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This is How to Start a Topic with a Girl

Online dating has really taken dating to a new level and has made it easier to discover and meet like-minded people near you. It also offers the opportunity to meet ladies that are far away from you. Relationships and connections are now easily formed, thanks to online dating platforms. However, one significant difficulty people still face how to start a conversation with girls. This challenge is popularly met both online and face-to-face. Some guys have had to let go of a girl they are interested in because they don’t know how to get them to start chatting.

However, engaging in exciting conversations will become easy if you know some of the crucial tips that help start a topic online. You ought to know the right platforms to encounter women that share similar interests with you. Once you find like-minded singles, you can now utilize the tips to get a girl talking to you and get her more interested in you. Read on to learn how.

Discover How to Start Talking to a Girl Online

This is How to Start a Topic with a Girl

Do you have a crush you would like to chat with to get to know her better and probably convince her to go out with you? Are you scared she would turn you down or may not respond to you because you are not sure how to approach her? You don’t have to be scared or be worried because there are essential tips and advice you can follow to achieve your aim successfully. If you utilize the tips rightly, you will be surprised at how many responses you will get while chatting with ladies. To start talking to a girl online, you need to;

Join a Good Dating Website

The first thing you need to chat online is to become a member of a notable dating site. Online dating has made meetings and encounters very easy. Without stepping out of your room, you can connect and chat with singles from any part of the world. Once you find a good site to register on, you will be able to browse profiles of other like-minded people willing to chat with you. By joining a dating platform, you are already one step closer to finding cute girls to chat with.

Set Up a Unique Profile

Finding a notable dating site to join is not enough to pursue your dream of chatting with females. After registering on a website, you will need to set up a unique profile to attract like-minded people. Having a good profile can influence a girl’s decision about replying to your messages or not. Ensure that you have a perfect introductory paragraph that makes people develop more interest in your profile. A proper introduction puts you at the advantage of getting replies. Ensure that you are straightforward concerning what you seek. Be upfront about what you seek. Also, you need to upload nice pictures that clearly show your face and whole body. You may also add images where you are partaking in your favorite activities. This lets them know what you have an interest in and can help attract like-minded people.

Use Good Conversation Starters

Once you have a good profile, you are ready to browse and search for the kind of girls you seek. Once you come across profiles of ladies that you find attractive, striking a conversation with them is the next thing. Conversation starters can be utilized here for a guaranteed reply from her. Try not to depend on just “Hi” or “Hello” because they have been proven as not effective. You can send a compliment or ask funny questions.

Ask Thoughtful & Open-Ended Questions

One way to get a girl talking online is by asking her thoughtful or open-ended questions. These are simply questions that don’t require a Yes or No answer. It requires the answerer to elaborate and explain further. These are questions that need you to share your opinions and views on specific topics. Therefore, asking such a question can get you to initiate a conversation with a girl.

How to Ensure You Enjoy a Good Conversation with a Girl

How to Ensure You Enjoy a Good Conversation with a Girl

There are lots of girls that are looking for people to engage in exciting discussions with. Chatting with girls doesn’t have to be a big deal if you know the essential tips to utilize. You can do several things that will guarantee you a friendly and interesting conversation with a lady. To achieve this, you should;

Find a Mutual Interest to Talk About

It would be best to try going through the girl’s profile you find attractive to discover her interests. Once you come across a mutual interest you both share, this can be the bedrock of your conversation. It can be utilized as a conversation starter to embark on the journey of an excellent discussion. If you cannot find a mutual interest, you can also talk about her interests. Talking about these would lead to a long and meaningful chat session.

Ask Questions

Most questions are expected to be replied unless it is a dumb question. To get a girl to start chatting with you online, you should try throwing some exciting questions at her. You can ask her for her thoughts on specific topics or her views on certain beliefs. From her response, you can get another question to throw at her to keep the conversation going. However, try as much as possible to take it slowly, so you don’t make her feel pressured.

Be Humorous

Not only girls, but everyone loves funny people. We love to be around someone who can put a smile on our faces now and then. It would help if you tried to add a little humor to your discussion with her to get her glued to chatting with you. However, please don’t force the jokes; let it flow naturally, so you don’t scare her off. Humorous replies can go a long way in helping you enjoy a friendly chat with cute girls online.

Compliment Her

Women love it when they are being complimented. You can give her compliments from time to time to get her attention. We all love to hear amazing things about ourselves; say some nice things to her, and she will become more interested in you. You can give direct compliments or give your compliments in the form of questions. Anyhow you prefer, you are good to go.

Keep It Short and Simple

Whenever you are engaging in a conversation with ladies online, it would be best to keep it concise and straightforward. While chatting, people get discouraged and lose interest in long texts. They are not interested in studying for exams; they just want to enjoy a friendly chat. So, ensure you keep it very simple and brief if you want to have their attention for a long time.

If you stick to the advice listed above, you will surely enjoy a friendly chat with any woman you are in contact with.

Practical Tips for an Online Chat with Girls

Practical Tips for an Online Chat with Girls

If you are looking to chat with ladies online, you ought to know some of the dos and don’ts that are very important. They are not compulsory rules but are vital if you want to have a beautiful conversation with a girl. They include things you should try as much as possible to incorporate in your chat and certain things you are to avoid. These tips include;

Avoid Unusual Pick-Up Lines

Some pick-up lines are classified as weird, strange, cheesy, unusual, etc. You shouldn’t just browse any pick-up line on the net and send it to a girl because certain pick-up lines are for specific situations. You wouldn’t want to send a pick up line that is hard to decipher to a girl and expect her to reply to you. Also, using a widespread line doesn’t differentiate you from other guys using the same line on her. Try to be unique if you would ever use a pick up line on a lady.

Steer Clear of Yes/No Questions

You can make a conversation very boring so fast by asking questions that can be simply answered with either yes or no. Go deeper and ask questions that require the respondent to elaborate and give further details. This will help you keep the discussion going for a more extended period. From each answer she provides, you can get another open-ended question you can ask.

Give Compliments in the form of Questions

Giving compliments is incredible; however, making your compliments in the form of a question is even more incredible. This is an important tip to keep in mind if you desire to enjoy an online chat with anyone. For example, “you really drive me crazy, hope you know?” This is to let her realize how much she excites you.

Know the Ideal Time to Ask Her Out on a Date

Timing is crucial when it comes to online dating. You must be aware of the right time to ask someone to go out with you. It is possible to start chatting with someone today and get her to agree to go out with you that same day. However, you may also be in contact with someone for weeks before agreeing. It varies; so, you have to be observant to know the right time to pop the question.

Use Correct Grammar

When dealing with anyone online, especially females, your grammar must be correct. Someone with correct grammar has the edge over someone with incorrect grammar when chatting with a lady online. So, try as much as possible to make use of good grammar to respond to her.

With the above tips, you will be able to enjoy online chat with girls.


If you can stick to the tips and advice provided for you here, you can easily start and continue a conversation with any girl no matter what. It is essential to know how to start and also how to follow up. The needed info has been provided here.