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The Expanding World of Kinky Sex Ideas

Sex: our worlds are ruled by it. You’re having it or thinking about it, but it can become formulaic if you’re not careful. What to do if you’re falling into a routine? We’ve got the sex to-do list, things to remember about sex, and the freakiest ideas for the bedroom. Whatever you do, make it passionate!

The main lesson to take into sex is to do with someone you trust. It may not be exciting, like a hook-up with a stranger, but trusting your partner will enhance your pleasure. If you need it, have your stranger sex phase. Kinky things to try include exploring human bodies and discovering what you need in the bedroom. Like snowflakes, no two bodies are the same, and that’s the beauty of it.

Online dating introduces you to a multitude of new things! Sex ideas you’d never even considered before are a click away. After 30 minutes of research, you could be well-versed in the world of Kama Sutra, for example. Something we 100% recommend for aspiring kinksters. The journey of sexual discovery isn’t linear and isn’t identical to others. Embrace this and find your groove. The only way to do it is to explore! Discover your kinks today.

Different Sex Ideas for The Bedroom

kinky sex - things are heating up

Branching out in the bedroom doesn’t mean whips and sex swings. Trying new kinky sex moves simply means trying something new! Modern society brings pressure to not be “vanilla” in the bedroom; forget that. If you’re having fun, everything’s consensual, and being safe, then no one can tell you you’re doing it wrong.

Finding inspiration in the bedroom can be...daunting. It’s difficult to know what would feel good before you’ve even tried it. However, think back to previous encounters; what got you going? What could have been better? Needed excitement? The more you try, the better your judgment will be. Let’s dive into the sex to-do list!

Your list of kinky things:

  1. Have sex in every room in the house. It’s important to mark your territory...
  2. Car sex. Be careful not to get caught. But car sex can be a great way of challenging each other whilst adding excitement.
  3. Threesomes. Three isn’t always a crowd...
  4. Watch porn together. Getting to know what each other wants can stem from their desired porn type. Watch porn together and pick out aspects you both like/ agree on. Additionally, identify things that you don’t want to try.
  5. Shower sex. If you’ve got a shower big enough, then give it a go. Be careful not to slip but utilize the added steam/ sexiness a shower can bring.
  6. Sex board games. You can now buy different board games that focus on sex. They give you new positions to try and challenge you to sexy truth/ dare: a great time passer and foreplay enhancer.
  7. Sexting. Done with a trusted partner, sexting builds intrigue and desire. Being so turned on without being able to act on it can get the sparks flying.
  8. Masturbate in front of each other. Sometimes you want to take control but still be intimate. Masturbating in front of each other builds trust, intimacy, and desire. Get to know what your partner likes by watching them and taking mental notes.
  9. Striptease. Have fun and turn on your partner, win-win! Highly recommend this if you’re self-conscious. It may sound odd but doing this shows you how your partner adores your body and will give your ego the boost it needs.
  10. Make a sex tape. Be careful who you make this with, but it is a great option for those who are proud of what they achieve with their partner. For those keen on self-improvement, this can be a great learning curve.
  11. Make a sex playlist. Not everyone’s a fan of the noise that accompany sex. Making a playlist dedicated to sex sets the mood and gets those romantic juices flowing.

This list of crazy sex ideas to try acts as your guide to dance the line between “vanilla” and “edgy.” Take control and decide the extent in-which you go. There are no rules in sex, just be safe and keep it consensual.

Different Things to do During Sex

various sex toys for kinky time together

You’ve collected your to-do list of sex things to try; you’re going to need inspiration for things to do during the act. We’ve got you covered! It’s vital to change up the activities during sex to keep things fresh and to enhance sexual pleasure. It can be a simple change, like a change in pace or volume, or you can branch out. Either way, include your partner in this decision. Ensure you have a safe word ready to deploy. You don’t want to be caught off-guard.

Inspiration for The Bedroom

  1. Anal. This one takes some preparation, so discuss this before. A great hole to use for those couples concerned about accidental pregnancy. If you want to try this, then do some research! There are lots to know/ prepare.
  2. Incorporate sex toys. If you want your sex game to be at peak performance, then sex toys are the route to success. Be it couples toys or one for your partner’s stimulation, toys bring excitement to the bedroom.
  3. Light bondage. If you’re new to kinky sex, light bondage is a great introduction. Grab some fluffy handcuffs and a blindfold and explore each other’s bodies. You can make this as intense or chilled as you want.
  4. Butt plugs. If you want to engage in some anal play without being penetrated by your partner, then start off with some butt plugs. Also, vital for building up to anal. That hole isn’t made for penetrative sex, so you need to get it ready.
  5. Feed each other whilst having sex. Every foodie dreams! Combining sex and your favorite food sounds like the perfect night in. It could get quite messy but move the party to the shower when you’re done.

These ideas may not be revolutionary; however, they’re going to get the creative (and romantic) juices flowing. Take inspiration and see what else you could try. There’s a whole world of sexual fun to explore. Our freakier readers could incorporate all of these into one extreme night of fun and debauchery.

Freaky Sex Ideas with Your Partner

you better behave whip and handcuffs

If you’re interested in the freakier side of sex, then you’ll want ideas for new sexual escapades. Either you’ve dipped your toe in the kinky pool, or you’re ready to. One important thing to remember when embarking on this is to take your time. Lots of emotions are involved so, take your time, and don’t try to push too early. Keep it in moderation so you can enjoy each step of your sexual journey.

Ideas for Our Freaky Readers

  1. Spanking/ scratching/ general masochism. One big aspect of BDSM and kinkier sexual desires derive from these three things: spanking, scratching and, general masochism. If you want to get involved in kinkier sexual scenes, then start here.
  2. Go to an orgy—quite the dive into kink worlds but a fun one. Go with a partner or rock it alone. Orgies encourage an environment for sex to be natural and celebrated. Embrace this and explore your sexuality with others.
  3. Make a sex canvas. This is gaining popularity online, and we’re not surprised. Cover yourself and your partner with paint and make love on a large canvas! Get creative with the colors and have fun; it’s a brilliant intimacy builder and a cheap way of getting a new art piece in your house.
  4. Hold out. The sexiest way to build up sexual tensions is to stop having sex. We know this sounds backwards but bear with us. You and your partner have fallen into a sexual rut, discuss it and decide to abstain from sex for a month or so. Before long, you’ll be itching to rip the clothes off each other. Nothing is stopping you from flirting with them and turning up the charm during the abstinence period. Really get their engines going and observe the sexual tensions grow. Your spark will be aflame in no time.

Fun sexual activities are fun but emotionally involved. Go crazy with it and explore the deepest depths of your sexual identity - remember to practice aftercare. Keep you and your mental health safe by understanding what you need after sex. Need comfort? Space? Work this out before going further so you can ensure an enjoyable experience when you explore kinky stuff to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend. After that, one of the best sex ideas for couples to try is starting to get involved in sexual communities! Discover groups of people with similar desires. What once felt taboo will become natural, normal, and celebrated.