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Magnificent Funny Sexual Pick Up Lines That Works Every Time

When you know how to use sexy sex lines, your relationship life becomes easy. Most people are never sure about the best sex pickup lines. Others use bad sexual pick-up lines, which work against them. It is important to learn good sex lines and where to use them.

When you use sexual pick-up lines, you are likely to win over your partner. The smooth sexual pick-up lines are also good. Your goal should be to make your partner feel good. When used well, you can always reap the fruits of sexy come-on lines.

Do you intend to use cute sexual pick-up lines, but you have no idea about the impact? Below are categories of these quotes, including funny sexual pick-up lines to say.

The Best Sexual Pick Up Lines for Girls

sexual pick-up lines to use on your guy

You always need to strengthen your relationship. In simple terms, you should make your partner want you through sex pun pick-up lines. Know the sexual pickup lines to say to girls to make them love you. What are the examples that can always make things easy for you?

Excellent Sexual Pick Up Lines to Say to a Guy

It's never easy to make the first move. Besides, it’s hard to determine the pick-up sex lines to use. You should always ensure to make the sexual pick-up lines to say to your boyfriend match their mood. Any of the ones below can always work.

Funny Sexual Pickup Lines to Use and Succeed with Guys

You don’t need to use magic to win your guy over. You have funny sexual pick-up lines to say to guys, which make your work easy. Read some examples of pick up sex lines to say to a guy below.

  • Since our smiles match, is it safe for us to touch each other tonight?
  • Although it is said it is inappropriate to fall in love, you are an exception for me
  • Babe, I have to admit that your sexiness and allure is irresistible
  • Your hotness is making my zipper fall for you
  • I want to be the partner you feel changed your life for the better. Will you allow me?
  • A deep kiss is the easiest love language. Can I have this conversation with you?
  • Do you have the keys to my heart? You drive me crazy
  • Water makes up 70% of your body. I would like to quench my thirst with you.
  • If there is something you are dropping, it’s my jaws
  • I’d want to bounce on you like a trampoline
  • Although I was raised as a good person, I’d like to get naughty with you tonight.
  • Hey baby, I’m looking forward to cuddling you tonight
  • It would be nice if you memorized my name because you will be romantically creaming it tonight
  • Would you want me to assist in loosening your belt? It looks pretty tight to me
  • We should spend the night in the same room. I want to assess who between us has a louder scream

Regardless of what you do in a relationship, you can underestimate the value of funny sex chat up lines for him. They can always work miracles.

Good Sexual Pick Up Lines to Use at Any Point

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Girls love people who complement them with breathtaking sex lines. What are some suggestions of funny sexual pick-up lines to say to girls that can leave them feeling sweet? Here are the best ones:

  • Hey baby. I’d go down on my knees just for you
  • Do you have a secret fetish? I’d be glad to know about it
  • At the moment, I’m lying on my bed naked. All my thoughts are on what I can do with you
  • Baby, I can’t resist your sexiness. You are the only thing I want all day, any day.
  • Thinking about you turns me on. You are the hottest human being I know
  • I yearn for you every day of my life. You are the best partner.
  • Baby, let’s have sex so that you can have the most memorable story to tell your friends
  • Am just lying on my bed, bored as hell. I wish you were here cuddling and kissing me.
  • You have the sweetest ass. I can spend the whole day looking at it.
  • I can always eat you out the way you want because you are the sweetest person I know
  • Seeing you weaken my knees. I want you as close to me as possible.
  • Feeling you on top of me is my current goal
  • Your sweet body takes my breath away, and I love it that way.
  • Do you want someone to spice up your sex life? I’d be glad to be of assistance
  • I experience exotic dreams with you. I’d wish to make them a reality

Cheeky Sex Pick Up Lines to Use

Sexual flirting lines can always make things easy for you. Do you need those cheeky ones that can leave your partner breathless? Here are the top sexual pick-up lines for a girl to say:

  • I’d like to watch you closely in your sexiest outfits. You make my thoughts run wild.
  • I want to split your legs so that I can experience the greatness between them. Would you allow me?
  • I’d like to play sexy games with you. Do you mind?
  • You are hot, and I would like to spend all my time cuddling with you.
  • With your immeasurable beauty, I’d be glad if you sat on my face
  • My most favorite scene to watch is your underwear. It is the sexiest place I know.
  • I think of you in sexy positions. Can we try them together?
  • I feel the urge to touch yours. You are the most beautiful being in the world
  • I can imagine your sweet voice as you scream my name. Can we have sex tonight?
  • If I am to choose the best position for me, it would be cuddling with you
  • If there is a bed I would like to be on, it’d be yours with you
  • I’d like to serve you tonight. What’s your favorite sex position?
  • The sexy pictures of yourself drive me crazy. I always imagine the best sex positions with you.
  • Do you feel stressed? I’d like to massage your naked body and make you relax.
  • The image of your sexy body lifts my spirits. You are the best person for me.

