. Dating means exploration, which includes learning your personalities, likes and dislikes, comfort zone, and beliefs on sex and dating. It’s normal to make mistakes when meeting in private. If you are patient with him and allowing him to experiment, he grows in confidence. If you pressure him to perform at a level he can’t meet, he will lose his nerve and not want sex as often. When men see you’re not interested, they withdraw. Decide whether you want your sex life with a man to bring you closer together or you’re passing the time until the next hookup or relationship. Guys don’t understand your intentions at first, especially when getting mixed signals or drama, but they figure out if you’re into them or using them.

These hot topics might feel appropriate on a first date or are better used after several weeks or months into the relationship. After years of dating or living together, couples still learn new things about their partner. Your questions to your guy need to be dirty, but remember you need to be paying attention to the guy’s level of anxiety. If he’s calm in the bedroom, he’s more comfortable taking risks at an earlier stage in the relationship. If he’s slow to trust you and demonstrates his knack for pleasing you, don’t rush him to experiment. If you come off as wild, you might drive a really passionate man away before a relationship evolves. If having an adventurous fellow is important, move on to the dude who can handle your crazy ways and ask him all the dirty questions you want. Give the guy who isn’t gonna please you a break. Do him a big favor in the long run.

Here are dirty questions to ask men on hookup sites:

  • What are your views on anal play?
  • Have you imagined playing with more than two people?
  • What are your feelings on double penetration or having a threesome with a girl and another man?
  • Would you try a threesome with two girls?
  • Would you go to a sex club or a swingers night?
  • Would you visit a couples resort with your woman?
  • Have you slept with a prostitute?

Learn More Good Sex Questions to Ask a Guy

When you’re considering dirty questions for guys, some topics enhance the tension between you, thus leading to more flirting or scaring him off. Assume it depends on how he feels about the interactions with you in the early stages and what you both crave the final outcome of your dirty chat to be. Problems arise when your intentions differ from his. For example, if people use a hookup website to find partners, but they don’t want a regular person, they’re more receptive to talking dirty than users seeking romance or marriage. While some casual dates lead to serious commitments, that’s not the norm. Good dirty questions feel appropriate on a casual dating platform and seem a tad offensive on a regular dating site. So, don’t use bedroom chat with someone who likes you or who lacks confidence.

Men and women of all ages like hookups. They’re fun. You can let down your guard, be whoever you want to be in that moment, and find a few minutes of pleasure. Being naked makes you vulnerable to one person and helps you relax. You can forget about problems and the lack of a serious partner. Guys prefer hookups because this scenario keeps them independent. Both satisfy a need without expectations. The alternative, which is focusing on one girl, asking her out, planning a date, and then initiating sex, has many potential failures. The average guy likes casual dates due to reduced fears of rejection. Consider his viewpoint. Who gives attention to a single girl if casual sex is easier to find on a dating site?