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What Men Find in a Woman Physically

What Men Find in a Woman Physically

First appearances matter. And usually, the first impression is not made by your character or your good deeds; the first impressions are made by your appearances and looks and your physical attributes. So, what do men find sexy and what makes them feel attracted to you? Men are more prone to judging people by their looks, especially when it is about judging their counter part – women. They find females attractive or repulsive within the first few seconds of their first meeting. They have a sharp predator type eye when it comes to looking at women and do not leave a chance to label the woman as hot or not hot. To know what attracts them towards women and whatnot, go through the following article.

What Are Men Attracted to in a Woman?

When it comes to knowing what males find attractive and sexy in women, a lot of indicators have been seen. Although a few might find the body shape to be attractive, others might be attracted to the tone or walking style. The choices may vary from individual to individual, yet after many researches in the field of understanding the differences and similarities between males and females, a few common indicators have been found that attract males to females and are the guiding factor when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Sexy physical attributes

"First impression is the last impression" is not an entirely wrong statement after all. Those first looks, those first impressions, are extremely important. It might just not be the jaw-dropping body shape; it is usually a combination of the personality, body type, confidence, make-up, smile- everything. A well groomed good looking female with the right curves is usually found attractive by men. Although, in this very case, the attraction may fade away depending upon how the nature of the woman unfurls itself. After all, judging the book by its cover is not a very good choice.

Sense of humor

Most males are attracted to a female with a good sense of humor. Not only should the female be able to crack good jokes or engage in healthy sarcasm, she should be able to appreciate the humor of the guy. When the guy finds his sense of humor being appreciated and respected by the female, his liking towards that female increases unknowingly. Many men find funny girls to be sexy, and are just generally more attracted to well-humored gals.

Risk taker

While women like guys who are into adventure and risk taking physical activities sexy, guys also think the same way. Women who are into adventure sport like bungee jumping, paragliding, rafting, etc., which include calculated risks, are liked by men. Although modern day risks like drug overdose, over speeding while driving, etc., are not a turn on factor for both the sexes.


It is believed that men tend to be attracted towards the sexy hourglass figure the most; research has denied this fact. The optimum waist hip ratio is what men find sexy. If the WHR is fine, the weight of the female doesn't matter much. Most males are not a big fan of skinny looking, zero figure women; rather, the women with a decent looking body with a good weight hip ratio are admired more by them.


There was a time when soft spoken girls were considered to be attractive and sexy. Tables have turned. Very soft spoken, polite girls with a soft tone are not the most attractive anymore. Research says that males tend to like women with a slightly high pitched confident tone. A tone that shows independence of thought, confidence in self, assertiveness yet is gentle. However, there is a limit of decibel bandwidth that males like. Once the pitch gets too high, males tend to lose interest.

Bust size

The bigger, the better doesn't stand true at all times. It has been observed that males are more attracted to a medium bust size. More than the bust size, it is the fullness of the breasts that attracts them more. Having said that, exceptions always exist. There are males who are a huge fan of bigger breasts.

Perfect blend of maturity with childishness

Men have been seen to be attracted to women who look and dress mature. The teenage look works but only for a while. Gradually every male wants that the woman he is with should be more like a lady and not a glamorous teenager. If that maturity in nature as well as in dressing is clubbed with slight naughtiness and childishness, it's like cherry on the cake.

Having listed these attributes which are found attractive by men, the list doesn't end here. There are many other factors that attract a man. Also, different males have different preferences, and making a generalized list of attractors for males is not an easy task to be accomplished.

What Makes a Girl Hot in a Guys Opinion?

What Makes a Girl Hot in a Guys Opinion?

Opinions may vary on what do men find sexy, tastes and preferences may change overtime, and owing to such changes giving a solid definition of sexy are a bit of a tedious task. Hotness lies in the eyes of the onlooker. The definition of hotness can range from huge breasts for one to an extremely logical conversation for another. While for some males, hotness leads to sex, for others, it is just extreme attraction for others. The hotness meter for males can move up and down based upon many factors they are attracted to. A girl can be judged as hot or not hot by a guy based upon many parameters, which include the following:

Many men find complete lips sexy

Although different body parts make girls look sexy, lips have a very critical role to play. Well maintained complete lips are a luring part for males. Chapped, rough, scratched lips are not a go to thing. Research says bold colors of lipstick which are not very bright, give a sense of authority, and if maintained well, males just adore such lips.

Men are attracted by long legs

There is a connection between long legs of girls and the adrenaline secretion of boys. Long legged girls are supposed to be good in bed in addition to looking sexy. Well-maintained long legs with smooth skin adored with a decent dress length and matching footwear make the girl look hot to guys, and they can follow her with want in their heart. Long legs are considered to be exactly what men find sexy in a woman.

