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Neck Kissing Techniques Steps

3 Neck Kissing Techniques Steps

Use your fingertips to gently stroke your partner’s neck. This should induce some good feelings and will turn your partner on, and they might even get goosebumps and shiver a little bit. Use your fingertips to stroke to the area that you want to kiss, and the pleasure from the kiss will be enhanced.

The most sensitive part of your scrag is probably the area where your neck joins your collarbone and shoulder. Other sensitive spots are the front left and right sides of your neck. If you’re happy to explore different kissing parts of the scrag, then you’ll find that almost any section of the neck can be sensitive and feel good.

Make sure your lips are slightly wet. Wet them just enough to ensure that they’re soft. Kiss your partner’s neck gently with your lips closed, almost as if you were giving them a peck on the lips. Begin with kissing the most sensitive area, where the scrag joins the shoulders and collarbone, and rest your lips softly in the curved area.

How to Kiss a Girls Neck

How to Kiss a Girls Neck

Touch Her First

Before you even get to the kissing part, you can begin the foreplay by stroking your partner’s neck gently with your hand or fingers and focus on the areas that you plan on kissing so that she knows where you’re going to kiss her, and you can see what happens when you kiss a girl's neck.

Be Connected

Approach your partner slowly and without rushed movements. You don’t want to frighten them or make things feel awkward. Make sure you have a connection first, like eye contact or your hands on your partner, before moving to kiss their scrag.

Explore the Neck

A person’s neck is a very sensitive area, but the part where your neck joins your collarbone is extra sensitive. It’s the best spot to kiss softly if you want your partner to feel pleasure and get turned on. Kissing your partner’s scrag close to their jawline works well too.

Find the Right Kissing Position

There are no rules that say you have to be facing your partner when you kiss their neck. You’re able to stand behind them or even on the side of them. A good place to rest your hands while you kiss their neck is their waist.

Use the Rest of Your Body

Kissing a woman’s neck shouldn’t be downplayed or seen as simple. You can use more than just your mouth. Use your body and your hands and connect with your partner by getting your body closely pushed against theirs if you both feel that it feels right.

Use Your Hands

Your hands don’t need to feel awkward when you are kissing your partner’s scrag. Move them to their shoulders or run your fingers through their hair, or place them on their back or waste. Use your hands to make things feel more pleasing and exciting for both of you.

Blow on Her Neck

A nice technique to try out is blowing air lightly onto your partner’s neck. The warmth of your breath on their cool skin creates a sensation that will make them feel turned on. You can do this before you go in for the smooch or while you are busy kissing their neck.

Do Not Rush It

Try to avoid rushing through kissing your partner’s neck. Both of you want to enjoy the moment and appreciate what is being done. Pay attention to what your partner wants, though, and if they want you to get a bit wild, then do that, but otherwise stick to calm and gentle scrag kissing.

Nibble on Her

Nibbling your partner’s neck will allow you to extend the neck kissing a bit longer. Pay attention to your partner’s physical and verbal cues, and make sure that they are fine with what you are doing, and you will know how to bite a girl's neck. Biting too hard can be painful, but others might find it a turn-on. Read the cues, and it should be fine.

Don’t Overthink It

Don’t think too much about scrag kissing. It can be done anywhere and isn’t too intimate that which makes people feel awkward. Kiss your partner’s neck first, or kiss their lips and then their neck, but don’t stress about it. Rather just go with the flow, and it will work out.

Slowly Turn Up the Passion

Keep your mouth closed when you kiss your partner’s scrag for the first time; otherwise, it could end up wet - and not in a good way! You want neck kissing to start slowly, and let it become more passionate as you both start getting turned on. The neck kisses should slowly get more intense and lead to more intimate scrag kissing.

It might be tempting to go straight for a passionate neck kiss, but then you’ll struggle to make that moment more passionate and intense because you will have already done what you intended.

Use Your Tongue

Use your tongue to tease your partner’s neck. Don’t open your mouth a huge amount; just open it a little and let your tongue touch their neck lightly. This will surprise them and keep them interested and wanting to know what comes next.

As you kiss your partner’s neck, slowly build up to more passionate and fiery kisses. Neck kissing is a sensual act and shouldn’t be rushed.

Go slowly when switching to more passionate kisses, and wet your lips by licking them before continuing with the neck kissing. Try holding your partner’s neck with your fingers as well, and ease into things slowly.

