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Things to Avoid When Texting a Partner

Smartphones and the internet have had a revolutionary impact on the way we communicate and maintain personal relationships. One of the most popular ways couples stay in touch is through texting each other. With a wide variety of emojis available to convey all kinds of sentiments to our partners, texting is becoming a vital part of all kinds of relationships.  However, we need to be wary of the type of messages we send our partners and in what type of situations should we refrain altogether from sending a text message.

Things to consider when planning to text in a relationship

A message that could have a negative impact

If and when you send a text message make sure it is positive in content and the meaning is clear without any room for misinterpretation. Sending regular messages about communication is fine. Without the tone and pitch of the voice to convey the actual meaning, a text message may be misinterpreted, if the message is not clear in communication. Sending a message without proper forethought could not only convey the wrong meaning to the reader it could also spell disaster for the relationship. Do not act impulsively when sending messages and carefully choose the language used in the message.

Break up through a text

If for some reason you plan to break up the last thing to do is try to send a text message that you want to call it quits. It is insensitive, cold and downright rude; to send such a message saying you want out of the relationship. It also shows a cowardly attitude of not being able to speak to her in person or over a call and explain that you want to move on. Instead of direct messaging to end the relationship, message her that you would like to speak to her at a convenient time. If you are not up to meeting in person and conveying the message at least speak on the phone. 

Do not message the wrong recipient

There are times when we inadvertently end up messaging someone else instead of the person we intended to text. This happens when you are texting multiple people at the same time. When you are messaging your partner check the name at the top of the thread so that the message goes directly to her. Also sending her a message deliberately that seems to be for another girl just to make her jealous is immature and stupid. Don’t play games with her if you respect her feelings.

Send a message for sex

There always is a time to text people especially your partner. What is fine during the afternoon hours may not be suitable at night. If you are just into a relationship at the dating stages and you start texting her in the wee hours of the morning, it may not be something she will appreciate. It is indirectly trying to initiate the possibility of having sex and she may not respond as you hoped for. If you just want to flirt and she is interested in a relationship you will need to think twice before bedding her. It could create major issues you never planned for.

Send a message when you are upset or intoxicated

This is one of the biggest wreckers of countless relationships, with an increasing number of couples breaking up because of texting at the wrong time. If you had a bit too much to drink or are emotionally upset the last thing to do is start texting. Once you hit the send button and you have in an impaired state sent a message you normally never would, it could destroy the relationship permanently. Avoid texting when either drunk or emotionally upset, if you do not want to damage your romantic relationship.

Use text messages to resolve problems in the relationship

Every relationship goes through a lean patch at some stage or the other. The mature way to sort out issues is to sit down and discuss it with each other in person. Using the phone or especially texting could prove totally disastrous and could even cause a permanent break up. If both cannot meet in person, at least make a phone call to attempt to sort things out. Again if you are in an emotional state of mind it always is better to wait until both partners are together to resolve the problem.

Not replying to a message

If you have begun to date someone new and they message you it is common courtesy to reply. Do not play hard to get and not have the courtesy to reply. If you are hesitant about your feelings for them keep the replies general and non-committal, ut ensure that you always reply to their text messages.