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Qualities Women Seek in a Male Partner

When in a relationship both partners look for certain specific qualities in each other. While men have their own set of specific features women also have their own views as to what qualities their ideal man should possess. One area where you could successfully manage to find a partner with the desired qualities is online dating. Using search filters one can find a partner that possibly shares similar likes or dislikes and preferences increasing the possibility of finding someone compatible. This helps to connect with prospective partners with similar traits increasing the likelihood of a successful relationship.

Five traits that most women expect from a male partner

Share their feelings

For any successful relationship, it is essential that both partners share their feelings including emotional issues. Men generally tend to be more uptight and not very comfortable in sharing their feelings. Most women prefer men that are open and communicate their feelings and emotions with their women partners.

Be tuned in

One of the biggest grievances among women against their partners is they tend to be physically present but mentally distant when having conversations. Not actually listening to what your female partner is saying can be a big turn off. It shows that you do not respect or care about what your partner is discussing. Women prefer men that are tuned in and listening to what their partners are saying in a relationship.

Being protective

Whether they meet partners using an online dating service or offline women like being with men that make them feel a sense of security and are protective. When a man is protective of his partner, it shows that he deeply cares for her well-being.  Of course, while being protective is appreciated being dominating is something to studiously avoid. Most women do not like men that display tendencies of being dominant in relationship.

Be caring

Women like men that show they care for them in different ways. Whether it is being in touch and enquiring about where the partner is or doing small things for her, women appreciate men that display a caring nature. Setting aside time for them even when busy or rearranging your schedule to accommodate going out with her, it is these small gestures by men that make women feel special. From keeping track of her mood when she is upset, to keeping promises there are many small gestures that make women feel special.

Communicate clearly

One area where misunderstandings can happen in a relationship is communication. Many men are not clear in their communication and do not state clearly what they want or expect from their partners. This could lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Women like men that are clear in their communication and clear about they need or want. When both partners communicate clearly it builds a stronger bond.  

Finally, it is some of the more common traits that most women seek in men. By understanding what a woman wants and making an effort to develop these qualities, it is possible to have a successful and happy relationship.