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Ways How Dating Sites Can be Used to Hit on Foreign Girls


Online dating is undoubtedly one phenomenon that typifies the modern world, an intersection between technology and seduction available to anyone who knows how to operate a web browser. Some time ago this method of seeking relationships was seen to be the domain of sad losers; individuals who had failed to make any sort of connection after numerous sorties of singles bars and nightclubs. But if there was ever the tiniest morsel of truth in that stereotype, statistics prove otherwise, with overwhelming numbers of today's singles choosing to seek partners by homing-in on the countless profiles of attractive women available at their fingertips.

If you're a male who isn't afraid to be honest and up-front about your masculinity and your attraction to feminine women, the Internet presents something of a unique opportunity. When it comes to dating, where else do you have so much power in your hand when it comes to sifting through the personals, weeding out the whiners bleating about their new age credentials or their dislike of males who don’t seem to be in-tune with their feminine side?

Dating sites can be utilized for all manner of sexual exploration. Some guys love the convenience of contacting girls who aren't looking for a relationship at all, merely some no-strings-attached fun. Sites like QuickFlirt or Tinder will cater to the superficial side of matching. Others are geared towards more long-term scenarios, and these are just as popular if recent Internet surveys claiming one-in-five newlyweds were introduced online are anything to go by.

But one area where they can be used to maximum effect is in charming women from different cultural backgrounds. Why should online relationships be restricted to females you could quite easily brush shoulders with at your local Walmart? Virtual dating is all about expanding your mind and widening your horizons when it comes to flirting with women of any national background. And it's not all about meaningless connection with gorgeous Slavic girls or pretty Korea ladies who will only ever exist as pixellated images or text messages. Live web chats can bring these girls right into your home. With the advent of deals on airfares, planning for a get-together is also a distinct possibility.

The one thing you need to be aware of with dating foreign girls is that while it may well fuel your testosterone-driven urges to experience sexual contact that crosses international barriers and exposes you to fascinating ways of life, you might not get past first base unless you make allowances for certain nuances. Delightful as many girls from Africa or the Far East may be, they come with a whole new set of cultural values, behaviors, and nuances.

If you want your seduction techniques to stand the best chance of success, it would be worth picking up some background information on the types of interaction that could easily offend. Surely it would be better to pay some lip service to these quirks rather than chasing off some stunning beauty who you could have had eating out of your hand if you'd made some allowances? With that in mind, here are aspects of online seduction you need to pay attention to when pursuing foreign girls.

Northern Europeans are more disciplined

There's something compelling about Nordic women. A lot of males are irresistibly drawn to those flowing blonde locks, and that stereotypical image of athletic women who embrace the outdoor life. German ladies are used to Teutonic blokes who tend to be disciplined and organized.

Even when using very broad brush strokes to present characteristics among nations of millions of people, there is often a kernel of truth. What can be stated confidently is Germans and Scandinavians are generally more reserved than their Latin counterparts. These are attributes you can use to your advantage.

German or Swedish or Norwegian girls appreciate flirting, like women from any cultural background, but mostly in the context of local guys who will exhibit a cool restraint. So when you find yourself connecting with a ravishing Nordic girl on whichever dating platform you have opted for, you have an opportunity to step-up a gear in order to make an instant impression. If you plunge straight in with assertive and confident messages, you will immediately be noticed. It's essential you do this intelligently, using snappy innuendos and a lot of shameless teasing. Coming out with a non-stop barrage of suggestive comments will make you come across as creepy rather than cocksure.

Don't be put off if the Scandinavian girl doesn't sound overwhelmed with your banter and sense of humor. She's merely exhibiting her natural reticence. Danes or Swedes won't readily do over-exuberant laughter until they've got to know you better.

Mediterranean Passion

Where you have every chance of striking gold with a beautiful and decidedly feminine woman is the further south you go in Europe. Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and Greeks are all renowned for their fiery temperament and vivacious attitude to life. The downside to these forward, extrovert attributes is these ladies often have split personalities. On the one hand, they ooze sultriness, with their cascading brunette tresses, dark eyes, and hourglass figures. On the other, they respect traditional roles within what are mostly still regarded as strongly Roman Catholic communities, and are defensive of family backgrounds where the older generations have never could come to grips with progressive attitudes. It can be a bit disconcerting fighting your way through two such contradictory viewpoints, but the conservative front tends to be the more easily breached.

In striking up an online conversation with a sensual Latin girl, you are most likely to find yourself dealing with the liberated side of that split personality. Behind the mask of her username, you'll engage with her volatile, passionate nature. For a masculine guy, this is such a breath of fresh air, because it can feel so liberating discussing candid issues with someone who isn't restricted in her outlook by years of feminism. And for all that there might have been crucifixes or pictures of Il Papa pinned to the wall during her upbringing, once a former Catholic girl decides to unleash years of sexual repression, you could well have an untapped volcano on your hands.