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Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

When we fall in love with someone at times we unknowingly get trapped in a one-sided relationship without even being aware of the same. This sort of relationship has no future because there is not an equal commitment from the partner to make it a success. Consequently, this only leads to pain and heartache which can be well avoided if we look at the early signs of being in such a relationship.

You take the initiative

From planning to meet up or texting and messaging you always seem to be the first one to take the initiative. When only you make efforts to remain in touch and your partner shows the least interest in doing so, something is amiss. This is the most obvious sign that you are making all the efforts while they are unresponsive and seem disinterested.

Not given priority

Another clear indication that things are one-sided is when your partner does not give you priority over other things. While you may go out of your way to please them and even reschedule appointments to ensure you spend time with them, they, on the other hand, are unwilling to show the same commitment. They only choose to meet you as per their own convenience and are not willing to make adjustments of any kind. In such a situation the relationship will not head very far and inevitably lead to a breakup.

Relationship issues

If there are problems in the relationship and they are not willing to discuss and sort these out, there is a major problem. For any couple, it is necessary to sit down and sort out relationship issues and not ignore them before they snowball into a major crisis. Any lack of attempt on the partner’s part to sort out issues and just ignoring them, whilst you are making all the efforts to settle things is a perfect example of a one-sided relationship.