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Sharing Your Relationship on Social Media

We are a social media-driven society with it pervading all aspects of our personal and even professional lives. While social media is a great tool by which to remain connected to friends and family, it also can be detrimental to a relationship if not handled in a proper manner. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, etc. among various other social platforms have become tools by which we flaunt our lives and relationships. While it is okay to share your relationship status with others it is best to practice caution on what we post online at these sites.

Sharing intimate details

Some individuals get so carried away with social media sites that they end up sharing some very intimate details with friends online. This could be disastrous when it is in a relationship especially if any one of the partners is someone that values privacy. Personal intimate details are not to be shared with everyone as we all need to value our privacy. Why let others know about private details when they are only to remain between the couple.

Discuss anything with your partner before sharing

Do not take your partner for granted and confirm with them if they are comfortable posting anything online. Only if they agree should one go ahead and post the content. In a relationship, both partners’ opinions must be respected. If they are not comfortable with anything on social media shelve the idea completely.

Refrain from negative comments about a partner’s social media posts

If you disagree with something posted by your partner do not post negative comments on social media. Rather speak to them in private and share your disapproval. Posting negative remarks can create problems in the relationship and also show others that you are in disagreement with one another. Never post anything in anger about each other or try to drop hints that your relationship is facing problems.