Dating Tips

Things Smart Women Do to Avoid Heartbreak

While it is true that one of the ways to find true love is by keeping an open mind and heart, it can have its own pitfalls as well. It can lead to heartbreak and disappointment for women sometimes and leaving them feeling short-changed when they end up getting into a relationship with the wrong guys.

It does not mean that a woman should quit on actually finding a genuine guy that will love and cherish in a committed relationship. At the same time, no one wants a jerk of a partner that messes up your life. At the same time, you want to feel love and be adored by the man in your life. This does pose quite a dilemma when a woman seeks love but does not want to be in a destructive relationship at any stage.

The question is how does a woman find love out there without being played by an unscrupulous partner? The best solution is to be open-minded to relationships with certain pre-set restrictions to ensure a woman has not cheated at any stage of the relationship.

Never Date a Guy With Low Self-Esteem

The last guy to even consider dating material is a man that exhibits a lack of self-esteem. When he is incapable of loving and valuing himself, how can you expect he will value you in a relationship? Having a relationship with such an individual will only lead to disaster. Instead, look around for a guy who has self-esteem and confidence without appearing arrogant.

Examine His Other Relationships

When you plan to enter a committed relationship with a man, the first thing to examine his relationship with his family, siblings, and friends. Does he seem to be a responsible man that maintains healthy relationships with family and friends? Is he financially secure and emotionally stable? These are key factors that can help to gauge what kind of a partner he would be in a relationship. Only once you are satisfied with these important aspects would it be okay to think of a future with him.

Do Not Take Any Nonsense

If you have had men in past relationships that have exploited and hurt you in different ways, make a note of their behavioral’ aspects. Negative traits like being critical, negative, aggressive, etc. are not qualities to accept in a partner. If at any stage your current partner exhibits these traits in the relationship, tell him to refrain from doing so. If he does not improve walk out of the relationship without a second thought as he certainly is not deserving of you!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Remember the popular adage about actions being louder than words! This is the gospel truth when it comes to a relationship. Your partner’s actions must show love and caring and not just have him talk sweet mushy stuff and contrastingly behave like a total jerk. He should keep to the promises he makes and takes out time for you, no matter how busy his schedule. When as a boyfriend he exhibits kindness, thoughtfulness and is caring for the likelihood of him being good husband material is much more probable.

Takes Pride in Being Seen With You

Once you are in a relationship, he should be proud to include you in all areas of his life. From meeting his family members to hanging out with his friends he should take pride in showing you around like his partner.  This trait shows that he takes pride in having you in his life and is a positive sign for a long term relationship. 

Be Sure of His Feelings

A man who is deeply in love with his partner will always take out time to be together. While there may be professional work commitments, which are important in themselves, he will still plan his schedule in a manner so that he can squeeze in time to be with you. This is a clear indicator that he values and truly loves you. Even if it is not possible to meet daily, he will still stay connected through phone calls or text messages, etc. If he does not show such interest and there are long delays without him trying to stay in touch, it is time you said goodbye to the relationship.

Speak Up When Needed

Whenever something annoys or irritates you communicate your feelings clearly with your partner. If he gets dismissive and shows no interest then something is not quite right in the relationship. When you date someone they should be open to discussing issues and finding a mutually acceptable solution suited to both partners. He should be willing to accept his shortcomings and if need be willing to work on rectifying them. If he does not accept his failings or mistakes and instead responds in a defensive manner it will pose serious problems in the relationship at a later stage. It is best to reconsider being in a relationship with such an individual!