Dating Tips

Rules For Dating a Shy Guy

Online dating has made it easy to hook up with partners from all corners of the world. There is a plethora of online dating services and apps that make it a lot easier to find single women and men, especially for those that find it difficult to meet partners through regular dating. Men that are shy are more reserved in expressing their affection to partners, which can be misinterpreted as being aloof or cold by some women.

Things for women to understand about dating a shy partner

Respect their views

For women that have a shy partner, they need to be more patient and respect the opinions of their partner. While the partner may not be very vocal in expressing their love it in no way means that he likes his partners any less. What may not be expressed in words may instead be demonstrated through their actions. Do not force them to try and socialise with others if they are not comfortable doing so. Let them interact with people as per their own comfort levels.

Do not get aggressive

Since shy people tend to be more laid back it is not right to get angry or aggressive over trivial issues. Take things in your stride and discuss any differences you might have as a couple in a mature manner. Generally shy people are good listeners so capitalize on this aspect and resolve issues amicably. Throwing a temper tantrum without any reason will only complicate the relationship.

Respect his personal space

Every man likes his own personal space so let him have time to himself. Be more accepting of the differences you’ll share and do not try to change him to suit your own needs. He need not be the life of the party just because you enjoy being an extrovert. Every individual has their own particular strengths so learn to recognize other positive aspects and respect each other for the way we are.