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Why More and More Women Don't Want to Get Married

The fact that all women want to get married is controversial. Some girls do not want to tie the knot. However, it seems that it would be difficult to find such girls. For example, some of them were already married and no longer want to repeat the experience, someone is afraid, someone does not want responsibility, someone is lazy to begin new relationships. Some women just prefer dating online and want to meet men to hang out and have fun. There are many reasons.

Yes, lots of women think of marriage as something beautiful and carefree. Many have a sober look at things. In general, it is necessary to understand that the whole question is about a partner you date. If there is a person with whom you want to spend your life, then you just do it regardless of the presence or absence of a stamp.

Right now, maybe you are not married just because you do not want it. Life changes things sharply. Your job may change, your style and rhythm of life may change as well as a relationship with a partner. Or it just may happen that the person fell out of your life. The paths diverge and your head may be occupied with other things. But if there are no feelings, you will probably break up.

Is there any pressure from the side?

In society, it certainly exists. Girls have nothing left to do but get married, give birth and tell everyone that she chose a family instead of a career. However, these two areas coexist beautifully together in the lives of millions of women. Still, the situation dictates the conditions.

You can meet a guy by using the online service, you may go to the cinema, kiss, start dating and get married soon. Then you raise children, take a loan for the house and everything is planned ten years ahead. For some women and men, it might be a scary reality as everyone is doing it. But some people want to get married just to exhale happily: “Mission complete!”

Making a serious decision

Starting a new family is a serious decision for everyone. You will no longer be alone and another person will depend on you. We make promises to the partners and cannot just do whatever we want or travel to another country by changing the job without making that decision together with your partner. Now, this man is your companion, and you must consult.

In the current situation, any girl is an independent unit of the society who lives life as fully as they wish. They may feel happy alone with themselves and by being in a relationship. However, the statistics show that more girls prefer dating guys without serious commitment and they use dating services to find local singles to hang out.

Well, it is not a tragedy or women’s own inconsistency in not marrying. We’ve been born alone and can end life alone. It is the same life as life without someone. This someone is either found and made your existence better or not. If not, you can always date online. The point is to make life easier and simply have fun.