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Marriage Vs. Living Together Without The Commitment

When you're in love, you tend to spend every minute of every day together. Eventually, couples start living together without discussing the type of relationships they are into. The sad paradox is that cohabitation (living together without the commitment of marrying) is extremely unprofitable for both sides neither morally nor financially. And all the arguments in favor of this type of relationships are continuous manipulation of the partner’s mind.

First of all, you think that you need to see how you can live together and behave in everyday life. So, you meet a single woman or man at the online dating site. You see this person is a perfect match for you. You start dating, strengthening your serious relationship, and initially, you are different people who have own visions about life and roles in living together.

Living in the Twenty-first Century

Only love and mutual support of each other can help to solve all problems. A woman at the dating service usually seeks for a man who can protect her and help to create comfort. A man usually wants to show his responsibility and strength. And while there is no sign of legal marriage, the man seems to have no responsibility. He gets his comfort, his coziness, regular sex, and psychological support, and at the same time, he seems to have nothing. Girls, at the same time, feel lonely and continue looking for the perfect match.

Since you are a cohabitating couple, it is better to discuss your future. Your loved one either has to offer you to legalize the relationship, or you are free for other relationships. You can continue looking for the right partners at the online dating service. It is never too late to start dating again. You can find a woman online or meet the man of your dream and marry pretty soon.