Dating Tips

Negative Signs to Look for in Her Profile

Online dating has proved to be a blessing for young professionals with little time to spare for traditional dating methods. Joining an online dating site makes it easy to find a woman online. As a member of an online dating service, you have access to numerous profiles of single women to choose from. However, you need to be watchful when browsing through the profiles so that you do not end up dating the wrong type of woman. Some of the red flags things to look out in an online dating profile include:

Expensive tastes

When you come across a profile where the woman mentions quite clearly that she enjoys only the best in life, it should be an indicator that she will be very expensive to date. If you are okay with dating such a woman fine or else move to another woman instead if you would not like to keep shelling out expensive gifts.

She likes doing crazy things

If you are the adventurous type and do not mind doing crazy things as well, it might be okay to date her. However, if you are looking for a conventional woman that is easy to handle it is better to look elsewhere. Women that mention they are into crazy stuff can be a challenge to handle and this may also reflect in her emotions. Unless you want to put up with a tantrum queen look for another woman.

Extremely high expectations

When a woman has excessively high expectations you can be sure it will be a challenge to live up to them. Having expectations from a partner is perfectly fine but if the bar is set extremely high, it will prove futile for the partner to meet most of them. Such type of women can be very demanding and it can take a toll on the relationship. She will judge her partner in everything they do and if they do live up to her expectations she will be difficult to handle. It is best to avoid dating such type of women.

Mentions plenty of disaster dates

If in the profile she seems to mention loads of disaster dates she has had, something just does not quite add up. While it is okay to meet incompatible people and date them occasionally if there are a series of dates that were awful something is definitely wrong. Either she is incapable of handling a relationship successfully or she is difficult to please. In either case, drop the idea of dating her if you do not want to run the risk of being added to her list of disaster dates.

The date on the rebound

We all go through broken relationships in our lives and we have to move on and look forward to being in a relationship with someone else. However, beginning to date someone that has just ended a relationship is not always a good idea. There should be a cooling-off period before you begin to date so that she is over her past relationship and does not carry any emotional baggage.