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Dirty Talking Lines to Say to a Girl

When you’re horny and seeking a new girlfriend or hot sex with your woman, try dirty talk women love. Men find it hard to start the conversation or compose flirty things to say at the moment, so background reading is a must. Remember, dirty flirting builds excitement for the first date. If you’re separated from a girl by geography, when you finally meet, the sparks will fly!

What is your intent for online flirting or sexting? Do you hope to seduce her? Are you rekindling passion with a serious match? Perhaps, your wife craves dirty talk but says your style is boring. Everyone needs spice. However, pressure to be Mr. Casanova sucks when you’re not good with dirty words. Every guy and lesbian woman understands that to ensure your night will be hot, you need to learn how to talk dirty to a woman. Enhance your sex life with filthy talk and dirty messages through trial and error. Men need talking points to jumpstart dirty messaging. Imagine her freaky side will emerge when least expected.

Ideas for Naughty Talk With Your Girlfriend

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Women get social programming their whole lives. They will be happiest in a monogamous relationship. They seek comfort in a relationship because they get social status as a couple, and, sometimes, they find a provider. Once they move in, they can get bored with vanilla sex. Being around a man all the time can kill a woman’s libido or diminish it. That’s tough medicine for a guy to swallow when he’s working hard to be a good mate – he needs to learn how to talk dirty to a woman to get her interest.

In the beginning, a woman seeks a partner she can talk dirty to. They won’t make themselves vulnerable by exchanging dirty chats or texts with a stranger. They feel more comfortable talking on video chat or in-person before sharing their number or entering the taboo territory. Once she trusts you, she opens up and reveals her inner naughty girl. If you make it to that level of trust, you will know the emotional connection is growing, or, in the case of a casual girlfriend, she’s really hot for you. Women must trust you, or you’ll never get to dirty and private playtime.

  • I thought of you in the shower.
  • When I wake up, I reach for you, and I snuggle with my pillow.
  • I wish you were here so I could go down on you until I had to come up for air.
  • I kept that smell on my lips from you this morning on my face all day.
  • I can’t wait to feel your smooth skin as you lay on top of my naked body.
  • I want to come deep inside you.
  • When I watch the way your breasts hang down over me as we make love, I feel bliss!

For naughty talk and dirty chats women enjoy, we could label texts we’ve included below in different ways. To make a girl horny for your physical touch, show attention by sending the right dirty texts. Assure her that she is desired, but there is another goal to let her anticipate adult playtime for a bit. Get her somewhat worked up, even wound too tight, so later she will explode with toe-curling sensations unique to dirty sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. If you’re serious about getting laid and pleasing your girl, understand that girls talking dirty can make sexual positions and finish even more dirty.

  • How many times do you want to finish with me?
  • Can I toss your salad?
  • Will you put your mouth on me?
  • When can I lick your body all over?
  • How soon can you meet me in the shower?

How Do U Talk Dirty to Your Girlfriend?

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Women want to experience dirty conversations and get turned on. Some engagement comes from your dirty words, and the next stage is increased arousal from your touch. A woman anticipates as she imagines dirty things that might happen. Girls don’t need to hear your voice, see you, or read your messages to get caught up in fantasies. When you meet in the same place, all the foreplay, including dirty phrases to say to a girl, are fresh in their heads. They feel wound up; they need to mess around. They can barely wait to rip their clothes off because the tension builds inside them, and they want to do dirty things to you. A truly dirty finish might not be quick, but it will be worthwhile because of the long-drawn-out anticipation.

How to Talk Dirty During Love Making

Remember, women don’t seek the perfect lover. They hope for someone who fulfills their desires. They take the average lover over the perfect aloof person who can’t connect on an emotional level. If you try these things to say when talking dirty to a girl, you’re putting your best effort forth. It is adorable that you’re trying to do this, however awkward it feels. Any girl that’s really worth your time will appreciate your investment in the romantic or sexual relationship and positively receive the good sex talk. If a woman insults you or ignores you in response to your attempts at dirty talk, find a better match! Try these tips:

  • Don’t brag or make promises you can’t keep in the bedroom.
  • Don’t exaggerate about your equipment or skills.
  • Do say nice things, including giving compliments about her body, her looks, her smell, and her taste.
  • Find things on her body you love and say you want to touch or lick them.
  • Notice her responses. If she doesn’t like certain terms or discussing taboo sexual acts, don’t mention them again. Don’t try to push her too far past her comfort zone or moral code.
  • Respond to positive feedback when naked. What she liked in the heat of the moment is fruit for future sext messages.

Hot Things to Say During Sex

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Women want their partners to feel vulnerable, listen, and provide attention. Many girls want to feel safe, to know you’ll please them, and appreciate your attention to their preferences. They hope you’re mentally engaged like them, or intercourse grows stale. Using seductive things to say to a woman out of context, such as when she’s not feeling well, under the influence, or the kids are underfoot, doesn’t create the mood you want. Instead, help her finish tasks so she can shift gears to playtime.

Talking Dirty to Your Girlfriend in Bed

  • God broke the mold when he made you.
  • I can never get enough of feeling your body.
  • I love going deep into your warm and dirty center. It feels like home.
  • I get a headache until I can smell your carnal scent again on my face.
  • I hope you ride me all night.
  • I want to wake up and wrap myself around you.
  • Let’s make sweet love together.
  • I want to make a baby with you.
  • You are the sexiest woman alive, and you make me so horny.

Hot Things to Say to a Woman to Turn Her On

The chemistry between the man and the woman comes from physical attraction, personality clicks, communication, and emotional intimacy. You and your partner begin the dirty dance, circle around each other a few times, and consummate your passion. Over the years, you and your woman try different sexual positions and find what works. Some couples find chemistry that makes others jealous. They can’t seem to take their hands off each other even when their kids are present. The timing of meeting a great partner can affect the future as well because both partners must make time for the romance.

You and your woman become more connected when conditions are right. You build on shared experiences and become better communicators. Or, you reach a plateau in the relationship - in sex and in conversations - and wonder why the spark fades. Males and females must evolve and keep turning their partner on by saying intimate & dirty things and showing affection while respecting each other’s boundaries and independent time.

A casual partner is great for a dirty romp, but not who you bring to Christmas dinner with your folks. Casual sex gets you through the month or brings you closer to a woman. Men and women form an emotional attachment through intimacy, so show how you feel - ex. friendship or love. The woman might get bored with your sex life first because she craves the limerence stage when two people first meet and fall in love. That’s why many marriages become “open,” or a partner cheats, and they break up. The couple can’t regain the novelty.

When you say sexy phrases and don’t get the desired responses, or she forms the wrong impression from dirty talk, pay attention. Women want to have their fantasies manifested. Even if you’re a monogamous guy who isn’t into sharing, but she wants to bring a man or woman into the bedroom. Discuss your boundaries so she’ll accept them or seek another partner who shares her preferences, vanilla or dirty. In lovemaking, the rules must fit both. If she’s not responding to sexy talk, try other approaches to turn her on.