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How to have big boobs

How to have big boobs

You can find a great number of breast enlargement herbs on the market. They can be used daily. These herbs can do several things like, for instance, inspiring breast tissue and improving breast development. Examples of such herbs are the Fenugreek herb, which contains components such as diosgenin and plant phytoestrogens that are great in boosting your breasts' size. You also have herbs like fennel, saw palmetto herbs, which contain phytonutrients that also help lift breast tissues.

How to make your boobs grow

How to make your boobs grow


If you did not know, yoga is beneficial in growing boobs. Poses like the Cobra pose helps strengthen and tone the muscles around your breasts, which will make them fuller and firmer in the end.

Estrogenic foods

Foods rich in estrogen are also great at enhancing your breasts. Foods rich in estrogen should be consumed to help balance your system. Examples of foods that are rich in estrogen and are good for making your breasts bigger are flax seeds, eggs, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and anise seeds. Consume them daily by adding them progressively to your diet.

Breast massage

You can also take the habit of massaging your breasts daily to help improve their tissues. The best way to do it is to massage your breasts, making circular motions for two minutes firmly with your hands. The results are kind of slow with this technique, but your perseverance will certainly pay in the end. Use oils like olive oil, soybean oil, and almond oil for an even effective massage.

Breast enhancement cream

You will find many enhancement creams on the market as well. But before you buy them, it is important to do your research. These creams aim to boost the skin around the breasts to help with the regeneration process. Because these creams are rich in estrogen, your body will react as it does during puberty or pregnancy. When looking for the appropriate cream, pay attention to ingredients such as oat fiber, blessed thistle, Pueraria Mirifica, saw palmetto, kava kava, Mexican wild yams, and don quia.

How to Make Boobs Get Bigger Naturally

How to Make Boobs Get Bigger Naturally

Genetics determines the size of one’s breasts. But women seem to be obsessed with size only when it comes to breasts. However, things like chest circumference are also responsible for the size of your breasts. And note that breasts volume and bone structure are something you inherit from your family.

Breast size changes with weight and age

Other than heredity, you have factors such as weight and age that can determine your breast size. In other words:

You do not have the same breasts once you become an older adult. Their size happens to increase and decrease through time, and the risk of sagging is inevitable.

When your weight tends to fluctuate with time, your cup size and torso circumference are also deemed to change.

Lastly, the size of your breasts is also linked to hormones and your reproductive cycles.

Hormones, and the reproductive cycle, also affect breast size:

During puberty, and as soon as your ovaries start producing estrogen, your breast tissues begin to store more fat.

It is common for most women to see their breasts' size improve a few weeks before their period. This is caused by estrogen and progesterone, known to enlarge the breast ducts and milk glands.

Also, one of the first signs of pregnancy is enlarged breasts. To create milk for the new baby, your breasts will continue to grow during the pregnancy, with prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone working together to promote breast enlargement and milk production.

However, when you go through menopause, your breasts start losing their elasticity and shrink in size because of a drop in estrogen secretion.

Breast enlargement creams

You will also find some creams meant to enlarge breasts that make wonders for your skin but really don’t give your breasts results. Up to now, no study has shown that creams help enhance your breasts. Even when they advertise that they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), take some time to do some research on these products still.

Breast enlargement massages

Breast massage is recommended because it helps promote blood flow, supports lactation comfort, and detects malignant lumps.

However, it does not guarantee fuller breasts or big boobs tips. Up to now, no data shows that it can help enlarge breasts.

Breast enhancement pumps

Breast pumps are other types of devices that can help enhance one’s breasts. It works by pumping and using pressure and suction that pull on the boobs. In the end, your breast might look swollen and appear larger, but only momentarily.

A pump can cost you from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. The FDA often ranks the ones with greater quality as 501 (k) class II medical devices. But, here again, there are no scientific tests that indicate that any of these devices, regardless of their prices, will make boobs bigger.

Lastly, some people believe that drinking more milk will automatically enlarge their breasts. That is probably because milk contains estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. The common belief is that hormones normally affect breast size in humans.

