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Ways to Have a Successful Relationship

With online dating growing in popularity and social media dominating our lives, it can have an impact on our own relationships. When we see so many couples sharing their photos and videos on social media sites, this begins to give us couple goals and at times can even lead to comparing your own relationship with other couples. The fact is: do not get carried away by all that you see on social media. Whether you join an online dating service or get help to hook up through friends remember your own relationship is unique, so do not make comparisons at any stage.

The cons of comparing a relationship with other couples

  • Creates dissatisfaction and stress
  • Can lead to impractical expectations
  • Affects communication between partners
  • Can cause resentment

The best way to have a successful relationship is to avoid drawing comparisons with other couples.

Tips to stay away from comparing your relationships

Accept envying is normal

It is human nature to feel a tinge of envy about people. However, while admitting it is a human tendency it should not at any stage dominate our actions. Accept that to envy anyone perceived as more successful is okay, but then reason with yourself it should not in any manner impact your own relationship. When you take a practical and objective view of the facts it will help to overcome negativity. You could also consider discussing it over with your partner when you do feel envious of other couples.

Look at the glass full

Having a positive perspective in life helps immensely in relationships. Instead of focusing on the shortcomings in any relationship look at all the other positive aspects of being in the relationship. Appreciate all the wonderful times you have spent together as a couple. When you look at things from a positive perspective, it will not only make you feel satisfied but will also make your partner more appreciative of you. They will also adopt the same attitude and learn to look at things from a positive angle.  

Strengthen the bond

Instead of comparing your relationship work towards strengthening the bond between you and your partner. Find those common things that connect both of you and bring you closer. Trust is one key area to focus on to have a successful relationship. Along with trust, another area to focus on is communication, as this is crucial to have a strong relationship. Do not try to copy the activities of others and rather look at those that interest both of you. Be original and do not try to imitate by doing things that both of you actually enjoy together. When you look for a partner online, try to find someone compatible and shares similar interests to have a more satisfying relationship. There are plenty of single women and men online, so begin your search online!

At the end

Trying to compare your relationship with other couples will not only damage your relationship but will also have an impact on your self-esteem. The fact is no relationship is perfectly contrary to what it might appear on social media. Think positively and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and each other and you will have a very successful relationship.