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Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You

Making a girl blush over text isn't rocket science since female hearts tend to melt even from minor acts of sweetness. Treating your girl as someone special shouldn't be irregular or for a specific reason — she deserves to feel great daily.

There's a very thin line between a cringey text and a sweet one. Depending on a girl's personality, stage of your relationship, timing, and other factors, you have to decide on the right text message that will make her melt instantly.

The current generation has glamorized the idea of caring less and not showing emotions, resulting in people getting confused about whether to try to win someone over or act emotionlessly and half-heartedly. In our opinion, if you want to make a lasting impression on someone, putting an effort to make your partner feel special is necessary. Make sure to read the article until the end to learn which text messages will make her melt.

Advice on How to Make a Girl Blush

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Before trying to make your girlfriend blush, going through the so-called "talking stage" is important. It's a well-known fact that women love with their ears. If you lay the groundwork by sweet-talking a girl, you will make her melt in no time.

In today's dating world, flirting over text is one of the most convenient ways to make your female partner blush and keep things simple without overwhelming her. Indeed, talking to someone in person or on the phone allows for more gestures and emotions. However, sending a sweet text to your girlfriend to make her melt is a good idea when you're too busy or shy.

When not accustomed to meeting up with a girl in person, texting comes in handy. This way, you can get comfortable with each other before going out on a date. However, when you're still getting to know a girl, you must draw a line between showing interest and acting clingy.

Send some flirting messages to test the waters and see how she replies. Remember, making a girl blush over text isn't solely about complimenting her physical features. There are various options, from asking about her day to sending a funny and cute message. Compliments related to female appearance that make girls melt are best left reserved for later stages.

The Best Flirting Messages for a Girlfriend

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Let's imagine that you've passed the boring talking stage, and you've managed to melt her heart. Should you start to show less interest or make less effort in making her blush? Of course not. Winning a girl over doesn't mean that you should stop making her feel special. If anything, you should show the same degree of interest as when you first laid eyes on her — that's how you keep your girl interested.

Even though some girls may consider flirty messages cheesy, young ladies love receiving sweet instant messages that make their hearts melt. Feel free to use any of the lines mentioned below to make your girlfriend feel on top of the world.

Indeed, life takes its toll on everyone, and in a relationship, it's painful to feel as if you're drifting apart from your partner and becoming overburdened with things to do. Taking your girlfriend on a date every weekend, watching Netflix, or even quick coffee runs — these options aren't always possible, especially with the responsibilities that come with adulthood. However, that doesn't have to stop you from making her melt over text. Let her know she's special without going overboard. Here are several text messages to send your girl that will make her blush like crazy.

  1. There are numerous attractions on the planet, and you are the one that grabbed my eye.
  2. When somebody asks me about my deepest fantasy, it's me waking up close to you.
  3. I think I'm losing my mind. Your charm makes me insane!
  4. It's your fault for making me feel restless. I can't stop dreaming about you!
  5. I'll let you in on a little secret. You're the best thing that ever happened in my life.
  6. You're the reason why I continue to check my telephone the entire day.
  7. It seems that I like you even more since the time we first met.
  8. Thoughts about you fill my heart with joy, and I get butterflies in my stomach.
  9. Whenever I feel unmotivated at work, hoping to hear from you soon is enough to make me keep on going.
  10. There's no way you can be so lovely. I can't get enough of you!
  11. Seeing your smile is enough to make my day brighter.
  12. I desperately need to experience that uplifting feeling that I get when we chat.
  13. Even sitting peacefully with you is enough for me to be on cloud nine.
  14. I'd rather spend time with you than go to 100 parties.
  15. You're the first thing I think about when I awaken.
  16. The prospect of hearing your voice never leaves me.
  17. I can't envision what my life would be like without you.
  18. You're the loveliest girl on this planet, even if you don't think so.

Tips on How to Make a Girl Blush in a Chat

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It's a well-known fact that girls love feeling adored. Even the smallest text having a compliment or two sent to your girlfriend will make her blush. Also, girls like to be reminded that men are thinking about them, even on the busiest days. We present you with two essential things to make a girl blush in a chat.

Have a Positive Attitude

When texting a girl, she most likely would not like to catch wind of how disastrous your day has been. She's not the person to cry on her shoulder, at least not until you become closer. At the point when you both get more open around one another, you can begin venting about how the day has been treating you. Until then, unless you would like to spoil the mood and make her contact you less and less, do your best to keep things positive.

Be Playful

Your girlfriend, just like many ladies, is a sucker for playful conversations, and starting one is the key to making her melt over text. They like being teased (in a respectful way, of course) and flirted with. It gives them that tingly feeling in their stomachs and could turn them on like crazy. The good question is, how do you keep the conversation interesting to make your girlfriend blush in a chat?

In the beginning, conversations may seem boring because not knowing much about your girlfriend's limits topics that you can discuss. Your best bet is to turn your questions into a naughty chat until you get used to each other and can send her messages that will make her blush and her heart melt.

When asked the "What are you doing?" question, rather than giving a direct answer to your girlfriend, reply in a playful manner. Doing so will make her melt and keep her curious about you. Even though that it may seem as if you dodged the question, it's not true. Answering with something like "Thinking about you", "Arranging the date we're going on", "Daydreaming about the most recent night we spent together" will make her heart beat faster.

Being spontaneous and flirty is one of the easier ways to make her blush over text. If done correctly, she will associate your presence with that exciting feeling when she sees or texts you. After all, you are aiming for a good and lasting impression.

In today's dating world, many females are scared of being hurt, and they often keep their thoughts and desires to themselves by acting emotionally unavailable. While it may seem that some can have commitment issues, in reality, such girls are afraid of getting their feelings hurt. Being playful allows for flirty openers, taking away the awkwardness from your exchanges and making your partner blush upon your advances.

Being playful makes a girl melt over text and marks the relationship hassle-free. Your goal is to show your female partner that you want to make things easy for both of you, not harder. That way, your girl will think about you as a positive person, and she won't hesitate to text you because of how fun the spent together is. Making a girl melt over text is key to her heart.

Regardless of whether you're messaging a girl you just met, or you've known one for some time, giving it your all to make her blush is important. Don't give up, and keep on sending positive and uplifting messages. Making a girl melt when she sees your message is the way to go to make a girl want you over text.