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Do you ever get the feeling like you need to do more in your sex life? These women's real sex stories will motivate you to go for it.

There is nothing terrible about reading some real sex stories from real people. And if you get excited, it’s normal to have such feelings because human beings are, after all, sexual creatures.

If you are tired and need something to keep you busy and active, worry no more because we have composed a list of real sex stories that will make your day. So why don't you pick up a quiet and private spot and settle down and buckle up because it's about to get down!

The following real sex stories are from real women who willingly shared the stories with us.

Explore Real True Sex Stories

An Erotic Visit

“It was a sunny afternoon, and I decided to visit my neighbor. He was a tall and dark, handsome dude with a massive masculine body. He used to stay a few yards from my house. I was bored and decided to pay him a surprise visit. Luckily, I met him all alone playing a violent video game.

I joined him, and things happened so fast. The next minute I found myself all over his masculine body. He didn't resist me, and I gave him one erotic BJ. And oh boy, he was big down there. I couldn't hold myself back as he cream-pied my face with his thick juice. It was one hell of mutual Cumming and satisfaction!”

An Abominable Act

“So, my mom had traveled for a business meeting, and I was at home with my pervert stepdaddy. I didn't like this man any bit. I went out with my friends and got home late, and I was fucking drunk and horny. I found him candled on the sofa watching a late-night show.

As usual, I walked past him without a word. This time, he didn't let me. He was demanding to know why I came in late. I went up straight up to my room. I wanted to lock the door, and boom, there he was. He was wearing a kelvin Klein boxer, and I could literary see his big match thriving against his innerwear.

Considering the situation I was in; I couldn’t hold back my feelings. I helplessly gave him a sloppy blow job and, in few minutes, he was banging the hell out of me. I have never felt this good before.”

Long-distance What’s App Sex

“My boyfriend has been working overseas for a while now. At his workplace, all porn sites are blocked and seriously banned. So last week I got this parcel from him. He had ordered a few vibrators for me. This was kind of weird but romantic at the same time.

So, I decided to make a WhatsApp video call to express appreciation for the vibrators. Before I knew it, things had changed so fast, and we were busy having WhatsApp sex. This went on for an hour plus. I swear those were my best extreme Orgasms. I can’t tell how it happened, but I believe the communication was well turned up. To all my friends in long-distance relationships out there, this is an excellent option to go with. Try it out and thank me later."

Sweet Dreams Comes True

“My bae and I had been together for a very long time. We were going through a stage where we were both so occupied and tired, and my libido is getting down. One apathetic Sunday evening, we were sleeping, and I had a very erotic dream. I woke up, and we just had intercourse multiple times. I was unable to keep my hands off him! It was so fulfilling.”

Massage Happy Ending

"Last weekend, I decided to go for a couples massage session with my boyfriend. Oh, God, that thing is just so arousing. I was waiting for this massage session to end, and I would throw myself to my boyfriend for a quickie.

So, the masseuses were done and left us to dress up. Little did they know the underway plan? We fucked so hard that they noticed. I was mourning like a slut in an orgy”.

Interesting Sex Stories that Will Make You LOL

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The extraordinary thing about sex (other than the climaxes, obviously) is that on the off chance that you commit an error or something off-kilter occurs, you can generally chuckle about it later.

These real women's real sex stories will keep you glued to the screen.

You Can Hit It as It Is, or You Can Allow Me Use Your Razor

I was attaching to this man for quite a long time. However, it wasn't predictable, so when I headed toward his place, I understood when I arrived that I was not, we should say, 100% arranged down there. I disclosed the circumstance to the buddy and gave him two alternatives. 'We can make due, or you can allow me to use your razor, with a new razor head'. He settled on the subsequent option. I bounced in the shower, actually drunk and horny, and shaved everything. How I didn't sneak through the shower or cut myself while drunk, I have never understood, however mission accomplished...and the sex make out was absolutely out of this world. Let's say the guy was good!"

It Turns Out He Was a Father

So, I had been dating this guy for around three months, and all this time, he would opt to come over to my place because I lived a few apartments from the town center. One night I decided to go visiting at his place. We had sex ad I needed to freshen up, and so I went to his bathroom. To my surprise, there was a hip of kid clothes. The dude had a whole child all this while, and I didn't have a clue.

His Tool Was Burning

“Last weekend I went visiting this guy I met a few months ago. He requests that I cook for him. I decided to make a spicy stew, and apparently, I needed some habaneros. I remember very well that I washed my hands. But maybe the pepper was too much to be washed away with pure water.

Later in the night, I was giving this dude a hand job. Then suddenly, he let out a sexy moan. This freaked the hell out of me. The poor man’s dick was seriously under hot inflammation. Sorry to him!”

I Couldn’t Help but Try to Solve the Math Question

On the first occasion when I had intercourse with my high school beau, we were at his home alone. I remember he carried up to his room upstairs and gently laid me down just like the gentleman he was.

Just before he could slide his tool in me, I gazed towards the roof and saw he had subordinate numerical statements taped there. The whole time, I couldn't resist the opportunity to attempt to tackle the mathematical question. Afterward, I told him that, unfortunately, this wouldn't work for me. We later went for pizza instead."

Greatest Sex Stories of All Time

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He Turns Me on With My Pant Line

“So, one day I refuse to take off my panties and left it for my man to do the necessary. I didn’t expect it to turn out anything close to amazing. I expected him just to slide one side of my panties and get into me with my panties on. He did exactly that but so gently. I felt the pant line slide over my clitoris, and I swear I almost came. That felt so awesome.”

The Power of the Tongue

“My man always said he wished he had enough time to give some oral. So, this one night, he comes home drunk, and he requests to have enough time down there. I didn’t know how great it felt until he was busy doing it. The experience was just out of this world. I had 8 orgasms in a row.”

The Almost Made Me Pass Away

“I always loved it making out in the shower whenever my boyfriend paid a visit. So, one day he introduces lube to the game. OMG, the slipperiness of the lube made my clitoris erect to the fullest. Made my clitoris erect to the fullest. The lube, combined with the warm water sensation on my skin, made me so wet and horny. At some point, I was having my third orgasm, and I almost fainted. The feeling was just something else.”

Boobs Tattooing Ends with Great Sex

“So last month, I decided to have my melons tattooed. So, I went uptown to a tattoo artist. The tattoo I wanted was complex, and he had to interact with my boobs thoroughly. Things were moving on quite well until he got close to the nipples. Oh shit, that ignited a big fire in me.

The vibration of the tattoo gave me a sensation I have never felt before. My pussy was dripping wet, and I could withstand everything. I begged the guy (tattoo artist to quench out the fire burning fiercely in me. He surely did get to it, and for sure, he quenched the fire. I was squirting all over like a fountain."