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Reasons He Could Be Ignoring You

When in a committed relationship one of the factors that leave women puzzled is that of their partner suddenly ignoring them, for no apparent reason? This is not really a cause to hit the panic button and assume the worst but rather to try and ascertain the cause of their partner’s behavior. There could be several reasons their partner could be giving them the cold shoulder ranging from work pressure to being displeased about some issue.

Common reasons why men tend to ignore women

Plays hard to get

For those couples that have just begun dating where the male partner plays hard to get, it could be a game of sorts. Some men like to test their partners and see their response when they begin to ignore them. Of course, this is being manipulative and at any stage of the relationship, it is not appropriate for the partner to behave in this manner. If at any stage this feels like a game being played with you confront him with the facts.

Displeasure about an issue

Maybe at some stage, there was something that you did and said even unknowingly, which might have left him displeased and annoyed. While some men might speak about it upfront there are others that remain silent and vent their fury by turning taciturn and even ignoring their partner. If you feel this is indeed the case in your relationship make it a point to clear up the situation at the earliest before things escalate and become more serious.

Genuinely busy

At times it is possible because of professional responsibilities they are genuinely able to stay in touch or communicate frequently as you would like. There are such situations that arise at work from time to time so you need to give him the benefit of the doubt. Do not make assumptions about the situation and instead clarify things is any doubts linger.