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What Are the Best Chat Up Lines for Online Dating?

You’ll have to have gold pick up lines to have the best chance at meeting girls online. Many people have different opinions when it comes to the best internet chat up lines, making it hard to choose which ones to use. Further complicating matters, many pick up lines are tired & overused. Relying on old tactics may actually be losing you hookups so they don’t make very successful starting pick up lines. Online dating is constantly changing, which means that there are the new pick up lines available every day. So what are guys to do?

If you’re currently asking this question, it’s obviously time to work on your game & chat up lines. No worries, though—this entire article goes over how to choose the best pick up lines to get more hookups! No matter how great you think your flirting game is, it could probably be better. Fortunately, both girls & guys (from complete beginners to experts) will be able to benefit from our tips & teachings! Ready to learn how to improve your pick up game? Great! First, let’s start with how to choose the best chat up lines for internet dating.

How to Choose Good Chat Up Lines for Internet Dating

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  1. Establishing Your Audience. In order for your social media pick up lines to be successful, you’ll have to first establish the category of girls (or guys) you’re after. Waiting until later is counterproductive since some phrases will work better on different classes of people. For example, if you are after athletic girls, using openers that include sports references could work quite well. On the other hand, guys should avoid these types of pick up lines if they’re after bigger girls, as the references may not be understood. For chat up lines to work, they need to be understood by the audience, so do your research guys!
  2. Finding Relevant Pop Culture References. Many girls are obsessed with pop culture, which makes references the perfect base material for online pick up lines for guys. The fact that many guys don’t closely follow pop culture is actually an advantage since the guys who do will be able to start a conversation easier than the guys who don’t. Of course, you don’t need to learn everything to have a great “game.” If you’re unsure where to start, simply look up “pop news” on Google. The news usually gives guys everything they’ll need to know to write timely pick up lines. Remember: your chat up lines don’t need to be the best; they simply need to be a good opener. You’ll always have more luck using chat up lines that a girl can relate to than using ones that don’t make sense.
  3. Asking Around. Most guys have friends who are also attempting to get girls, so you should ask around to conclude what kinds of pick up lines are successful for other guys. The results you get usually vary slightly because multiple guys try different tactics (ex. casual vs. serious approach). Still, you should take their answers into account when deciding what to say. Don’t forget to ask the guys what kinds of girls they used their chat up lines on. Not every woman will appreciate the same openers, so use your friends’ successes/failures to help choose the best tactics.
  4. Try Them Out. Once you have a few contenders for the best online dating pickup lines, you’ll need to try them out. Try to remember which guys used which chat up lines of each type of woman. Girls often won’t react well if you neglect to choose one that matches their personality, so it’s important that guys remember which approach works best on each type of girl. Initially, worry less about getting laid. Instead, focus on which chat up lines have the highest rate of success and go from there. One common mistake that many guys make is sticking to one phrase. Avoid doing that!
  5. Experiment and Refine. After you’ve tried a lot of different chat up lines on girls, you should have a good idea of which pick up phrases works the best. This is where many guys stop; they’re getting laid, so they don’t bother to improve their pick up lines. However, you can get loads more girls than the other guys if you’re willing to put in some extra effort. Surprisingly, small things can make a big difference in performance when it comes to chat up lines. Experiment with the wording of your pick up lines if you want to outperform the other guys.

What Makes the Most Successful Chat Up Line Work?

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A lot of your success at picking up girls will depend on using choice chat up lines. While some choices may be obvious (ex. don’t use a blonde pick up line for a brunette), others may take a bit more research. Guys should try to learn a bit about the girls they’re interested in before trying any pick up lines. The devil is in the details; simple oversight kills many guys’ chances at getting girls’ numbers, let alone a hookup!

