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What to Say to Get Her in Bed

Many men with women know how to sweet talk a woman into bed. They've learned through personal experience that what you say to a girl can make or break the mood at the moment. You aim to make a girl turn on and let her feel like jumping into bed and just let you do whatever your flexible bodies allow.

You don't have to sweat it because sex should never be selfish. To turn a girl on isn't complicated. Just think of the dirty things to say to your girlfriend in bed and still leave wanting more of the words and action. The drive and every single step should care for each other's pleasure.

Words and body language are powerful tools you can use to turn a girl on and want to jump with you into bed. When it comes to dirty talk, don't hold back if you're expressing yourself to the right person and at an appropriate time. You need stuff that mixes sentimentality and sexuality more compellingly. This way, you would be communicating with her on a deeper level. You need to make her imagine something and make her feel it. Still wondering what to say to turn her on and get this girl in bed?

Dirty Things to Say to a Woman – Be on the Top

Dirty talk employs the right kind of words to turn someone on and make them imagine the thought in their mind. You must be asking why dirty talk is such an effective turn-on. It works wonders on both women and men. Saying the right things in a sexy way can make a woman not in the mood to start dripping wet and feel ready to get laid. Dirty talks don't have to be universal, as all girls are different. You need to understand your lady to use specific words, fantasies, or scenarios to turn her on.

Your dirty talk should be descriptive to take your girl to a very specific place in the mind. A statement such as, "I feel like playing with your hair down there and then just go down on you, without letting you return the favor," feels more precise about your intentions. Your girl will start picturing the things you're talking about and revive the memories of what those things you say feel like. When well expressed, it gets her body riled up and ready to experience how you turn your words into romantic actions.

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With that said, here are 20 dirty things that will guide you on how to talk a girl into bed.

  1. "I'm going to bury my face right in between your legs."
  2. "I'm going to go down on you and don't even think of returning the favor."
  3. "I want you riding me right now like the cowgirl from the movies."
  4. "It seems I can't just erase how good you feel out of my mind."
  5. "I feel like pinning you down and making you moan with pleasure."
  6. "The sounds you make when we're intertwined and sweaty always make me so weak."
  7. "I could do anything now just to see you naked."
  8. "It's hard to tell how horny I feel just being around you."
  9. "The thought of being inside of you all day can't escape my mind."
  10. "Could you let my hands run down your body, only letting them stop when they touch your sensitive hair?"
  11. "I love the way you taste when you're into it."
  12. "I can't stop thinking of rubbing my hands through your hair, pulling it as you enjoy every bit of the moment."
  13. "I want you to be in charge. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it."
  14. "The thought of me bending you over the table can't escape my mind."
  15. "I just want to strip you down and feel every part of your skin."
  16. "Let me make you moan than you ever have before."
  17. "I love the sounds you make when my tongue is on your clit."
  18. "I'm going to turn you around. Just be ready to take it."
  19. "It seems I can't get enough of you. The way you feel beneath me is addicting."
  20. "I want to make you scream from pleasure in a way you never experienced before."

Romantic Things to Say While Making Love

No matter where you are, girls love to be talked to and feel valued. Whether it's at the flamboyant restaurant having romantic dinner or getting busy under your sheets, verbal communication is a key to emotional intimacy. For women, this is a common prerequisite for getting it on. What you tell a girl has the power to turn her on and make the sex more fulfilling.

However, before you jump into how to smooth talk a girl into bed or the romantic things to say while making love, here are some three-pointers:

  • Be genuine and mean what you say. If your body language is not in sync with your words, she's going to realize it.
  • Be specific and let her know you've noticed something special in her. There is a big difference between "I like your hair" and "The feel of your hair between my fingers makes me weak."
  • It's not the time to be a chatterbox, so just get to the point. No rambling. Try to keep things shorter and sweet.