Strategies that won’t increase your breast size

Eating certain foods

When you search online for solutions regarding breast enhancement, you will find tons of articles on the matter with tons of tricks. You should be cautious when it comes to such articles because none of them are backed by science.

Dairy is an example of these online solutions but makes no mistake, consuming dairy products will not improve your breast size.

However, some study has proven that cow milk contains higher hormones because dairy cows are pregnant by the time the milk is extracted from them. These hormones are known to increase the rate levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, which is a growth hormone.

Also, some trusted studies have shown that dairy milk is linked to cancer risks because of its effects on the rate of insulin. But the correlation between milk and breast cancer is extremely low. Most studies agree that heredity is something to look closely at if you have concerns about getting breast cancer one day.

Another example of products advertised as breast enhancers is soy-based products. Do not even bother swapping your regular cow milk for soy milk because it will lead you to have big-sized boobs.

Soy products, in general, are rich in phytoestrogens, which are known to be plant-based compounds good at mimicking the effects of estrogen on the body. Therefore, soy products are rumored to be breasts enhancer.

Exercises to make your boobs bigger

Exercises to make your boobs bigger

Breast size is a result of things like genetics, lifestyle, and body weight. Outside of surgery, there are not many options that can help you increase your bust size.

Beware of herbs, supplements, enlargement pumps, creams, and massages are promoted as natural breast enhancement solutions. There is no proof that these products work.

However, toning and firming the muscles for better support and alignment of the chest with exercises, stressing on muscles like your pectorals, your back, and shoulder muscles could help you see some improvement in that area.

The good thing about these exercises is that they are flexible enough to be completed at home and with just anything like weights, cans of food, water bottles filled with sand, and even rocks. All you must do is take it easy, complete the exercises at your rhythm and avoid injuries in the same process.

Wall presses

  • Position yourself in front of a wall, palms flat on the wall, and press. Make sure your hands are at chest level.
  • Move toward the wall slowly, until your head nearly touches the wall
  • Get back to the original position
  • Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times

Arm circles

  • Stretch your arms to the side at shoulder level
  • Draw circles with your arms backward for one minute
  • Then, draw circles forwards for the same amount of time
  • Then, change the movement by pulling your arms up and down with small motions, again for 1 minute
  • Repeat the movements once or twice, observing a break in between movements.
  • If you wish to, you can add small weights to this exercise to make it a bit more challenging

Arm presses

Sit or stand your hands stretched in front of you, at chest level, keeping both palms together

  • Make a backbend by stretching your arms completely behind you
  • Put your arms back together to the front
  • Repeat the steps for one more minute. Use weights and resistance bands to increase the level of difficulty.

Prayer pose

  • Extend your arms and press your palms for 30 seconds
  • After bending your elbows at 90 degrees, press your palms in, making sure both palms face each other. Keep them at chest level in prayer pose for 10 seconds, then release.
  • Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Horizontal chest press

  • Expand your arms forward and bend them, forming a 90-degree angle.
  • Open your arms as wide as you can, then bring them together. Repeat this movement for one minute.
  • Rest for a few seconds, then repeats this exercise one more time.

Chest press extensions

  • With the help of a dumbbell in each hand, align your hands with your shoulders by lifting them while keeping your elbows bent.
  • Then, straighten your arms slowly in front of you. Extend one arm at a time.
  • Next, bring your hand back to your shoulders, slowly lowering your wrists.
  • Make sure your movements are slow and executed with control.
  • Complete 3 sets of 12 movements.

Modified pushups

  • Lie flat on your back, palms positioned outside of your chest.
  • Then, push your body up, making sure your arms are almost straight. Also, make sure your elbows are slightly bent.
  • Next, lower your body slowly by using controlled resistance, keeping your elbows in at your sides.

Complete three sets of 12.

Lastly, we recommend combining them with a few home remedies for these exercises to be truly effective. Also, note that seeing results takes time, and you will have to be patient. To make it easier, to focus on the small improvements rather than the big changes, like observing a difference in chest size during your menstrual cycle.