When you guys are looking at girls you want to talk to, it’s crucial that you take the time to go over their profiles. If not, you won’t be able to use a personalized approach which will reduce your chances of picking up girls. The first thing you’ll need to do (after browsing through the girls & finding a possible match) is to navigate to their profile. Many guys skip over this step, so you’ll be ahead right from the start! Browse around their profile, read over all their information, and (if possible) read their status updates. You can use these later on to create golden pick up lines! Remember, guys, anything you find can be used for flirting, and by sending girls personalized chat up lines, you can easily increase your chances ten-fold.

Most guys will be able to determine a woman’s personality from their profile. You’ll base your approach on this, so do your research until you’re sure what type of girl she is. If you aren’t sure, then a generic approach might work ok, but personality-specific openers are always the superior option. If she posts a lot of jokes, you’ll probably want to go with a funny saying. If she’s an animal lover, nature-based chat up lines may be a smart choice.


Even the best internet pick up lines don’t work very well if the delivery is poor. Girls are constantly being hit on by guys, so even the smallest mistake can quickly cost you a hookup. Fortunately, tact, trial, & error will help you turn basic phrases into fancy pick up lines that get you laid every time! But what should guys do to ensure their delivery is good when it comes to flirting? Don’t worry, guys—simply follow these three points!

  • Spelling - A common mistake guys make is overlooking basic spelling. Sorry guys, “heyy beautiful, wats up with you?” isn’t gonna get you any girls. The great part about online chat up lines is that you can use a spell checker, so even if your spelling isn’t great, the girls will never know! Girls aren’t interested in guys who come off as dumb, so make sure you spell words correctly.
  • Grammar - Perfect grammar isn’t always necessary during pick up lines, but you should at least remember to use periods and commas when chatting with girls. Guys only have one chance to impress girls online, and if your words are hard to read (or understand), then you won’t have a very good chance at success.
  • Emojis - For some reason, girls tend to use a lot of emojis. Many guys have recognized this; thus they started using them as well! While it’s important not to overdo it, there’s nothing wrong with using emojis in your chat up lines when chatting with girls online. Guys tend to only use emojis during sexual pick up lines, but truthfully, it’s possible to use them in just about any type of message. As a bonus, emojis make your words seem a lot more fun & approachable!

The Best Pick Up Lines for Girls to Use Online

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Girls have a lot of options when it comes to pick up lines. From straightforward cuddling pick up lines to polite pick up lines, girls enjoy plenty of options when it comes to flirting. Dating sites can be a neat way to meet guys online, but (just like the guys), knowing which chat up lines to use makes a big difference. Fortunately, the majority of guys are very happy to talk with any girls that send them a message, so this will be a lot easier for you than it is for the guys! Still, if you’re after that “perfect ten,” we recommend you try one of these proven-to-work chat up lines.

  1. “Are you an Amazon package because I’ve been waiting for you!” This is one of those pick up lines that works for both guys and girls. Chat up lines that are based around something familiar come off as friendly and funny, so most guys (or girls) will get the reference. Girls who don’t know much about the guys they’re talking to can rely on this because these types of pick up lines will work in nearly any circumstance.
  2. ”You’re on the list of things I’d like to do tonight.” Girls, if you’re looking for chat up lines that drive guys wild, this is a solid choice. Generally speaking, guys love girls who are straightforward with what they want, so using pick up lines similar to this clearly states that you’re interested (instantly making you more attractive! On the other hand, if you’re looking for guys that want more than just a simple hookup, we probably wouldn’t recommend these types of openers. Girls who are searching for something romantic or lighthearted with guys should stick to our first option on this shortlist of pick up lines because the latter two phrases are better suited for hookups than romance.
  3. ”You don’t need car keys to drive me wild.” This is one of those phrases that serve as a great conversation starter when you’re talking to new guys. As long as they’re ok with potentially sexual responses, most girls will see good results from these types of chat up lines. Although straightforward conversation and direct pick up lines can be fun, most guys enjoy a bit of flirting at the beginning, so what better way to do that than with flirtatious chat up lines?