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Over-Dating Can Harm Your Romantic Life

With online dating services becoming popular an increasing number of men and women are dating multiple partners at a time now. Some even date a couple of people in a week and this poses the risk of over-dating. This results in spending less time with the date and actually getting to know them better. When you date too many people especially new people it can be a challenge to remember personal details of theirs. This is more so with those that use dating apps and find new partners to date every few days. Over-dating, as it is come to be known, can have a negative impact on your romantic life. It can destroy the chances of having a happy relationship if over-dating continues even after being in a steady relationship.

Negative effects of over-dating

The date loses its charm

Remember the first date you went on and what a lot of excitement and fun the experience was. However, when you begin serial or over-dating the thrill of going on a first date is no longer there. The reason is you are used to going on so many first dates with new people that the novelty of the experience is no longer there. The romance tends to disappear from the experience.

A negative date mars the experience

If you have two or three bad dates in a week it has a very negative impact and makes one pessimistic. It ends up leaving a person with the thought that most dates will be disastrous. When you approach any date with a cynical or pessimistic approach it reflects in one’s behavior and also makes it difficult to spot the right person that might be the perfect match.

Lead to ghosting

When you meet people on dates that you feel are incompatible and that the date was a waste of time, you will probably just break off all contact with them immediately. This is done without caring about the feelings of the individual. This leads to the trend of ghosting dates.

Finding the right partner becomes more of a challenge

Most people go on dates with the hope of meeting that perfect partner. So they try to date as many partners as possible with the hope of finding that special person. Since they are more focused on looking than actually considering the individual they meet, they do not seem to find that special person. One of the main reasons is they make themselves believe that they could find someone better on their next date.

Become self-centered

The risk with over-dating is that an individual becomes rather self-centered in their approach to partners. They possibly find it difficult to remember the details of the person they are dating. This is primarily because at the back of their mind they already are planning to go one the next date with a new partner. Consequently, they become aloof and selfish in their interactions with partners.