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Things to Know About Guys Sexually

Men are simple creatures with not many demands regarding good sex. It is imperative to know your partner and fulfill the small demands that he has when it comes to physical bonding. To know your man sexually, you should know what turns him on, what puts him off, what can get him to give you what you desire, and in the end, have a great love making for both of you. You should know the preferences, the desires, the fetishes, the go to things in bed for your man, and this might give you a new dimension in bed altogether. Now satisfy your man sexually and thank us later for that.

What Do Guys Like to Hear in Bed?

 What Do Guys Like to Hear in Bed?

Pleasure is a both way road, and when a man can do things to give you pleasure, why not to reciprocate it and make the bedroom experience bliss for your man as well. Mark the words, no major additional effort is needed to make your man feel special in bed. Small compliments from you, some naughty talks and comments, and at times doing what he likes all can give him an experience of a lifetime. Every time if he also feels bliss, the lovemaking is going to be super amazing, and the relationship will stay smooth for a longer time. After all, sex, nah, good sex, is an important part in any relationship. A sexually satisfied partner seldom wanders out in search of any other mate or partner.

Ensure to not praise your man so much that he starts doubting your praise, or your praise loses out on its meaning only. Genuine complements that are well-timed topped with certain sexual connotations give the much-needed boost and confidence to your guy in bed. What arouses you in the bed might not work well for your man also. Know your man well and get to know what he likes and wants, know his guilty pleasures, know his sweet spots and then decide what is to be said and in what tone and how often to give me him incredibly good sex. Usually, for women, sweet complements and little pampering works; for men, on the other hand, appreciation acts as a sexual motivation. Appreciation of not only what is going on in bed, but appreciate his physical qualities, non-physical qualities, as well as some sweet gestures that he has done other than the sex time.

Ensuring that you are giving what the guy wants, go through the following checkpoints to make it a good sex:

  • Know what the guy loves to hear in bed
  • Be honest, do not sugar coat your praises
  • Be crisp and precise and know the timings when to speak
  • Do not chatter on; it spoils the mood

At different times in bed, you can make use of different words to keep that spark alive and to keep your guy turned on for good sex.

Before Intercourse, the following are the go-to complements for good sex:

  • Your passionate kisses turn me on
  • I feel good cuddling in bed with you
  • I am all yours tonight. (If it is a long term kind of permanent relationship, you can try saying I am all yours tonight and every other night)
  • I can’t wait to feel you inside me
  • Let’s try something new tonight
  • Let’s make this night unforgettable
  • Touch my ___ (mention your moan point. While saying, you can also take his hand to the moan point that you are mentioning here, like the inner thighs, breasts, ear, etc.)
  • It was a long day, and I had been waiting to be here, in bed, next to you

Having nailed the foreplay right, you are already going to get laid well. During the intercourse as well, you can use your words magically and make sex more intense and enjoyable.

  • You look super hot in this position
  • Moans go a long way (just do not overdo them)
  • Shout his name while moaning or during orgasms; this turns him on like nothing else
  • Do you want a blowjob/handjob? (Although, blowjob would be a more sexy thing to ask for)
  • I want in rough tonight
  • The dirty talk
  • Please don’t stop
  • The sound of high breathing alone

Post the climax of an amazing sex; some things have to be said right to ensure that the memory of sex lasts longer; try the following:

  • I want to stay in bed forever
  • A big wow and a small peck on the cheek or a deeper one on the forehead
  • It was amazing when you did ___ to me (mention any good move that the guy did, and you genuinely enjoyed)
  • It was the best climax ever

You give your man what he wants – a small enthusiasm and complement, he will give you what you deserve – amazing intercourse and much respect after that for being honest and being able to open up.

What Do Men Want in Bed?

What Do Men Want in Bed?

Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. The ability to communicate clearly and tell their desires is something men do not have. As a result, they do not tell you what they want in bed to have good sex, but if they are not satisfied, they start to shirk away from the relationship or find multiple partners at the same time to satisfy their body desires. If you have had only complements from your man and no complaints or suggestions, it is quite possible he wants something and is not being able to tell you. Figure out the signs, note his reactions, talk to him during and after sex and gradually figure out what he really likes. His reactions and responses to your actions should be a clear-cut signal about his likings and disliking. Usually, men are not able to fake moans or orgasms; it’s their body movements only that let you know the real picture.

The most common fantasies that men have can be summarized in the following points, and if you are able to fulfill them in bed, you might be considered as the best partner that they could have had.

