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The Best Flirting Words to Say to a Girl

There is a huge difference between being flirty and creepy. However get do not just understand the difference and in most cases, you find a person being overly creepy. Some guys come too strong on a girl which can cause a lot of nervousness. This is why you just need the right words to send a flirty text to her and awaken her naughty self. I got to know some flirty stuff to say to her, there are some suggestions which we have laid out for you to understand the best flirt SMS for a girlfriend and how you can go about it.

Therefore, this has the suggestions of the flirty texts you can send o your wife, teasing messages you ought to send to your girlfriend, and messages which will turn her on. Don’t worry; you have no flirts to say to your girlfriend? We have you covered with our top flirty things to say to a girl.

The Best Funny Flirty Texts to Send a Girl

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Flirting with girl cannon is considered all sexual. In most cases, it is good to flirt with a girl not just to lead her to sex but make her feel good about herself and be confident. However, it all depends on the kind of relationship you have with her, the comfort level, and the chances of getting rejected. The key to successful flirting with a girl you like is to begin small and softly and continue to get stronger as interest builds up.

Therefore, here are some of the flirting messages in English and hot things you can say to a girl over text. Many girls love it.

  • I seem not to let you out of my mind. Can we watch a movie tonight?
  • I dreamed about you and woke up thinking about you.
  • I really can’t wait for you to be wrapped in my arms again.
  • My most precious dream is to wake up next to you every morning.
  • Do you love my t-shirt? It’s specifically made for boyfriend material.
  • I have always wanted you from the first time I set my eyes on you. Can you come to my place tonight?
  • I’m not really being flirtatious. I’m just sending friendly texts to someone I consider to be extra attractive.

These text messages will have her thinking about you all day and longing to see you. Even though some flirty text messages to send to a girl might come out too strong, it all depends on your relationship with her and how long you have known her. Additionally, if you are bored and want to know more about her instead of acting creepy and being all over, you can try to ask her some flirty things to say to a girl about her. There are a ton of flirty things to say to a girl to have your ball rolling.

  • You must be checked for some broken ribs or bones because it must have hurt when you fell from heaven. What’s your name?
  • Do you think you will be free for the rest of your life for me?
  • I like your style and your personality. What are you going to do about it?
  • It’s on a weekend and I’m bored at my pad. Will you come over and have a fun day?
  • Have I forgotten to tell you how cute you are today?
  • May say that nothing lasts for eternity. So, would you like to be my nothing?
  • Just how many messages do I need to send you to confess my love for you and make you mine?
  • You distract my thoughts, can you stop being that hot for a second, please?
  • Quick question, what’s that one thing I can just tell you to make you fall in love with me quickly?

The Perfect Flirty Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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In your opinion, what do you think is the way to a woman’s heart? It begins with a sweet word. Girls love to be complimented and a flirty text might be the only thing she needs to find you charming. But are you introverted and wondering where the words will come from? Don’t you get worried, we have some flirtations text you can send to your girlfriend to make her feel appreciated and wanted? It can be a direct talk or a text message but she will get the message you are trying to pass to her. You just want to make her feel nice for thinking about her during the day or during the night.

Here are a few flirty things to say to a girl:

  1. For the years I’ve known you, you make me want to be a better person to fit your standards and your charming nature.
  2. They usually say that there are not perfect girls but look at you. You are the ideal definition of the perfect human.
  3. You usually make me laugh so much and I’m filled with what happened all day I remember your jokes. I love that about you.
  4. This week has been all gorgeous. You know why? Because you have been waking up by my side every single morning.
  5. Every time I encounter a bad day at work or any other lace, talking to you makes me 100 times better.
  6. It’s so fascinating how everything I see and think about just brings me back to you.
  7. I’m just counting hours and minutes here until I get to see you and hold you again.
  8. I just can’t stop thinking of hour gorgeous you looked this morning. Come back from work early. I have a surprise for you.
  9. I may have absolutely nothing to say. I just wanted an excuse to send you a text.
  10. You are undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened in my life for a very long time. I don’t see anything topping that.
  11. I just want to wake up every single morning with your mouth around mine and arms interlocked.
  12. I just cane believe I found the perfect woman for me who is charming, funny and very beautiful.
  13. I’m just off the shower and wasted a lot of water because all that time, I was thinking of you.

Girlfriends and wives like to be pampered with words like these to build up their self-confidence and feel good about themselves. As they say “Happy wife happy life”, using these words will have her treating you better, thinking about you all the time and trying as much as she could to make the relationship or marriage spicy.

Some of the Best Flirty Talks to Impress a Girl

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Have you been asking yourself, “How doing impress that girl?” Well, you need to have tactical conversation skills. Most of all you need to be flirty and funny. Many girls love funny guys. Therefore, be funny, flirty, and engaging without coming on too strong.

Through hello texts

Hello, tests make good cute flirts to say to a girl whom you have not been hanging out with or a new girl for that matter. You have to have to perfect hello texts for her to act as icebreakers of a further conversation. Soft sweet flirting messages are preferred at this stage when you are just getting to know a person. Many girls like a guy who is straight to the point and declares his intentions. Therefore, you can do this after the first couple of messages.

Flirting SMS

SMSs work best when you want to introduce yourself or want to make her feel like you are thinking about her. Be sure that any flirtatious words you say to a girl, she will remember them all day long. Some of the flirty texts to send to a girl you like might be messages of admiration such as; “you’re very cute, I think I want you all to myself forever”. Such sweet flirting messages will have her thinking of you and she might revert with a sweet message as well. If you are looking for something flirty to say to a girl or words to use, you can consider using words like; beautiful, charming, gorgeous, hot, sweet, and sexy among many others which will raise her self-confidence.

Funny flirts

You may be cute, but are do you consider yourself funny? Most guys can’t pull a joke on a girl. One of the ways to a girl’s heart and mind is making her laugh. Look for cheesy and witty words you can use to create humor in a message or real life and approach the girl you like. Funny flirts are the easiest phrases you can use to pick up any girl you like. Some funny icebreakers you can use on a girl are; “Hey, Is it hot in here because I feel like removing my shorts for you.”, “I just fell for you, literally. What’s your name.”, “are your parent's ovens, because they made such a snack”.


Romantic flirty text messages can be in form of compliments that girls like. Combined with a flirty nature, compliments can have a girl thinking of you all day long. With tons of words, you can use as complements such as; gorgeous, sexy, hot, beautiful, and cute among others, you can come off looking all romantic funny, and at the same time flirtatious which can impress a girl you are trying to fall for.