Dating Tips

Traits in Men That Turn-off Women

Who does not like the company of a hot chick? Most guys will do anything to hook up with a classy woman in town. Thanks to online dating services it is now possible to meet and date plenty of new women and men in your city or town. While men wear their heart on their sleeve (at least most do) omen are a different species altogether. They can get turned off by certain traits in a man and that means the end of the relationship.

If you want women to reciprocate to your overtures you need to be aware of certain negative traits that are complete turn-offs to women. These include the following:

Dull boring men

When you begin to date someone it should be a fun relationship. Both men and women love to have fun and in particular, women are attracted to humorous men like bees to pollen. Forget about work issues, family problems and all the other issues that might be plaguing you. When you are dating a woman especially early on in the relationship you need to avoid discussing serious issues that can make the conversation between both partners very boring and dull. Even if you do not have a great sense of humor you can compensate by having a smile on your face and keeping the conversation light and fun. Some of the most successful lovers in the world always had a great sense of humor.  So if you want to score with the fairer sex you need to be able to tickle their funny bone or at least avoid dull boring conversation. 

Being stingy

You do not have to live like a Hollywood celebrity to impress women, just being reasonably generous will do the job. If you are someone that is a penny pincher and will avoid a friend’s birthday or wedding just because you have to buy gifts, you are bound to fail with a woman. From picking up the food tab to spend at the movies or at other events you should not flinch to spend. If the girl wants to go Dutch, that is perfectly fine. Or else be the gentleman and be ready to foot the bill whenever needed. While your date may not be gold digger she certainly would want her date to be reasonably generous when it comes to spending. Penny pinching will leave you high and dry without a girl.

Incorrigible flirts

Flirting per se is okay when done in acceptable limits. However, there is a fine line when between flirting and getting sleazy. If you are not careful and stray into the latter it is curtains for your relationship for sure. Women like men with a sense of dignity who do not make a pass at every single woman they meet. If you are dating a girl and start hitting on her friends you are sure to fall out of grace with her. Incorrigible flirts are not liked by most women. If you fall into the category you will need to mend your ways or lose all the women you date! If you display the characteristics of being a womanizer your partner will not respect or trust you no matter how much you may attempt to convince her.