Smell good

Body odor, bad breath, sweat smells are something which are not liked by anyone. Same is the case with men. They like their female partner to be smelling good and fresh. High end make up products is not the solution to this. Artificial smells and fragrances are not the answer. Stays fresh, take regular baths, apply a small amount of deodorant or perfume behind your ears, and you should be golden. Men like body smells because they can relate to you with that, do not hide it completely behind artificial fragrances, but at the same time do not smell bad.

Choice of lingerie

Men get turned on by what they see. A change in your lingerie or nightwear that comes in different colors or designs. They know they can touch it, feel it, remove it and feel you underneath it and that’s a huge turn on for them. Sexy and well fitted lingerie is sufficient to bring the beast out of your man.

Give them what they want to hear

Know your man well enough and know what he likes and whatnot. Choose your words wisely. Use dirty talk whenever needed, and that is a great stimulator. Giving their ears what they want to hear, you get all that is needed to satisfy you. Be generous with your words, but don’t be dishonest or fake.

Give them the control

Men like to take control in bed. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment and superiority. Let him take the control and sail with the flow. You are sure to have the best sex of your life. But once in a while, suddenly, do the role reversal. You take the control and make your man to follow command; that’s another type of turn on which men enjoy.

Choose your moaning pitch right

A woman who stays quiet in bed is very hard for a man to understand. Your sounds and moans gives green signals to men to keep going or to stop. Encourage him with soft moans when he is pampering you or touching or stroking you gently. Go intense when you are really enjoying yourself. Your moans show your pleasure, and when a man sees you enjoying his acts, he gets even more excited and tries harder to satisfy you.

Oral sex

Women tend to shirk away from oral sex. It might sound bad or tacky, but it is a fact that your guy loves it. Men are crazy for blowjobs, and if you can work wonders with your tongue and lips, he is sure to turn crazy and give you extreme pleasure in return. Ask before giving a blowjob, and your words would have already started doing the magic before even you would have touched him down there.

Follow these, and you are golden!

What Do Men Consider Good Sex?

What Do Men Consider Good Sex?

Although good sex seems to be an act where everybody seems to know their stuff, it has been proved time and again that the partners are not content and satisfied with each other. The reason for this is mostly lack of communication and desire sharing with each other. In the absence of not knowing each other well, it is difficult to make a connection. In the absence of a connection, the sex is not enjoyable for both the partners. Connection building is an activity that requires conscious efforts to ensure that sex makes you feel good and not guilty. After all, it is not just about body movements anymore, but about satisfaction, ego booster, and feeling good and relaxed after a complete lovemaking session.

Women tend to believe that once their man has had an orgasm, he must be satisfied and that the sex has been good. This is not the case. Men have different parameters to call sex as good sex. Knowing about what men desire will give you the knowledge of what you should be doing better to give your man a good sex experience.

According to men, the following should be taken care of to call any sex as good sex.

Make sex feel desired and not an obligation

Good sex is something needed by all living organisms. It is the desire of the body to feel complete with another living soul who also wants the same from you. Sex is supposed to make the other person feel desired and should not be done as a daily ritual or a mandatory chore. When a man knows that you desire him as much as he desires you, he feels good. When he knows you have been longing for him after a hectic day, he feels important and loves the feeling even more. Make your guy feel desired, and he will surely label the time spent with you in bed as good times.


Sex is not something to be done and dusted away with. Enjoying each other’s company, longing for each other’s touch, and pampering is something both partners should want. A long and intense foreplay is considered to be more passionate than the act of intercourse at times. Although ensure that foreplay is not so long that it gets boring, it should be quality stimulating for your partner. A good foreplay, including hand job, oral sex, blowjob, keeps your guy extremely turned on, and when he is finally able to make you feel his masculinity, it makes him feel good.

Don’t hold back – be an equal participator

No man wants to have sex with a lying log. Do not make it look like it is him alone who wants to have sex and make love. If you desire something in bed, convey it to your guy. He would be more than happy to know that you are participating and would put in that extra effort o satisfy you. While this will give you what you want and desire for, he will find it to be good sex and will remember it for long.

A little rough at times

Although most men want to take control in bed, there are times when they want you to take control. Give them a rough ride once in a while, and they will thank you for it later. Ladies, your nails are your biggest strength here. Press them against your man’s body and see him respond to that pressure like a crazy beast. You can also use your teeth for love bites or pull their hair for showing more passion.

Happy ending for both

Men definitely want to have an orgasm to make it a good sex. He would call it a great sex if you would also reach orgasm. Climaxing with your man at the same time as his is a heavenly feeling. Try it. Do not control yourself; let your love flow and make it an amazing bed experience for both of you.

Now that you want counts as good sex for your guy go give him one!