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Only the Kinkiest Sex Story Will Do!

Super hot sex stories are always enough to give people something to indulge in. Whether you’re the shy type or the outgoing type, there’s always something more you’re keen to explore. Reading sex stories from couples and singles can inspire but also teach you about certain situations to avoid! While everyone seeks something unique or a way to escape the monotony of their own sex life, sex stories are certain to offer something different. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, like learning about the interesting lives of others, or simply love to get excited when reading these stories, this collection of sexy stories promises to deliver an immersive read from start to finish.

Short Sex Stories From Real People

Short Sex Stories From Real People

It Started at a Wedding

We were invited to the wedding of a friend, and it took place in another location that was a considerable distance from home. Weddings have a magical feel that conjures up love and lust, and I was certainly feeling horny and naughty. My husband had been mingling with friends, and that meant that I hadn’t seen him for some time. I sent a text message asking him to meet me outside, and I hid in the bushes. Once he arrived, he struggled to find me, but I made a few noises and eventually he discovered me ready and waiting. We started making out but didn’t quite finish, but we certainly did once we arrived back at the hotel room after the evening!

Thanksgiving With a Difference

Thanksgiving With a Difference

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, but I’d been dating a hot guy for some time. We loved getting intimate, but I knew that he had no family living in our area. This meant that he was all alone, and that broke my heart. Anyhow, I could bear the idea of his empty home and empty bed, so I explained to my family that boss had requested me to work an extra shift. Of course, this was a complete lie, and I ended up spending the entire day having sex and enjoying time alone. Needless to say, we didn’t indulge in a lavish meal, but we did manage a sandwich!

A Seminar Takes a Twist

Seminars have always bored me, so I invited my girlfriend to come along on the trip. I knew I had no intention of attending the seminar until it ended, so I Googled things to do. I happened to stumble upon a sex club and mentioned it to my partner. Needless to say, once we arrived, it was clear to see that the club was popular with couples, so we fitted in. Clothing was optional, so we stripped off, enjoyed the outdoor pool, and enjoyed our time exploring the many sex rooms on offer. I cannot wait until the next seminar!

A Secret Cove

My wife and I love holidaying to exotic locations and discovering new places. We booked a holiday to the Mediterranean and knew that the coastline was home to many secret coves. We’re adventurous people who are always exploring the latest hiking trails, so we don’t mind going off track. Fortunately, we discovered the gorgeous cove and secluded beach and made our way down. My wife stripped off, and the sun gleaming on her tanned skin really gripped me. Next thing, we were having sex on the beach with the waves lapping over our feet. It was completely magical.

A Late Night Picnic Escapade

My husband had been working long hours. He always worked hard for us, but he was tired and missing spending time with me. I wanted to give him a surprise that was different from a romantic meal cooked at home. I packed a hamper with food he loves, threw in some cold beers and some champagne, and text him to meet me at a certain location. The stars were out, the sky was clear, and we engaged in plenty of kissing and chatting. Eventually, we were alone, and we discovered a lonely picnic table where we hooked up and spent the evening having sex.

Explicit Sex Stories That Guarantee Arousal

A Day of Team Building That Became Something More

A Day of Team Building That Became Something More

Sensual sexual stories had always been something that intrigued me, but I never imagined that I would be starring in my own sexually explicit story! My employer had arranged a team-building day, and they’re notoriously boring. I wasn’t looking forward to the experience, and neither was this a male colleague with who I was extremely friendly. The day followed the usual structure, and we were given a lunch break of 30 minutes. Fortunately, the team building was taking place in an adult soft play center, so we managed to find a ball pit that was hidden out of view. We had hot, passionate sex for 30 minutes and made the most of every second. It was absolutely amazing and an experience we often chat about together!

A Cottage During Summer

We had booked a cottage in a popular location with views over an amazing bay. We knew it was popular but didn’t realize that people would be walking past our cottage. The temperatures were scorching, so we opened every window to allow the fresh breeze to pass through. I was wearing pretty much next to nothing, and my husband grabbed me and carried me upstairs. Eventually, we were going at it and making all sorts of noises, all while people were walking past outside!

Holiday Naughtiness

George and I were young and frisky and had no care in the world. We were always taking opportunities to have sex and were holidaying in Portugal. We had been messing around by the pool when I informed him that I was going to change my bikini. A few seconds after I had arrived at the room, George entered. I was barely dressed when he was stripping me off before he invited me to get on top. We were going at it when we heard a keycard enter the door. George looked at the door and fell into silence. It turns out it was my dad, and he had told George to put his clothes on. It’s fair to say, George was fairly quiet for the remainder of the holiday.

Back Seat Passenger

My boyfriend and I had decided to hit the road on a road trip during the summer. The sun was shining, and everything seemed great. We packed a blanket, a picnic and decided to keep on driving until we found a secluded spot. As we were driving, I felt an urge come over me, so I started to touch my boyfriend and turn him on. Soon enough, we had pulled over and were making out on the back seat when suddenly there was a tap on the window. The police had seen our vehicle and wanted to check it out. We were given a stern telling off and sent on our way. Eventually, we found our secluded spot and spent all day carrying on from where we left off! I had always read short dirty sex stories, but here I was, living my very own experience!

A Freaky Sex Story That Tells It All

Restaurant Fun

My girlfriend and I had booked a table at a swanky restaurant. We hadn’t been out for months and were looking forward to relaxing and spending time together. We arrived, and the first course arrived. As we were indulging in the tantalizing flavors, I noticed my girlfriend change. She was all flushed and extremely sultry. She picked up her phone, typed a message, and put it down. Next thing, my phone buzzes, and the message reads, “I’m using a discreet sex toy, and I have just had an orgasm.” I had lost concentration and the ability to control my thoughts! However, we both managed to slip off to the toilet, where she pleasured me before returning to enjoy our meal and the evening!

The Pizza Boy

My wife and I are fairly laid back around the home. We both enjoy regular sex, and we’re open and honest. That night, we had planned some fun in the bedroom, so I decided to order a pizza as a quick snack before we started. The doorbell rang; I knew it was the pizza boy. As I opened the door, my wife appeared, unaware that the pizza guy was there. She was wearing a see-through nightdress that revealed everything. The pizza guy was staring in amazement, and my wife invited him in if he was interested. He took up her offer, and the next thing, we are all upstairs exploring a fantasy that my wife had dreamed about for many years!

The Guy With a Surprise

I had been partying all night with girlfriends and had spent time dancing with guys on the dance floor. I was drunk but completely aware of every decision I had made. This hot guy caught my eye and invited me over to chat. We hit it off, started kissing, and he made me feel good. I invited him back to my house, and as soon as we stepped through the door, he had my clothes on the floor. After a few minutes, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a collar and chain. He placed the collar around his neck and asked me to dominate him, so I did. I was in complete control even though his revelation was completely unexpected! Needless to say, it was and still is one of the best nights of my life!

My Husband and His Curveball

In my opinion, intense sex stories don’t get more intense than this! I love my husband dearly and always thought that I completely understood him. He is normal, dresses normally, and has a normal job. He also enjoys meeting with his friends and watching sport…you could call him stereotypical. Anyhow, after an evening of drinking, we revealed that he enjoyed cross-dressing and wanted to be pegged. This was completely new to me, so I had to Google what was expected of me, but I am an open person and up for anything. As it happens, dominating is a strength of mine, and he certainly enjoyed every single second!