With the three points out of the way, it's important to note that girls love several things during sex. Here are some great phrases you could air out during the romp:

  1. "Uhhhh." Moan it up, and then say, "I love the way you taste."
  2. "I love how your warm skin feels against mine."
  3. "I'm going to explode in that position because you look so hot."
  4. Make her feel like a virgin. Say something like, "I love the way you're right down there. It's driving me crazy."
  5. "You're getting so wet. I just want to get lost into you right now."
  6. "I can't take it anymore. I need you so bad."
  7. "How you moan feels so amazing. I just feel like going on and on until we're both weak to take no more."
  8. "I want to be deep inside of you right now."
  9. "It seems you're doing wonders to me. I've never been this hard before."
  10. "Your body on mine feels wonderful. I want to go down on you for hours.
  11. "You're so hot. I can't stop fucking you."
  12. "Mmmh! I can't believe I'm this lucky."
  13. "Let me do all the work, and when we're done, I'm making you cookies."
  14. "Your stomach is so flat. If anyone had a sexy baby by him, it would be me."
  15. "I'm going to make you scream more than you did last time."
  16. "I will kiss you where you want me to."
  17. "You have such hot nipples I'll always see in my dreams."
  18. "I love it when you moan. It makes my boner harder."
  19. "I'm going to go deeper, and you'll live to remember this passionate moment we share."
  20. "The way you turn me on, prepare for multiple orgasms tonight."
  21. "I like how you wriggle and moan when I massage your clit."
  22. "I was thinking of soft music in the background, but I just remembered it would drown out your sexy little moans.
  23. "I want to hear your sweet little moans with my tongue in between your legs."
  24. "I don't know if it's your warm pussy or hot tits that keep my erection harder. I guess we find out."
  25. "I brought some blindfold and handcuffs. Should I put them on you or me?"

Dirty Things to Say in Bed to a Girl

Apart from the foreplay and kisses, there is something more too. The neck kisses and romantic touch are things we sure know of. However, girls love it when their partners talk during sex. Knowing dirty things to say to your girlfriend in bed and combining it with honest actions turns up the heat, and sex will feel more fulfilling.

Even if you've never given it a shot before, dirty talk in bed would be beneficial to both you and your girl. Don't worry, because we share with you 15 hot things you can tell your girl in bed. Some of these offer great tips on how to turn girls on.

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Master some of these and combine them with great actions. It would be hard hearing the creak of the bed as loud moans would subdue it.

  1. Let her know that she's doing it right. "I love how you grind your soft butts on me." It's a good way to boost her confidence and get her to do more of the same.
  2. Use compliments to make her feel like a winner in the bedroom. "I like how your warm, soft skin rubs on mine. I can't wait to experience how you feel hotter inside."
  3. Tell her how you want to exhaust her in romance. "I want to penetrate you slowly, feeling every inch of me go inside."
  4. Appreciate her moaning sounds. She'll feel relaxed and free to let them out whenever you romp again. Tell her, "I just love the way you moan in my ears. It makes me want to pump you all day long."
  5. Make it about her pleasure. Giving her the chance to choose what she wants right then would make the moment more fulfilling. Tell her, "Today I'm all yours to order around. I will do whatever you want me to."

How to Smooth Talk a Girl into Bed

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As a man, it's good knowing how to turn a girl on and talk her into bed. Your actions and body language would matter, but words are equally important in turning your girl on. You might have heard or read about dirty talks and how they turn both girls and men on. Sometimes, it requires you to use your mind and smooth talk your queen into bed.

There are great phrases that can turn the simple touch and kiss into romantic expressions worth exploring in bed. When well utilized, most of these phrases can define your relationship in a good way. Phrases like "I want you so bad, and I'm ready to do whatever you ask when we're together in a bed" let you both open up to share what you're feeling. Girls tend to feel more confident when they are complimented. It could be one way to win her over into your bed. Tell her something like, "You're so sexy and beautiful. I can't wait to run my hands through your skin tonight and turn you on." She'll appreciate and feel more drawn to you.