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When it comes to sex, overweight girls are unlike any other: they have a whole other energy level that you need to cater for and demand certain sex positions so that they can orgasm and so that you can remain comfortable throughout. But, after reading this article, you will understand why fat women in bed are so good.

This article will explore such plus-size sex tips as the best sex positions, including how to perform cowgirl, turn a fat girl on, compliment a fat girl, and not say to a chubby person in bed.

Good Sex Positions for Fat Girls

Good Sex Positions for Fat Girls

Fat girl sex moves are vastly different from skinny girl sex moves – if you're into fat girl porn, you probably know this already. All types of sex positions are generally possible with big girls; however, some moves are recommended over others. You've got many more things to consider when it comes to fat girls than sex with skinnier women.

Firstly, comfort takes on a whole new meaning, as fat girls are more likely to experience discomfort during sex. Secondly, you've got to think about your safety – you could easily end up injuring yourself during sex, especially if the plus-size woman is on top. Thirdly, you've got to think about ensuring that your plus-sized partner is enjoying the sex – being a fat woman, it can be very easy for them to feel self-conscious, and it's safe to say that several sex positions don't exactly flatter them. No matter how much you're into chubby porn, it can be hard to convince them of their beauty in your eyes, and the sex may become awkward and unenjoyable.

Because of this, many fat girls shy away from sex, as they are ashamed of their figure and don't want to show it off. Luckily, several sex positions are chubby girl-recommended, which are sure to guarantee they come back to you begging for more.

Doggy style is, of course, the favorite amongst both big girls and the men who are giving it. It is the most comfortable for both parties and allows for fat girls to hide their belly fat. Doggy style is, therefore, the preferred position for big girls who are self-conscious of their appearance. It's also great for you, the giver if you love seeing her fat ass. You could even put a pillow or something soft underneath her belly to ensure optimum comfort.

Another popular plus size sexual position for fat girls is to spoon simply. All that required is for both of you to lay on your side, you from behind, and the woman in front of you. The fat woman lifts her leg to allow for you to slide in easier, and, after going at it for a while, you can build up to a fast pace. You can comfortably reach around and caress her private parts from this angle, meaning it is a great position to allow her to orgasm. Plus, like doggy style, her front fat is hidden from you, so she may become more confident during the sex.

You could also experiment with a chair and have you sitting down on one and have the girl riding on top of you in a passionate rider position. From this position, the fat girl can ride you at whatever pace she likes. She also has the option to swirl, which will help her orgasm. You may be unable to push up against her weight, so this position leaves most of the work to her. Again, this allows for the girl to face away from you, keeping her front fat to herself and her back revealed to you for your pleasure!

Plus Size Woman on Top Tips

Plus Size Woman on Top Tips

If you like your plus-size girls on top, you may encounter a few difficulties. Firstly, they may feel too self-conscious to deliver this, and secondly, it can be very uncomfortable for you to lie flat on your back and have them mount you. Additionally, it leaves most of the work to the woman, as, with all that weight on top of you, it is nearly impossible for you to move. They need to ride you fully, and they may even struggle to perform that.

However, it is impossible, and you may even find some big girls who prefer performing cowgirl over all other sex positions. Just because some girls are self-conscious of weight doesn't mean that others are, too, and the way the world is today with body positivity, you are sure to find some fat girls who want to show off their curves to you as much as possible. It's the best position for you if you're into big girls as you get a perfect view of everything.

If they've got the confidence, you may find the cowgirl position a whole lot more stimulating for both of you, particularly for the girl, as it puts you in a great position to hit their G-spot easily. For really big girls, you may need to find a way of propping up their fat – we'd recommend using pillows to ensure both your comfort and your lovers. It may even be more comfortable for the girl to lift and hold her fat herself, as they may feel self-conscious about it wobbling during sex.

If you are experiencing discomfort from the woman's overwhelming weight, you could ask them to stoop forward slightly and lay their head on your chest. This will raise their lower half slightly, which will give you sufficient wiggle room to penetrate comfortably.

However, if you feel a perpetual strain caused by the fat woman, it's best to let her know it is hurting you and stopping immediately. Like everything in sex, talk is important, and if you're feeling like her riding you on top is a health and safety concern, you need to communicate that to her immediately. You shouldn't have to suffer intense pain for her pleasure! Try cowgirl out, see how it feels for you and your partner personally, and then decide whether you should continue or not. Being fat women, they should be accustomed to being told that their weight is too much for their sex partner to bear, so, although they may hurt your feelings, they should already be aware of the risk of riding cowgirl.

If all goes well, and you are comfortable with her riding on top, be sure to let her know that it feels good. Although it may look as though she is enjoying it, you've got to ensure her that you are enjoying it too. This will be a massive confidence boost for her and will most likely increase the pleasure of the sex tenfold.

Curvy Women in Bed

Curvy Women in Bed

Overall, there are many pros to getting chubby girls in bed. If you like big boobs, butts, and plenty of excess fat to grab on to, big girls are the best sex partners for you. They have way more sensitive areas than skinny girls, and they are arguably easier to turn on. For example, fat girls don't want you to feel shy about caressing their FUPA – Fat Upper Pubic Area – and some big girls even gain as much orgasmic pleasure out of this area as they do from their boobs. It's recommendable to also kiss this area as much as possible during foreplay.

Basically, you should avoid feeling intimidated by any aspect of their fatness. Most big girls would rather acknowledge all their areas rather than acting as if the fat does not exist. They want to be appreciated wholly. Work to derive the most pleasure out of their curves, and you will be rewarded massively in receiving some of the most exciting sex of your life.

They will respond to your acknowledgment of their curves by riding you like wild. Fat girls are known pleasure-seekers – they love having sex for a long time, and they definitely won't stop until they orgasm. They have a whole lot more energy stored, so if you're into long-lasting sex, big girls in bed are definitely for you. If they feel that you appreciate their body fully, they will feel confident and let their kinky side reveal itself.

You should also bear several things in mind, both before having sex and while having sex with a fat woman, that could increase your chances of having an ultimate pleasurable experience with fat girls.

Firstly, some big girls do not like being reminded of their size, so be wary when you comment on their fatness. Actions speak louder than words, and it's best just to caress their fat rather than vocalize that you love having sex with fat girls. Although they're proud of their curves, they may not want to be bracketed in that way and would rather just think of themselves as being an average-sized girl. In the same way, avoid mentioning skinnier girls you have slept with, and never compare sizes with another girl.

Also, never tell a fat woman that she's not fat. She's aware of her body type, hence why she's built her sex appeal around being a big girl, and the last thing she wants is for you to try to convince her otherwise. This will just come across as being ingratiating and a poor attempt at securing sexual favors from her.

Finally, do not assume that they will just go for you because they are big girls. You should put as much effort into getting a fat girl into bed as you would a skinny girl. Just because they have fewer options than a girl with a supermodel build doesn't mean that they are running around desperately seeking a man to take them to bed.