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Subtle Things That Turn Guys on

Girls have a hard time figuring out what intrigues a guy. The answer to this questing, however, is quite simple—be yourself. Yes, if you have an interest in your boyfriend, the best way to get their attention is by being confident and self-assured. Do not forget that men, by their nature, get excited when they see girls. And you do not have to go above and beyond to convey that you want to go out with them. Even the simplest things can get the job done, and you will be successful in going with them.

Subtle Ways That Turn a Guy on

Subtle Ways That Turn a Guy on

Are you a little shy and do not know about subtle things that turn guys on?

These tips might help you get his attention and make your dreams come true. As you will find, it is not about your boob size and butt shape; it is more about passing him hints and getting a little quirky. Read on to uncover more:

The classic eye contact.

It might seem like a small thing, but an Eye contact is the most natural subtle sign that works on any guy, although you just met him or have known him for years. Plus, men recognize this gaze and can tell that you are attracted to them.

Again, Eye contact, in any way, does not have to be steady ogling; rather, it should be gentle and make him conscious that you are trying to communicate something. The power of mysterious Eye contact is that not only you the attention of the guy but also arousing to men. In all, if you want a guy to change his subconscious response from "maybe" to a "fuck yes," then there is nothing better than plain-old eye contact.

Wear love, turn your boyfriend on: Red

Red is fire, heart, passion, love, and much more; wearing red will stand you out in a crowd and is a sure way to get the attention of your boyfriend you like. Be it your first date or a friend's party, wearing red will suggest to the guy that you are trying to get his attention and you are not afraid to seek that. Studies indicate that wearing red will intimate a guy that girls are less likely to refuse their approaches.

But again, wearing sexy alone will not be enough if you are with your boyfriend on a first date; supplement some physical expression too if you do not know him too well.

Make the first move.

Stereotypically, the very notion of women making the first move seems unladylike. But why not? If you are interested in a guy, there is no better way to begin an engaging relationship than just putting yourself out.

Your first move can be anything, humble hints like gestures, brushing your hands on him, or ones that require a lot of guts, like straight away going for a kiss. Whatever it may be, the reward you are with him will be worth it.

Moreover, studies suggest that relationships initiated by women last longer and are more successful. Besides, if a man disapproves and gets threatened by you, making the first move demonstrates that he is personally insecure and does not put an open mind about gender equality (things that do matter). So, if you genuinely like a guy and do not want to lose him, make that first move. Still afraid? Simply ask for his permission to go for it.

Flirt with your body

The best way to turn a boyfriend sexually on without even speaking to him is by sexually flirting with your body language. Catching his eye for a bit, looking down, then again giving him a modest gaze can tell him more things than you can ever imagine telling him on the first meeting.

You can also pass signals by adjusting your dress, hair, indicating that you want to look nice. Flushed cheeks, hugging, brushing your hands against him are some other ways to go about it.

And verbally too

But it does not end there; once you get attention of your boyfriend, try to say something flirty. A little laugh and tease are a perfect addition to body flirt in order to turn your boyfriend on.

Get texty, turn your boyfriend on.

Exchanging messages makes your boyfriend think about you even when you are not present. Be it questions, one-liners, or dark jokes, messaging presents you the opportunity to spice things up and put some spark on beforehand.

However, be casual, and try not to make your statements too strong if you do not know him too well. But if it is your boyfriend or a colleague (whom you have known for years), then you do not have to follow text etiquette, and it is considered to discuss evocative subjects.

How to Turn my Boyfriend on Sexually?

How to Turn my Boyfriend on Sexually?

Relationships come at a standstill when there is no sexual excitement left in bed. However, you can work your way through and make things the same way they used to be sexually. These tips will help if you are looking for how to turn your boyfriend on sexually in bed:

Create sexual tension.

Being sexual and building sexual tension are two very different things; that feeling when your stomach flips, you get nervous and excited at the same time, is what sexual tension in bed is all about. However, creating this feeling is not as difficult as one might assume:

  • Subtle things like touching (in an unintentional way) his hands, shoulders, back, or thighs will intensify his fascination towards you in bed.
  • Being intrigued and excited when he speaks to you will make him feel attracted and more interested in you.
  • Rise high and get low in bed, both physically and verbally; for instance, while revealing something personal, pull them out of the conversation by sexually showing something and let the story be incomplete.
  • Show dominance while speaking to him and imagine that they are already interested in you.

Sexual tension in bed is about procrastinating the sex, which is a pleasure and is one of the best ways to turn your boyfriend on sexually.

Master the art of seduction.