Dressing sense: men find it sexy and will be generally attracted to you

A well-dressed female is an apple to the eyes and men find these girls sexy. Not very glamorous, not very outdated, a perfect blend of modernity with etiquettes is something guys just adore. An outfit that fits the body well and which the girl can carry with confidence is something given priority over the choice of something which is in fashion. When a good choice of outfit in eye-soothing colors is worn in a crisp ironed manner and is carried with utmost elegance, guys find it hot.

Fragrance will make a man attracted to you

Nothing can beat a girl who smells fresh and good when a guy passes by. No, it's not the smell of make-up, not very strong manly perfume. A very soft, elegant choice of perfume or itr and a well-groomed and bathed girl. Men also find sexy the fragrance of shampoo, lotions, etc. also and associate particular fragrances with their female counterparts. All in all, fragrances can make a girl very sexy to a man.

Financial stability and independence

A female who is independent enough to manage her own daily chores is not clingy on to the guy for basic things, has financial independence, and knows how to manage her finances well is loved by guys. Although guys want to pamper girls, but an independent girl is an altogether another type of turn on for them. The air of self-dependence that such girls carry around makes them super hot in the eyes of guys.

Good in bed

Sex comes in later. But when you find a girl hot, and she responds amazingly in bed too, it is an extreme level of hotness for guys. A female who is ready to try new things in bed is open to talk about sex and is clear about her preferences; it is like a verbal foreplay for guys. And as is said, well begun is half done; the same rule applies here. A good hot sex in bed is the ultimate thing to make the girl hot in the eyes of the guy.

This list is not exhaustive of the things or actions that make a girl hot for the guy. An extremely passionate kiss, long hair, well pedicured feet, long nails, clean living style, readiness for adventures and to try new things, guts to speak up for herself, well maintained health and figure, and the list goes on and on. Hot or not is a personal choice, and no concrete list can be given as to what a girl can do to look hot for her guy!

What Do Men Find Attractive in a Woman's Face?

What Do Men Find Attractive in a Woman's Face?

When it comes to men being attracted to a woman, facial attributes play a major role. The appears, the makeup, the various organs placing, the way the female carries herself, the smile, the makeup; everything is noticed by a male, and a judgment of the female being attractive or not is made within a fraction of seconds of the first meet. Deeper analysis is done at a later stage which might lead to perception changes when the facial appearance is mixed with the personalized traits as well.

The first attributes of a woman's face that attract a male include the following:

Eyes will make a guy feel attracted

The color of the eyes is the first and foremost descriptive factor. Men are attracted towards blue-eyed girls a lot, although the researchers don't confirm any link between blue eyed girls and long term relationships. The sharpness of the eyes is another attribute. The way the woman looks at the guy, not slutty, bit confident, not pleading but assertive; there are eyes that speak. Guys are attracted to speaking eyes, they fond them beautiful, and the eyes are an instant attraction source.


A sharp pointed nose gains more attraction as compared to a small rounded nose. When it is said pointed, a very sharp nose just like that of Pinocchio is not appreciated. A decently sharp nose, and the guys love it when the girl rubs her nose sexily. They just die for it. Nose pins are loved by some guys, while other tends to not like them. Nonetheless, pointed cute noses catch the attraction signals.


The way the woman has maintained herself says a lot about her. The shape of the jaw line calls out to guys like nothing else. A sharp, slim jaw line which is clearly visible, bit is not very lean, gains attention. In contrast, a very chubby jawline which hardly shows that there is a jawline is not found to be attractive by guys. A perfect balance between sexy and cute is what they look for in the jawline of a woman.

A smile makes men feel attracted to you

A frowning face is liked by none not to mention that women who frown won’t be getting any attracted men. A woman who is smiling grabs attention. A hysterical laugher or a snorter while laughing are not found to be sexy by guys. A smile that shows the woman as decent and elegant and yet being able to express her happiness or laughter is a bigger attraction. A smile is the only curve that sets everything straight; it is absolutely true. One smile, and the guys are mostly ready to go gaga over the woman.


Who would want to look at crooked, broken, yellow teeth that reek bad breath as soon as the mouth is opened? Surely, nobody! Yes, women who tend to take good oral care grab more attention. Oral care speaks a lot about a woman's upkeep and hygiene habits. White sparkling teeth, well maintained, without any plague is something to which guys are attracted.


The hairstyle adds or decreases the face attractiveness. The hairstyle should always be kept in a way that complements the face cut so that it makes men find you sexy. There are females who try to follow the current trends in fashion and choose a hairstyle which does not go well with their face or are not able to carry their hair cut with much confidence. The guys do not get attracted to such a hair state. Normally, long loose, properly maintained hair is what guys are attracted to. The messy look is also sometimes appreciated, but it is the sober loose hair look that grabs the most attraction.

There are many other attributes in a woman's face that make a man find you sexy, including the choice of their makeup, skin texture, glow on the face, etc. While a lot of facial attributes are God-given, many others can be controlled. The guy knows what to see when he looks at a woman. Girls, out there, find out what your guy wants and take necessary actions accordingly.