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Your Relationship Status: "So, What Are We?"

A lot of people have their own reasons for not committing to a particular relationship. Thanks to the internet many people have picked up on the trend of unlabeled sexual relationships, but why is this so? Let's look at some reasons why couples may refrain from labeling their relationship. We will also look at how you can get a stable relationship status with someone you like.

Should you only hang out because of the label?

Many people in labeled relationships believe they only do certain things because they have a title. For example, they used to hang out freely before but now they feel like it is an obligation to do so. This attitude creates a bad atmosphere in the relationship and many people start feeling miserable.

When's the right time to be physical

Couples in a labeled relationship also wonder if they get physical because of the label. It usually feels like they only get intimate because they have to and this can lead to unnecessary pressure. In comparison, couples without the labels usually get intimate when they feel like it, so no pressure there.

Family and friends

Some individuals value their privacy and this also translates to their love life. Family and friends usually want to know about who you're dating and this can create a bit of a misunderstanding if the person you're seeing isn't keen on letting anyone else know about you.

Too many expectations

Many couples understand that the nature of a relationship changes once you label it. Unlike the pre-labeled stage, you now have certain goals you need to achieve. This can become pretty overwhelming to some people especially when drastic changes have to be made. Simply, you have to be reasonable with your expectations and arguments.

Commitment issues

Another reason people avoid labels has to do with a commitment to relationships. People with commitment issues are more likely to refrain from getting a title in a relationship. The attitude and behavior are usually at its best as long as they are in their comfort zone.

Fear of ending up with the wrong partner

The fear of ending up with the wrong partner is something people in relationships usually have. Many people wonder if their soulmate is still out there and this usually leads them to avoid labels. At the end of the day, the person they are currently with only serves a small role as they wait for someone they might possibly meet someday.

How to get the label you deserve

Are you looking for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship? Well, you can find a person who will not let you question your relationship status by using online dating. Why is this a good solution?

The key lies in a large online community. With so many singles relying on online dating, your chances of finding someone who wants to be your girlfriend or boyfriend is very high. Additionally, people who don't like labels can find like-minded people and prevent ending up in situations where you have to question your relationship status.