If you want to learn how to turn your boyfriend on sexually, then the art of seduction is your go-to guide. Mastering it does not require learning some hardcore rules; instead, it demands confidence and asks you to be yourself—a woman.

  • Be it any occasion, dress to impress. Being classy (but natural) with your looks will automatically boost your confidence and act as a natural charm.
  • Speak like you mean it; be it a simple conversation about some meeting or flirty messages, when you say something, speak like you really intend it.

The art of seductions is an effective way to entice your guy without seeming too needy.

Attract him emotionally.

While physical attraction is fun, mental stimulation takes your relationship to another level. Emotional attachment, being more intense, makes the guy want you like never and keeps him interested in you. Emotional attraction is what plays out between two friends turning as lovers. Do not worry; you do not have to wait that long to turn your boyfriend on sexually. Be it your husband, boyfriend, or a stranger that you have just met; you can create a stiff emotional bond easily:

  • Do not be generic and the same person every day, whether it is your conversations or just you.
  • Be there for them and give your undivided attentiveness when he is with you.

Emotional attraction, like physical signs, does not guarantee that he will make his move quickly but is the best way to really get into his mind if you are looking for something long-lasting.

Physical temptation in bed

The quickest and surest way to turn your boyfriend on sexually is by stimulating him physically. Physical signs go well both ways: if you know him, it will be a clear indication that you are getting drawn towards him, whereas if you do not know him that well, it seems like you are just open-minded and do not mind having sex with him. Some subtle ways to turn a guy on physically are:

  • Get close to him, sit with him, hold hands, and subtly touch him frequently.
  • Give him signs like a seductive gaze and by looking at his lips.
  • Use perfumes to lure him; use his favorite fragrance.
  • Play games that present the excuse to get naked, like strip poker or dare him to kiss you.

Getting physical like this might appear like you are too desperate, but if the guys play along, it means that he wants it too. When you do these subtle things to turn a guy on, remember to be ready for anything—kiss, sex, because it can happen anytime.

What Are the Things to Do in the Bedroom for Him to Turn on?

What Are the Things to Do in the Bedroom for Him to Turn on?

Spark, with time, shifts into a dim glow, but there are some things to do in the bedroom for him. With these points, you will learn how to turn your boyfriend on sexually:

Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is not difficult, as you might assume; it is all about finding subtle things to say to turn a guy on. Moreover, the start of the conversation does not have to be dirty at all. You can start the conversation as you generally would in the bedroom and then make things interesting. Some Ways to go about it are:

  • Keep the communication simple, and do not overthink what you are going to say; remember, you already know him.
  • You can talk about their qualities that excite you.
  • Before making out, tell them what you are going to do.

Be at ease and start talking with your boyfriend in bed; in between, remember to switch the conversation to trigger words that excite them.


Did you ever try teasing your boyfriend by stripping for him? You might think it is weird to remove layers after layers of clothing and dancing together, but it is arousing to guys. No, you do not have to perceive everything about stripping; in fact, it is quite straightforward; all you must do is be yourself and do what is convenient to you. Some suggestions for striptease:

  • Act where he can see you entirely; strip teasing too close to bed (or in bed) might not give him the best view of you.
  • Play pleasant music that goes with your act.
  • Take the help of lighting, makeup, and costumes to bestow the most generous of you. Moreover, rearrange furniture if need be; remember that you've to feel comfy.

The start might be awkward to your boyfriend (and you) if it is your first time doing something like this but keep going and do not ignore to make eye contact. See some videos or consult your boyfriend who has good exposure.

Romanticize your bedroom.

Instead of performing subtle things that sexually turn a guy on in bed, you can be clear of the intentions. Instead of focusing on things to do in the bedroom for him, you can focus on the room itself and get his undivided attention while you both are in it. So, why not redecorate it and make him free of any other thoughts. Light up some candles, utilize dissimilar sheets, add pillows, remove the clutter, aromatize it; these subtle things are perfect answers if you've questions like how to turn my husband on sexually. Sometimes to get romantic, all you've to do is make things romantic.

Give a massage in bed.

Do you think that massages have only one purpose; well, it does not have to be that way. Massages are a great way to get your boyfriend excited in bed; instead of giving him a regular massage, make it dirty. Talk with your fingers, squeeze his butts, bite his earlobe; the possibilities are endless.

Being subtle in bed about your approach is offbeat and unusual than giving him obvious signals and getting his attentiveness quickly. Subtle signs not only tempt a guy on a physical level but also indicate whether he is looking for something serious or not. As you have seen, embracing these subtle things to turn guys on does not require any mastery, and you will be able to fascinate the love of your life easily.