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Do Girls Get Horny on Their Periods?

The information age has blessed us with search engines, social media platforms, and forums where you can research almost any other topic. Interestingly enough, one of the most searched about questions is “Are girls horny on their periods?” It’s understandable why this is a trending topic because a young girl, for instance, might be trying to find out if the excess excitement that she feels during her time of the periods also happens to other women out there.

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Men may also be trying to uncover the mystery behind the feminine flow and seeking to determine whether a lady may want some sex action during her wet days. If you are one of these curious people who want to know if indeed ladies want some romancing on the sack when the rain is falling, well, the answer is YES. It has a lot to do with biology and how the female anatomy is wired.

Wonder When Are Women the Horniest?

Many men would trade it all to find out the answer to this golden question. Finding the secret recipe to women’s horny side is hitting the jackpot for sure. Sometimes, it is possible to struggle with not being able to tell when a woman is turned on and when she is not. It happens to single guys trying to take a hot catch to bed and couples who have been doing it for a long. It’s frustrating to approach your girlfriend with your gun cocked and ready to fire, only for her to turn down your advances.

For most men, it’s a known fact that the cock is always ready to crow in the morning. However, if you ask yourself when women are usually most horny, you find that most females tend to get turned on not mainly based on the clock but also their state of mind, emotions, and physical comfort. For instance, trying to seduce a girl when she is busy rushing to meet some work deadline or when she is very sleepy after a long day might not work in your favor. It seems to be a matter of perfect timing with females.

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Most women tend to get horny after the hard part of the day is done, and they can afford to take a long, relaxing bath and then unwind to some wine and a favorite movie. It is possible for her mind to start straying at such a time when her mind, body, and soul are all rested. A lady naturally finds herself craving some touch during a state of relaxation, and if she is single, it is the time when she replies to flirty texts of her crushes or starts liking profiles on a dating app. If she is in your house, this is the time when you will likely get some head.

Biology also contributes to this age-old question because girls are naturally horny during their periods. It might have something to do with the moistness around the honey jar that resembles the wetness during arousal. A lady on her periods goes about her business feeling wet, and it registers in her mind in a pleasurable way, making her to long for some sex in the city. There is also a way that a pad exerts more pressure on a woman’s privates than a pantie usually does, or a tampon might give her the feeling of a dick inside her, naturally arousing her.

During menstruation, hormonal hyperactivity in a woman’s body also explains the mood swings during the periods. The overflow of hormones also stimulates their pleasure cells, and they find themselves feeling hot and bothered in the cookie. You tend to find yourself experiencing a whirlwind of emotions during this season where one minute you hate your boyfriend and the next second you want to fuck the wits out of him. A partner who is okay with romancing you during your wet days can get to discover the real beast in you.

Is It Normal to Be Horny on Your Periods?

Although some religious or traditional beliefs might preach that a woman is not supposed to have sex during periods or even conduct some activities or attend events, we cannot alter nature and how our bodies are wired. If you bumped into this piece of writing feeling bad or sinful for being super horny during your periods, relax, baby girl, because that is not your fault at all. It is simply your hormones at work, and it goes to show that the woman in you is fully functional. Therefore, you should walk with your head held high and never feel shy at all.

Arousal also involves our brain receptors, and there is a way that the human mind is trained to respond to certain phenomena. For instance, a woman subconsciously associates wetness in her honey pot with being horny. Even when she deals with the menstrual wetness, the mind somehow already registers it as a pleasurable thing, and she normally finds herself feeling turned on. These are the kind of days that you can walk around the office with your nipples visibly hard and a wicked smirk on your face with no one being the wiser.

Sanitary towel companies have also taken the game a notch higher and designed ultra-comfortable pads that tend to sort of caress you as you walk or sit down and give you that soothing feeling on your cookie. You might subconsciously start pressing yourself hard on the sofa or chair when sitting to get the excitement brought about by your tampon poking your inner lady or your pad gripping you tight. There are many reasons that can explain why you always crave some stroking during your rainy days. It is as normal as a man waking up with a boner for a woman to feel horny during her periods.

If you look at it from a scientific point of view, periods usually happens because fertilization has not happened in a woman’s womb yet. The period is some sort of a public service announcement that says, “Hey, it’s a new round girl, go get some dick!” The body, at this point, is getting rid of the old and welcoming the new, and there is always some excitement that comes with a fresh start. You may be surprised to find that short geek with large round glasses at the office attractive during your menses when your hormones are thinking for you.

Although physics and the female body may not have any documented correlation, there is a law of equal opposites that states that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. One could argue that as the flow exits your body during your periods, it creates an urge or need for an equal and opposite reaction, which might be some good dicking. It might be the reason why your pussy feels the desire to get serviced and penetrated after all. The bottom line is that feeling horny during your periods is so very normal.

When Are Women Most Horny?

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Different times or seasons tend to provoke or motivate certain occurrences, like how werewolves turn during a full moon in movies. You might find yourself wondering what the full moon equivalent of a woman is that makes her horny beyond control. Although there is no specific period that is set in stone when a woman usually gets horny, there are certain scenarios that are known to turn up the heat in a woman’s body, and below we look at a few situations that, if executed properly, can make a lady freaky in the sheets:

When she is happy

We all know that being horny is a pleasurable feeling. Although men can get horny just at the mere sight of a hot lady, even when things are not working out at work or in their personal lives, women tend to get turned on when they are generally feeling happy. That day she gets a promotion at work could be when her boyfriend gets the best head of his life. If you want to turn on a girl, make her happy by doing something she cares about. You don’t have to buy her a diamond necklace; simply fix that sink that has been stressing her and see yourself getting rewarded for your good boy ways.

When she is tipsy

Alcohol has a way of making women loosen up. Some ladies are always a bit hesitant to give in to their sexual urges even when they really want one in the sack, but a bottle of their favorite wine does the magic of getting her in the mood. If you are taking out a girl on a date, pick a serene spot that plays her favorite jams and order her favorite drinks. As the night unravels and you charm her with your game, the booze might act as the perfect icebreaker, and she may not even be afraid to kiss you or make the first move.

When she is pregnant

Biology is to thank for this because after a woman is pregnant, she experiences unusual sexual urges. It has something to do with the explosion in hormones as new life grows inside her. The fact that she is not worried about getting pregnant again can also set her at ease and make her super horny. Many guys make the mistake of assuming that a pregnant lady wants to be left alone when she wants more pumping than usual. You simply need to be creative in the sexual positions to harm the infant inside her.

When she is on her periods

When it rains, it pours. This saying is indeed true in the case of a lady on her periods because she usually wants an orgasm crazily during the periods. Most guys don’t know that a lady feels special when you make love to her during her periods. On top of giving her the much-needed servicing when her cookie is on fire, you also demonstrate that you like her complete womanhood while rain or sunshine.