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Can You Have Hard Sex While Pregnant?

People often “is it okay to have sex while you’re pregnant?”. If you didn’t already know, then yes!—it is possible to enjoy safe sex while your girl is pregnant. In fact, it is fine to enjoy no matter which part of the pregnancy she’s in! People are often curious if there are any unsafe sex positions during pregnancy, so we’ll also take a look at that. We’ll also review pregnancy sex positions, safe sex on stomach techniques, and other pregnancy sex tips to make sure you have the best amorous life while she’s pregnant. Whether you’re already pregnant or currently planning a pregnancy, anyone will be able to have fun during pregnancy after reading out the pregnant sex guide!

Is Having Sex While Pregnant Bad for the Baby?

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It’s fairly commonplace for men to panic about having safe sex while their girlfriend (or wife) is pregnant. They’ll most likely receive opposing sex tips from their friends, and some of these friends will undoubtedly advise against intimacy during pregnancy. Some good news is the naysayers’ sex tips tend to be wrong: regardless of how big of a tool you’re working with, there isn’t any chance of injuring the fetus during intercourse. Still, the downside of pregnancy is as time goes on, having sex while being pregnant will become more challenging because of the ever-growing baby bump. Fortunately for you, we’ll be going over some helpful tips to allow you to work around that!

So what happens when you have sex during pregnancy? Well, nothing new, really. It’s the traditional old in-out performance ending in the climax, with the addition of a pregnant baby bump! The baby will be well-protected inside the uterus, making safe sex an easy option assuming it’s comfortable for the girl. That’s actually the main issue you’ll experience when enjoying lovemaking while your partner is pregnant. In addition to the pregnancy hump being in the way, cramps, bloating, and general discomfort will also obstruct you two from enjoying intimacy. Fortunately, none of the symptoms have to do with safe sex; they’re just parts of a normal pregnancy. One of the most obvious tips is to have patience. If she’s not into it, the experience won’t be stellar, regardless of how much of our other advice you follow.

So now that we’ve established that the answer to “will having sex while pregnant hurt the baby” is no & realized that the main thing standing between pregnant safe sex & you is pain, let’s go over some intercourse methods to alleviate this. Although these may not be specific tips, they will no doubt be beneficial to your life, so actually, they really are a piece of real and useful advice. Here are three things to try during pregnancy to help your girl get comfy enough to enjoy safe sex.

  • Try a heating pad. It helps to relieve a sore back during pregnancy & will have you back enjoying intimacy in no time.
  • Take a warm bath. Ladies should try to avoid medication during pregnancy, so a warm bath is a good solution to stomach aches & cramps.
  • Change bras. It’s important your lady has proper support during her pregnancy. Although this may seem counterproductive, one of our tips is to avoid unnecessarily touching her breasts; they will be very sore!

Enjoying each other’s company throughout pregnancy can definitely pose a challenge, but since we already know that the answer to “is having sex while pregnant bad for the baby?” is negatory, we’re already far ahead of loads of men who have pregnant girlfriends & think that intercourse isn’t possible! Although you will have more options regarding choosing a sex position for pregnant first trimester women, you can still continue to enjoy intimacy while she’s pregnant after that (and all through the entire pregnancy!).

5 Sex Tips While Pregnant to Have a Good Time

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We know that most of you are reading this pregnancy safe sex article purely for the intimacy tips, so good news: we’re about to start! Being pregnant (or planning on a pregnancy) doesn’t need to limit your options, but partners must be willing to make a few sacrifices and adjustments to make each other comfortable while one of them is pregnant. Without further ado, let’s get into the tips!

The second trimester is the sweet spot.

You’ll have more options for sex positions during pregnancy first trimester, but intimacy might not be a realistic option due to the pregnancy issues mentioned above. Your girl may also be dealing with morning sickness when pregnant, meaning she definitely won’t be in the mindset for lovemaking. Fortunately, morning sickness should be gone by the time she approaches the second trimester of her pregnancy. Therefore, one of the best sex tips we can provide you is to enjoy the second trimester! Making love is the most enjoyable during this period. As the pregnancy goes on, the baby bump will become the main issue when it comes to enjoying each other (we have tips for this later on!). For now, though, have all the intimate moments possible!

