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How to Have Casual Sex: Only the Best Tips

For many men, casual sex is nothing more than a dream. Lots of men want to be able to have a hookup with a woman every night, but because they don’t understand the casual sex rules, they often ruin their chances of a casual hookup before they’ve even started! Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. Men, no matter how bad you think your casual hookup “game” is, it’s fairly easy to get better, pick up a woman (or more!), and have the casual sex life you’ve always dreamed of. That’s not to say that you won’t have to put in any effort to get a woman, though. Often, the hookup techniques you’re used to trying are the reason you can’t find a hookup!

If you want to have a casual hookup with a pretty woman, then you’ll have to know the rule of casual sex. Some men waste years of their lives trying to figure these hookup rules out, but that’s a sucker bet. Why waste the best years of your casual sex life learning when you could spend them getting laid like other men? Read through this article, learn our casual hookup tips, and start living your best casual sex life today!

How to Easily Initiate Casual Sex

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Before you can learn how to initiate casual sex with a woman, you have to know what NOT to do for a casual hookup. Chances are, you’re probably already making a few casual sex mistakes that are costing you a lot of hookups! Let’s take a quick look at a few of the common hookup mistakes men make, so you know what to avoid, then we can go over what you DO want to do for a casual hookup with a woman.

  1. Being shy. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth: the average woman likes men who are outgoing! Especially when it comes to casual sex, confidence is key. If you’re shy and don’t initiate conversation, you shouldn’t have very high expectations for a casual hookup. It may be uncomfortable for some men, but it’s vital that you maintain a confident and outgoing look if you want to find a hookup. The good news? The more you do it, the easier it will get! While some men may have to fake confidence when talking to a woman at the beginning, over time, that confidence will become less of a facade and more of a personality trait as your sex life improves.
  2. Misreading signals. When you’re talking to a sexy woman and trying for a casual hookup, it can be easy to hear what you want to hear. Unfortunately, not every woman you’re interested in will want a hookup with you. You need to accept that fact if you want to hook up with as many women as possible. There’s no point crying over spilled milk, so take the time to read a woman as she’s talking to you. If you start to flirt and the woman avoids your advances for a casual hookup, no go. Stop wasting time on her and have a casual hookup with someone else!
  3. Not giving up. Some men think that if they keep hitting on a woman long enough, she will eventually put out. This is rarely the case. More often, this gets men a reputation as the “creepy guy” who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. You don’t want to be one of these men. They never get a casual hookup, and worse, women actively avoid them!

Now that we’ve gone over the “don’ts,” let’s review the “do’s” of how to have casual sex. Actually, it’s fairly simple and comes down to three points: confidence, flirting, and forwardness.

Confidence: Most women (especially the kind you will find in bars) find confident men attractive. Acting confident is an easy way to instantly increase your hookup numbers, so this is the first change most men can make to improve their casual sex life.

Flirting: Practice makes perfect. Many men aren’t the best at flirting initially. Let’s face it: when you don’t know what to say to a woman, things can get awkward quickly. If that’s the case, rely on your newfound confidence and just push through it. Over time, you’ll get a lot better when it comes to flirting & scoring a casual hookup.

Forwardness: If a woman doesn’t know you want a hookup, you probably won’t get one. While you shouldn’t make it blatantly obvious that you only want to get in her pants (small talk helps), it’s important that the woman knows you’re interested. If not, you might lose her to other men!

What Does Casual Sex Mean to Men?

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If you’re a woman reading this (or even one of the men), you might be wondering what does casual sex means to men? What makes casual sex such an appealing option to men when compared to loving, passionate sex in a steady relationship? While there are a variety of different reasons (which vary by individual), we’ll give you a quick overview of the main three reasons men find casual sex & the idea of a hookup so attractive. It’s not heartbreak, and it’s not simply being horny, so read on to find out the main motivations behind men’s casual sex obsession!


For many men, leading an active casual sex life is the ultimate expression of personal independence. As you likely know, being in a romantic relationship with a woman comes with a fair amount of accountability and responsibility. From “can you do this for me?” to “where were you last night?” the amount of effort required for a steady, romantic relationship is off-putting for many men. This is part of the reason why casual sex or a hookup is such an attractive option for men: men are only with the woman for a night, there’s no pressure (since the men won’t have to see the woman again), and the men don’t have to worry about any future repercussions after the hookup. In this sense, casual sex represents personal independence to many men, especially those who live active casual sex lives with more than one woman.


