Dating Tips

How to Handle Dating Someone Incompatible

When we first begin dating there always is the possibility of dating someone that is not attuned or incompatible with us. We only realize the blunder later on in the relationship and this could be quite embarrassing to call it quits. In our haste to find a partner many of us make this mistake and only become aware of it when we are already dating them. 

Ways to Improve The Situation

Reanalyze the relationship

Once you are dating someone and feel they are not the right one for you, step back and reassess the relationship in an unbiased manner. Look at the different aspects of the relationship ranging from intimacy to communication. Examine the areas where you feel dissatisfied and try to find the reasons for feeling so. If you feel there is a need to discuss the issues then make it a point to share your feeling with your partner.

Assess your own expectations

At times we have such high expectations from a partner or relationship that they are bound to remain unfulfilled. Instead of having a romantic rosy notion of love as in the movies, take a hard objective look if your expectations are too high and unrealistic. We need to be practical in what we expect from a partner and a relationship and not base our expectations on fairy tales or movies.

Think it over well

Before throwing in the towel and calling it quits take your time to assess all areas of the relationship. Remember no relationship is perfect and there always are areas of improvement to work on. Sitting together and discussing the areas where you seek change will help to resolve matters considerably. As you may have dissatisfaction with some areas of the relationship step into the shoes of your partner and understand they also may be disappointed with some things about you. With a concerted effort by both partners, things could be worked out or else they can mutually decide to go separate ways.