Dating Tips

Signs You Are Truly in Love

When we get into a relationship in the early stages it can be difficult to decide if you are really in love or it is just infatuation you feel. The fact is it takes time to evaluate the relationship over time and see how you feel about it. There also are certain indicators that help to determine if this is the person you want to remain with or still believe your true love is out there.

You Feel Comfortable With Them

One of the more apparent signs you are genuinely in love is you will feel very comfortable being just yourself around them. There is no need to put on a façade of being someone else just to please and impress them. You feel comfortable and behave normally without any pressure to try to conform to being someone else.

You Want Them to be Part of Your Life in the Future

When you are deeply in love you picture having them in your life in the future and being in a committed relationship. You will want them to be an integral part of your life and spend your life together as a couple. On the other hand, if it is infatuation the magic will wear off after some time and you will stop visualizing of being together because you will be aware that this is not the person.

Lose Romantic Interest in Others

When one is infatuated with a partner it is a fickle emotion that only remains for a limited duration. After a certain period of time, one begins to develop an interest in other prospective partners as well. On the other hand, when you are genuinely in love, the intensity of love overpowers everything else and you lack developing romantic feelings for anyone else. The person you are in love with becomes your all-consuming passion.