Perfect Pick-Up Lines That You Shouldn’t Overlook

You don’t want to come out like you are beating around the bush at all times. Therefore, you can use sexual innuendo pick-up lines. Here are examples of pick up sex lines that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Every time I think about you, I feel like having sex. I am addicted to your sweet body.
  • I want to give you the best sex you’ve ever had in your life. you deserve it
  • You are the naughtiest girl I know. Prove it through your actions tonight.
  • I’d like to sleep with you so that I can prove my sexual talent. Would you want that
  • Are your boobs a mask? I want them on my face.
  • I’d like your legs wrapped around my neck. That would be the best thing for me.
  • Could you kiss me? I promise to return it
  • Your beautiful smile lights up my penis
  • If there is anything I’d ask for, it is to spend the night with you. I can comprehend your level of loveliness.
  • I’d love to play with your pubic hair

Sexual Pickup Lines to Say to Guys and Make a Difference

sexual innuendos to say to guys

Building a relationship shouldn’t be that hard if you understand the procedure to follow. Pick up sex lines for guys can always work in your favor. What are the excellent sexual pick-up lines to use on guys?

  • Your pant zippers look great. Would you allow me to touch them romantically?
  • Can we create a porn movie together without a cameraperson?
  • Would you welcome me to your bed today? I broke mine
  • I would wish to keep you warm? You seem a bit cold
  • You are like the light switch in my house. Would you mind if I turned you on?
  • You are the guy who makes me believe that great guys still exist
  • Are you feeling cold? Are you running naked in my mind?
  • You look edible to me. I would wish to taste you
  • I would like to have your virginity because I lost mine
  • Although I was taught that happiness begins with H, you make me believe that is a lie. It starts with YOU
  • I’d wish to taste your sensual lips
  • If you feel the urge to take someone down, I’m the one for you
  • Do you have to be this good-looking? You make it hard for me to focus on my tasks
  • From the look of things, I feel I belong in your arms
  • You have stolen my heart. I am reporting you to the authorities

You should know when and how to use sexual pick-up lines to use on men. Otherwise, improper sexual come-ons may disappoint you.

Practical and Funny Sexual Pick Up Lines to Use on Guys

Men also want to hear nice and complimentary words. When looking for sexual innuendos to say to guys, pick the right ones. Here are a few great sexual pick-up lines to help you.

  • You look like the guy who is going to be my future boyfriend; just perfect
  • My strong attraction towards you reminds me of the magnetism topic I learned in school
  • I’ve been OFF all my life. However, that changed when I met you. I feel you turned me ON
  • Your hotness is more advanced compared to that of a sunburn
  • You have turned me into a prophet; I can visualize our great futures together
  • Don’t waste your lips. They are meant to be kissed by me
  • If there is anything I would like to fall on, it would be in bed with you
  • I feel cold. Can I put them in your pants to feel the warmth?
  • If you were a candle, blowing you would be my hobby
  • Your lap looks great. I would wish to relax on it
  • Your outside beauty makes me feel like it is the same thing on the inside.
  • How busy are you tonight? I’d wish to spend the moment beside you
  • You are the edible guy I’ve been looking for all my life
  • Although I’ve never learned photography, I believe that our picture together would look great
  • My eyes can’t seem to get off you because you are a gorgeous creation
  • Your perfect body has left me intoxicated
  • Just like a loan, my interest in you increases as time goes by
  • You are a sexy killer making me die with a smile on my face
  • If there is anything I would want to do tonight, it would be to be with you
  • If I were suffering from the worst ailment, having sex with you would be my medicine.

Funny pick up sex lines for guys can save you a great deal. Use the sex chat up lines for boy appropriately.