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Communication - The Key to a Successful Relationship

Whether you are into online dating or just dating offline you need to be good at communication. As it is said communication is an art and is necessary for any type of relationship, in our personal and professional lives. People that are poor communicators especially in a relationship do not generally have successful relationships. It can make a very negative effect on the relationship and could even lead to it breaking up. Communication has to flow both ways equally and has to be transparent and honest. While not everyone is born a great communicator over time and with practice it can be mastered. If you want your relationships to be a success you need to work on your communication skills.

Understand your partner’s communication type

Communication in relationships is broadly categorized into four kinds. Aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive and assertive are the four types of communication styles.  Of the four types, dealing with an assertive partner is the easiest because they have an effective way of communicating while also keeping their partner’s thoughts and feelings in mind. Once you identify the kind of communication style of your partner it would ideal to communicate accordingly. In fact, both partners must understand and identify each other’s communication styles so that they could adapt and communicate more effectively with each other.

Keep the communication open at all times

Whatever the situation keep the lines of communication open at all times. There are times when we might be displeased with each other’s actions and decide to be silent about it at that moment. This is not the right attitude as it could lead to anger or resentment building up over time. Instead, be vocal about things and communicate with love by saying things in a gentle manner. When both partners adopt such an attitude it fosters love and the relationship thrives over time.

Discuss things together

there are times when certain things remain unspoken because of our busy professional and personal lives. However, take out the time at the end of the day to get together and discuss any concerns the either of you might have. When you address issues in the early stages they are nipped in the bud and do not lead to major conflicts. Taking out time to communicate with your partner daily will benefit the relationship immensely.

Transparency and honesty are the keywords

While communication between both partners is absolutely essential at all times it must be transparent and honest. When we share out thoughts and feelings honestly with one another it prevents any anger or resentment building up over time. Communicating with love and respect towards each other in an honest manner will strengthen the relationship over time.

Over time once you practice your communication skills they will improve even if you are not too great a communicator at the moment. Keeping your partner’s feelings in mind when communicating is essential at all times. When you communicate clearly and regularly there are hardly any chances of conflict arising in a relationship. Support and encourage each other in becoming more skillful communicators and apart from your personal relationship, it will improve other areas of your life too.