Dating Tips

Ways For a Guy to Click With His Date

What's the situation with dating nowadays?

The dating scenario has been totally transformed all over the world. Conventional dating is increasingly being replaced with online dating in most parts of the world. There are thousands of dating platforms catering to varying niches to suit the dating preferences of men and women the world over. Convenience and a greater pool of dating options make it one of the most popular ways by which to find a prospective partner.

It has also become a far easier task to find a partner that is compatible. Compatibility is the secret of success in all romantic relationships. With regular dating, it is more of a trial and error method where you go on several dates only to find that most of them were unsuitable in the first place. Instead of wasting time and money going on meaningless blind dates, to no purpose, would it not be better to only date women that share the same interests and preferences?

With online dating, there is the option to filter the number of prospective partners and specifically look to date only those with similar interests and preferences. This definitely is an advantage as you can now meet and communicate with someone that shares common ground and increases the possibility of finding someone compatible.    

Once you connect and both are comfortable with each other; things can be taken to the next level by going out on dates. Generally, the early dates are rather awkward. The biggest barrier is communication, as one does not really know what to talk about especially if you barely met a few times online and begin dating before developing a bond. If you’ll are not relay familiar with one another with little knowledge about each other, it can leave both stumped for communication topics. 

Some topics to break the ice

Interests or hobbies

Probably the easiest conversation starter would be to enquire about her interests or hobbies. This is one of the simplest ways to strike up an interesting conversation and something she would be more than willing and comfortable to share with you. It makes for a very interesting discussion and both may even find they share certain common interests, which will help to build a rapport. If she likes traveling you can ask her about the places she has visited and which are her favorites etc. Similarly, if she is a sports fan ask her about her favorite club and team she supports and vice-versa. This makes for a nice and easy-going conversation where neither partner feels uncomfortable to discuss things. 

School time memories

Another great way to get the conversation flowing freely is to discuss each other’s school time memories. From talking about your favorite teachers to your school friends and interesting episodes you might have experienced as a child, makes for very engaging conversation. It helps both partners relax and lower their guard making it an interesting conversational topic. Again there might even be certain commonalities or experiences both might have faced in school or while growing up.

Professional objectives or goals

Another key topic that makes for an interesting conversation is talking about each other’s professional objectives. It helps to understand the long term plans of each other and how they intend to achieve their objectives. This can also help later to consider having a long term relationship with the individuals, as you know what they would like to accomplish in life. Knowing one another’s professional goals makes it easier to consider where both can fit into each other’s lives if a future is planned together. Of course, don’t jump the gun and start planning a life immediately together because it will take time and multiple dates to realize if you’ll are actually compatible with each other.     

Some more tips to go

Remember the conversation should flow both ways. For the date to be interesting for both partners it is only essential that is should be a two-sided conversation. At no time should one partner carry on their own monologue about what they like or experiences, while the other partner hardly gets a chance to speak. Let each other speak and then ask one other related questions about the subject discussed. This shows that you are attentive to what each other is speaking and makes the discussion all the more interesting.   

Steer clear of controversy or making each other uncomfortable by asking about previous relationships. It can be extremely personal to some people and having just met on a few dates would not be the right time to discuss personal issues. Also, male partners should avoid bragging about the many women they have dated as it could create a negative impression that you just want to flirt without actually committing to a relationship.