Another appealing aspect of casual sex with woman for men is an increase in self-confidence. Although not often covered by the mainstream media, self-doubt is a problem that many men face every day. Casual sex with a woman offers an easy way to increase their self-esteem and confidence. With a casual hookup, men can feel as though they’ve accomplished something and also know that they are attractive enough to score a woman. This is why continual casual sex is so common! Men are simply reaffirming to themselves (and the world) that they are attractive and successful, which in turn builds self-confidence and self-worth with each hookup.


Most men aren’t happy when they fail to get a woman. Unsurprisingly, this is why men who’ve been rejected initially often don’t live active casual sex lives. This is unfortunate because these men are missing out on the simple pleasures of casual sex simply because they’ve been rejected by a woman in the past. Of course, even the most unattractive men will eventually succeed if they try long enough, which brings us to our final point: casual hookup success. There’s no better feeling than finally succeeding at something you’ve worked hard to achieve, and after men succeed once, they’ll obviously want to succeed again (with another casual hookup!). Although casual sex in itself can become addicting, most men will simply enjoy their hookup success without letting their sex drive get in the way of their lives.

Our Top 10 Casual Hookup Tips

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  1. Take “no” for an answer. When trying for a casual hookup with as many girls as possible, men will definitely hear “no” time and time again. That’s just one of the facts of life, but you shouldn’t sweat it. If the roles were reversed, surely there are some girls you’d turn down, correct? Don’t take it personally; sometimes, men or women just don’t want a casual hookup.
  2. Don’t waste too much time on one girl. Casual sex is supposed to be fun, not work. If a woman is taking up too much of your time, she might not be worth it. Obviously, this will be entirely up to your discretion, but in general, it shouldn’t take more than a night to “seal the deal.” You won’t get laid often if you waste days on a woman, so avoid doing that.
  3. Establish an “end game” early on. You know that you just want a casual hookup, but does she know that? It’s important that you’re both on the same page because the last thing you want is to mislead a woman. If the woman thinks it’s romantic but you think it’s just a casual hookup, this will undoubtedly lead to complications shortly down the road.
  4. Plan ahead. Whether it’s a hotel or your house, you should have a place to go back to for your casual hookup. Although possible, it’s highly unlikely your woman of choice will be willing to have casual sex in a parking lot in your car. Therefore, men need to plan ahead so the night will roll along smoothly.
  5. Get consent. Unfortunately, this has become a blurry line in recent times. Therefore, it’s vital that you get a “yes” from the woman before each casual hookup. We’re not saying you need it in writing, but if she’s wasted and you’re relatively sober, you should probably pass on that hookup.
  6. Use protection. A casual hookup should never turn into a lifelong commitment, so it’s important you use protection. If a woman says she’s on the pill, that’s great, but you should still use a condom anyway. After all, a temporary improvement in sensation definitely isn’t worth the 18 long years of emotional and financial commitment that comes along with having a child.
  7. Get tested regularly. Hopefully, this won’t become an issue for you, but we still recommend you get routinely tested if you’re hooking up with a different woman every night. This will help prevent from spreading diseases via casual sex and also give you an early “heads up” if you were exposed to any STDs from a hookup.
  8. Explore your sexuality. Remember, you’re only with this casual sex woman for one night. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try (and the woman is OK with it), go for it! Casual sex is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself and figure out what you do (or don’t) like in the bedroom.
  9. Stay within your partner’s boundaries. This should come as a no-brainer, but we think it’s important to mention it anyway. If your partner seems hesitant or unsure about trying something during your hookup, you should probably let it go. Casual sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both partners, so don’t make a woman have a bad time simply because you want something they’re not comfortable with. Remember, there’s always tomorrow!
  10. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). At the end of the day, casual sex is exactly that: casual. If you’re putting a lot of time and effort into each hookup, your “play” may start feeling like work, so don’t overthink it. If you see a pretty woman, take your shot. If you get it, great! If not, move on to the next woman. With the KISS mentality, you’re sure to have an active and fulfilling casual sex life.