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This Is How to Get a Girl Turned on Without Too Much Effort

Would you like to find out some ways to turn a girl on? Of course, you would. Who wouldn't?! Once you take on board some basic techniques, you'll soon find yourself developing a bit of a reputation as a Lothario! Girls love to chat to each other about the men in their lives, and if you can prove you have the ability to keep a lady satisfied, your girl will be regarded with envious eyes. And if anything should happen to detail a relationship, one thing that can be guaranteed is you are unlikely to have to wait long for someone else to get in touch. If you're known as a serial seducer of the fairer sex, girls will be queuing up to be the next in line!

How to Sexually Arouse a Woman Mentally and Physically

how to get a woman turned on

There are many ways that women get turned on, but the good news about getting into a position where you are with your partner is that a lot of it is down to human nature.

How did your first meet your partner? Whether it was in an ‘offline’ outlet such as a singles bar or some other social function or was it a dating site? There is every chance that you will have already forged some kind of powerful connection, and already been flirting with her a lot.

  • During this time, you may well have covered aspects of her attitude towards sex. The online environment is ideal for finding ways to turn a girl on with words because so much of the initial interaction is done by text.
  • It is so easy to make the words leap out of a screen by careful choice of phrases, and by injecting the conversation with a lot of friendly emojis, such as hearts and other symbols.
  • This will give the impression that you are into fun and cheeky encounters – which is perfect when it comes to initiating the first sexual act because it has the effect of breaking the ice.

Even being in close contact with a girl you are attracted to is enough to unleash hormones that will race around her body, invigorating her as these little ‘love messages’ fire up her levels of desire. Think of how you love to become sexually aroused yourself. What kind of things is liable to turn you on? It is very common to sexually excite yourself by masturbation, and this activity can put you in a horny frame of mind if you undertake a little bit of ‘self-service’ before getting in touch with the female you are interested in!

Where to connect with compatible girls

Joining a dating site is certainly the best way of finding potential candidates for sexual encounters. These outlets tend to be partitioned into those that are offering instant or ‘no strings attached’ liaisons, and those where the focus is more on people who are seeking longer-term relationships.

It is entirely up to you which of these broad categories you feel most drawn to – although they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  • You may well find that you are into the prospect of making a woman sexually aroused for a get-together as quickly as possible, only for you to develop stronger feelings after a series of these flings.
  • The beauty of the online dating world is that it is entirely flexible, and what might start as one particular relationship can quickly evolve into something much more sincere and meaningful. But at the core of these outlets are people who are eager to connect and find sexual gratification with those they find attractive.

The chances are that any woman you see on a dating site who you feel you would like to sexually aroused as soon as possible will have uploaded her details because she is keen for this to happen.

Here’s How to Turn a Woman on While Sleeping

how to get a woman turned on

How would you like to find out how to arose woman in her sleep? When she is next to you in bed, you will be able to tell if she hasn’t fallen completely asleep by looking at her eyes. If they are flickering slightly, or she has snoring gently, this is probably an indication that she is merely in a light slumber, and has not fully sunk into a deeper sleep. This is when you can snuggle closer and introduce some little tricks.

  • It's easy to arouse women sexually if you do this subtly rather than too forcefully. There are many female sexual triggers, such as sensory awareness, so if you blow gently into her ear, or even just whisper some sweet nothing about what you would like to do to her, you might start arousing her subconsciously. As she is in this pleasantly dreamy state, your voice could merge with her fantasies, so that when she does eventually waken, she will already be feeling decidedly horny.

Touchy-feely arousal!

Taking this notion of tactile behavior to its limits, as you rouse her, suggest giving her a massage to help her relax and sink back to sleep. Ask her to turn over so that she is facing her pillow. Then draw the covers back to expose her back.

Allow a few drops of massage oil to land on her bare skin, and then begin rubbing her shoulder blades, working your fingers into her back, and delicately making whirling motions until you get down to her buttocks.

  • While you are doing all this caressing, make sure that you give a running commentary about things that you would like to do to her sexually.
  • Rather than simply lying side-by-side as you work your magic, why not straddle her, carefully clambering on board so that she feels your weight on top of her as you are giving this massage treatment? If you also ensure some candles are flickering in the background, and some subtle music is playing, this will enhance the effect.
  • There are all sorts of interesting gadgets you could bring to play aside from massage oil. You could play with lube, getting into her erogenous zones with delicate and then increasingly forceful movements. You could also introduce a selection of sex toys, eventually penetrating her to get her into the mood.

The longer you go out with your partner, the greater your sense of what gets her excited will be. There will be so many ways of getting aroused, and the longer you are in her company, the more intuitive these will become. Never be afraid to ask her what she would like you to do to her when you are together in bed. Many guys get tempted just to go straight for a home run by climbing on top, going for it, and then collapsing into a deep sleep. But physical ways to turn a girl on include providing oral stimulation, and making this last as long as possible.

The Fastest Way to Turn a Girl on? Here Are Your Ideal Moves

how to get a woman turned on

Assuming that you have met someone that you are really into, another important aspect of knowing how to turn her on is to do a little bit of homework. You don’t have to necessarily blurt out questions about the things she likes to experience, as this might come over as a bit like an interrogation! Rather, wait until the moment is right to start discussing this aspect of your time together.

Arousing a girl while on a date

  • It might be a good time to broach the subject when you are on a date. Say you are in the restaurant, with soulful music playing in the background, and you are enjoying a sensual meal together. You can make all sorts of inroads into getting a woman sexually aroused simply by engaging her in intimate conversation, ensuring you maintain constant eye contact.
  • You will be also able to excite a woman if you make a lot of filthy innuendos, and can make her laugh. Nine times out of 10, if you can keep it woman entertained with your stories, injected with a lot of flirty double entendres, she will be putty in your hands!
  • As the meal progresses, you could titillate her further by making appreciative and almost orgasmic noises as you relish the food, rolling morsels of food around with your tongue, and licking your lips.
  • Another crucial aspect of arousing her is to enjoy liquid refreshments to wash down your meal. After a few glasses of wine, she is liable to feel a wonderful glow of intoxication. You can enhance her experience by subtly undoing a couple of buttons of your shirt, or accidentally brushing against her leg beneath the table. Any sort of tactile contact, especially when alcohol is flowing through the system, can have an electrifying effect.
  • If there is a romantic ambiance in the location, such as subdued lighting or candles flickering on the tables, then draw in closer and begin making suggestive remarks about what you could do afterward. Ask her if she is desperate to have coffee and after-dinner mints, or would she prefer if you got the bill and then booked a taxi so that you could take your date to the next level as quickly as possible?

The idea is to strike while the iron is hot. Once you have spent the date getting her into the right frame of mind, taking your relationship to the next level should be very straightforward. Forget about any notions of chivalry you might have heard, or friends advising about ‘not being too pushy’ during the first date. If you feel the time is right and you would like to turn on your partner even further in the privacy of your flat, then why don’t you do so? There are no hard and fast rules about whether you should have sex on the first night, the third night, or any other. You will know when the time is right and things will just evolve naturally.