Ignore the people who keep asking you, “Can u have sex during pregnancy?”

If you’re already pregnant, then the deed is done. People should leave you alone, but it’s unlikely they will let you lead a safe sex life without attempting to give unnecessary tips. The great news? You don’t need to listen to their sex tips! We’re giving you all the tips you require to enjoy safe sex throughout your pregnancy, so you don’t need to concern yourself with other people’s thoughts on sex during pregnancy. This is the best of our sex tips that help reduce stress: stop listening to other people’s opinions on safe sex and just enjoy it!

Don’t do it if it’s uncomfortable.

“Can sex hurt during pregnancy?” Hurt? Not quite, but it might definitely get really uncomfortable during pregnancy (we have pregnancy sex tips to assist you with this later on!). Your girl may be having different discomforts than normal while pregnant, so one of the high-quality advices we can provide you is to listen to the girl! Even if you really want to have an intimate moment, remember to listen to her when it comes to making love. If not, she won’t be into the process & you won’t have as enjoyable of an experience as you could like if you’d followed these safe sex tips.


You’ll have to ask your pregnant girl, “is sex ok” when you try different positions. There are loads of places online to get tips for the ultimate positions, so you’ll want to review these to explore all options. Intimacy during pregnancy is only enjoyable if both people are comfortable and feel safe. If she’s not comfortable, the intercourse will be bad, and your love life may suffer during pregnancy since she won’t be interested in engaging with you. We’ve included some sex tips on the best positions to test during pregnancy (or to research if you’re planning on becoming pregnant) below so you’ll have the best safe sex life possible, but we recommend still doing your research. You can follow all of our other tips, but if you choose the wrong positions for each time period during the pregnancy, your relationship is likely to suffer, so do your research and ensure your time together will be spent with pleasure and safety in mind!

How to Enjoy Sex While Pregnant

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Whether you’re asking, “can I have sex while I’m pregnant” or “can a girl have sex while pregnant” both sides of the fence are responsible for contributing to great romantic moments. Now that we know the answer to “is sex ok when pregnant,” we’re ready to check out some great positional tips for enjoying active lovemaking. When a woman has sex while pregnant, it might be hard for her to get comfortable, so these tips will be focused on how to have the most enjoyable pregnant safe sex!

  1. From the back. Doggystyle is an extremely popular choice for pregnant couples. If you ask around (even for general sex tips), many people would suggest this for safe sex, especially when pregnant. Any tips that involve intercourse from the back are good because the positioning is more comfortable for women during pregnancy. However, when she reaches the third trimester of the pregnancy, you might have to try other tactics.
  2. Woman on top. This is one of our most popular tips that you’ll definitely love: getting your girl ride you are perfect for pregnant safe lovemaking! At the beginning of her pregnancy, this position will be comfortable & enjoyable for both partners. However, as the pregnancy goes on, you may want to consider alternative positions because this may become challenging. Still, on-the-top lovemaking is good for the 1st & 2nd trimesters.
  3. While standing up. Most of our advice is for the start of your pregnancy; this is one of those tips. Safe sex while pregnant is definitely possible with this position at the beginning of a pregnancy, but you may want to try different tips later on.
  4. While spooning. Spooning (and other similar positions) offer relief for the woman during pregnancy. Since there isn’t any pressure on the pregnant woman’s stomach, it’s a great option for safe sex, even later on in the pregnancy. However, a tip like this might not be useful if the man’s anatomy isn’t equipped for it. If that’s the case, no worries—just try one of the different positions we listed here!
  5. Intercourse via anal. Like our previous tips, this pregnant safe sex position happens from the back. You can try it during any stage of the pregnancy. However, you might need to adjust your location/positioning as the pregnancy goes on. This is the ultimate one if you fear for the baby’s safety, but If she’s not into it, you’ll have plenty of other positions to choose from!