Suck on Her Neck

You can also try sucking your partner’s scrag as this can be quite a turn-on as well. However, you need to be careful when doing this to your partner as it can cause your skin to bruise. This bruise is called a hickey, and while some people might be okay with it, many aren’t. Make sure you clear this with your partner before even attempting to do it.

It’s great to have this as one of your options when kissing your partner’s neck but remember to be gentle when biting or sucking your lover’s neck, so you know how to kiss a girl's neck without leaving a hickey.

How to Kiss a Guys Neck

How to Kiss a Guys Neck

Start softly

A tip on how to kiss a guy's neck to turn him on is don’t use your teeth straight away (unless your partner wants you to), and start with a gentle kiss on their neck.

Pay attention to the nape

A lot of men find the nape of their necks to be very sensitive to touching and kissing. The nape of your neck is the section of your scrag just below your hairline at the back of your neck.

Try different areas

There are different areas on a person’s neck that are also good to kiss. These include the sides of your neck close to your shoulder or a bit higher up near to where your chin starts. Experiment and kiss different areas of your partner’s neck and figure out which area they enjoy having kissed the most.

Avoid hickeys... or embrace them

As much of a turn-on as neck sucking is, it can lead to bruising, otherwise known as hickeys. You can avoid giving your partner a hickey by keeping the sucking brief and not hard. Don’t suck the same spot more than once, either. However, if your lover is into hickeys and enjoys getting them, then go for it and suck as hard as they want you to.

Use your teeth… or don’t

Some people enjoy having their necks bitten, and some people don’t like it at all. Always start with a gentle bite, and you can increase the hardness if your partner is enjoying it. Avoid breaking their skin.

Add variety

Explore your partner’s body and kiss them in other areas such as their shoulders or collarbone or their chest or breasts. Alternate kissing their neck with kissing other body parts.

Why does kissing neck from behind feel so good

A neck kiss is a kiss on the neck, and it’s usually done near the back of your neck, where your neck connects to your shoulders. However, if done properly, then kissing any part of a neck can induce feelings of pleasure.

Your neck is a very sensitive part of your body and can lead to intimate situations quite quickly. It also sets the mood for what can be expected later. If you want to show that you’re attracted to somebody, try exposing your neck and lengthening it to show it off to your lover.

Necks are sexy. They have curves in all the right places, and when you are kissing the back of the neck, you can watch their reaction as they slowly get more and more turned on. Tease them with little nibbles, licking their neck, and blowing lightly on the neck.

I’m sure that anybody who’s had their neck kissed knows just how amazing it feels. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good? There is a load of nerve endings on your scrag, so kissing them makes you feel something even more intense. It’s also the start of a potential make-out session, and it’s an indication that your partner wants to kiss every part of your body.

Try starting just above your partner’s shoulder and kiss softly, making sure your lips are moist. Alternate between soft kisses and using the tip of your tongue running it over their skin. Blow on the area that you’ve just kissed, and it will stimulate their nerve endings as nothing else can. Repeat this under your partner’s ear and watch them shiver with excitement.

Don’t try to go back to how you used to hook up in your school days. Stick to gentle and light-sucking.

Pay attention to your partner’s cues, and this applies to everything, no matter which part of their body you’re kissing. If they pull away from you, take it as a hint that they aren’t enjoying what you did. Are they getting breathless and turned on? Take it a step further. Are they giggling hysterically? You’re probably tickling them, so turn it into a more playful tickle or slow it down to go back to being sensual. You’ll be all set if you just pay attention to your partner.

Last-Minute Tips

  • Open your mouth and breathe hot air onto your partner’s scrag, and you’ll definitely drive them insane with feelings of ecstasy.
  • If you’re extremely turned on, take it one step further, try using the tip of your tongue, and licking your partner’s scrag from bottom to top. Be gentle and make sure that your partner is enjoying it.
  • If it’s your first time kissing your partner, don’t try kissing their neck like that immediately. Check if they’re interested in it, but only try this scrag kissing move if you have some experience. The same goes for all the adventurous neck kissing, such as biting and sucking, using your tongue, and blowing air. The first time should be open and closed mouth kisses with slightly damp lips, and then take it from there by chatting to your partner before just doing anything else.