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How to Know If You're Bisexual

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Sexual preferences vary from person to person. It's a complex personality aspect that goes deep. It's part of who you are, your beliefs, your life. Whether you are straight or bi, your preferences can't be defined by your love language. Some are aware of their bisexuality tendencies straight away, while others may wonder if they have them. So, are there any signs that indicate that you are bi? Will the Internet help with finding the answer? Indeed, these and other lingering questions can be quite confusing. Before we come to that, let's look into the concept of being bi.

Female bisexuality can be defined as a romantic and sexual attraction to the opposite- and same-sex partners simultaneously. Being bi doesn't necessarily mean being entangled with both sexualities concurrently. You're attracted to men and women, but it doesn't stop you from dating men or women. The attraction may be stronger on one gender over the other.

Here are some of the questions for a girl to ask herself to learn if she is bi:

  • Do I find other females sexually or romantically attractive?
  • Am I into men only, or am I curious about ladies as well?
  • Do I like watching lesbian pornography?
  • Am I interested in finding out how it feels to hook up with another girl?

What Are the Signs That Show You Are Bisexual?

Taking one's birth time, date, or home city into account won't tell you if a female is a bi, and only she can decide if she's bi-curious. Researchers suggest asking this set of questions to determine one's bisexuality:

  • Do I feel like the word "bi" accurately describes experiences I've had or desired for?
  • Do I have a feeling that I swing both ways?
  • Does thinking about other females make me smile?
  • Does the concept of bisexuality make me feel excited?
  • Does the word "bisexuality" bring a sense of challenge to me?
  • Does being bi make me feel at ease?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", there is a bit of female bisexuality.

Some people are privileged to know and understand their sexuality early in life, while others take their time to discover their identity because of different life exposure and environment. Here are some signs of bisexuality in females:

Having a gut feeling

One might not be in a position to define their bisexuality in their early years. Nevertheless, with time, many females realize that that the desire has always been there. Listening to your heart is a good way to determine your feelings.

Sexuality does not matter to you

Sexual openness is characterized as having a sexual or heartfelt appreciation of both males and females. This implies that one can be attracted to an individual without paying little heed to common beliefs. If that's the case for you, there are high chances that you're bi, and bisexuality isn't an alien concept for you.

Watching diverse sorts of pornography

Watching some kinds of erotic entertainment can be an indication of sexual openness. For example, trio pornography is one of the more popular niche topics. Should you be attracted to a specific sexual orientation of pornography entertainers, it might indicate being sexually open.

You're alright with experimenting

A female delving into her sexuality and exploring her body shows that she welcomes the possibility of being sexually open with others. Before long, one may want to hook up with other ladies to give and receive pleasure.

Being open to three-way relationships

A few people question their sexuality when they are explicitly attracted to an individual of a similar sex. Those ladies who dream about having a fling with another girlfriend involved can signify the former's sexual openness.

Feeling thrilled about bisexual dreams

Dreams might be an indication of what one has experienced before or wants to try out. Many ladies fantasize about acts of sexual demonstrations, no matter how impossible how such acts can be. If you often see dreams about having some steamy time with several partners at once, you're likely sexually open.

How to Know If a Girl Is Bisexual

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Sexual openness is typical, and most, if not all, ladies have encountered it at some point in their lives. It's a choice a female has to make while having an easygoing exchange. While only a handful of ladies perceive their bisexuality initially, others can already be in the middle of realizing whether they are straight or bi. If you have a girlfriend, here are a few signs that show that she is open to being bi:

Attraction towards the same gender

Females appreciating other girls is a normal thing. Liking how other ladies dress, look, style their hair, or keep their bodies in shape is a thing to be respected. Appreciating ladies for how they look may border on being explicitly attracted to them. Many men have reported that their girlfriends have been fascinated with other girls at some point in the relationship. On the off chance that your girlfriend discusses how other girls look appealing all the time, there a high possibility that she might be interested in more than that.

She likes having trio talks

The sexual revolution dates back to the 1980s, which shows that sexual openness has been there for quite a while. The revolution can mainly be characterized as erotic entertainment that normally addresses men. However, since those times, things have changed for females as well, with many of them finding girlfriends for casual fun.

Nowadays, it's not a rare thing to hear women discussing bisexuality and trio relationships. Situations where ladies start the conversation about having a threesome and having no qualms about sharing their men with other ladies are quite common. Thus, it shouldn't come as a surprise if your girlfriend suggests hooking up with another female.

Most of her companions are from the LGBTQ community

Assuming your girlfriend has many friends among lesbians, gays, transsexuals, or other members of the LGBTQ community, this may be an obvious indicator of her being sexually open. Chances are that the girlfriend also helps them secure such people's privileges and bring awareness of their lifestyles to everyone.

How to Tell If Your Friend Is Bi

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Let's say that you think your girlfriend is bi. Everything about her screams bisexuality — her clothes, choice of music, people she hangs out with, and her social media posts. Nevertheless, she doesn't say that she's both into men and women outright. You may wonder if she recognizes her sexuality or if she is too afraid to speak out.

First things first, having a girlfriend who embraces bisexuality is not a crime. Today, every person has different sexual preferences, and it's not a thing to be ashamed of. Before asking her about her sexuality, let her that you support her and treasure your friendship regardless of her tastes.

The best way to know the sexuality of a person is by talking to them. On the other hand, trying to understand someone's sexuality better is a risky thing. Thus, it is always a good idea to choose your words carefully to not violate your girlfriend's privacy and hurt their feelings.

Should you want to take a safer approach, you can observe your girlfriend's behavior and draw conclusions based on how she acts. Below we present several patterns that are popular with bisexual girls.

The way she maintains eye contact

It's normal to have eye contact with people. Nevertheless, if your girlfriend focuses on other people longer than usual, this might signify that she likes someone else. This behavior can be observed while being in the presence of men and women alike.

She is into women porn

If a woman loves to watch lesbian porn, this can be a sign that she is bi. If your girlfriend often watches and enjoys girls being pleasured by other females, there's a high probability that she would not mind experimenting with other ladies in real life.

She accepts being labeled

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People often identify others from the point of their identity and feelings, and it's entirely possible for a person to accept labels. When people are sure about their identity, they are willing to share their beliefs, which often brings a sense of liberation. Is your girlfriend keen on topics like bisexuality and likes to talk about matters related to it? If yes, there is a good chance that she swings both ways or at least plans to give it a try.

She's fine with discussing unconventional sexual experiences

Women who are not afraid of experimenting also got no fear of talking about their sexual escapades. If your girlfriend currently has or had a short-term romance with another female, she will most likely mention it at some point. She may go into details about how good the experience was, or if she didn't like how sex went, she might need a better future experience.

This concludes our guide on how to learn if a girl is a bi. We hope that you found our tips useful!